2invest Review: Know Everything About the Broker

2invest is a Seychelles based broker which started offering its superior trading products and services to clients. The trading site is licensed under the financial body, Seychelles Financial Service Authority (SFSA) with the license number SD014. Notably, 2invest is only the trading name of Aronex Corporation Ltd. The company is dedicated to providing services at highly competitive prices. The list of tradable assets includes forex, commodities, stocks, indices, and crypto for trading through CFDs. Apart from it, the primary features of the broker include free demo service for practise, 24/5 customer support, unique educational content, and MT4 trading platform.

2invest Notable Characteristics

Regulation: 2invest is the brand name of the trading site, Aronex Corporation Limited (Seychelles) and Habonix Solutions Ltd. (Cyprus), which provides its clients with a number of trading assets and related services. Further, within a short span, the broker was able to get a license from a top financial body, i.e. SFSA. The brokerage firm is licensed with the Seychelles Financial Service Authority with the license number SD014.

SFSA is a widely-recognised financial non-banking institutions’ governing body which primarily controls CFD and forex brokers globally. The firm, Aronex Corp. Ltd., is registered with the number 8417765-1 in Seychelles and Habonix Solutions Ltd. having registration number HE396742.

Further, the venture is authorised to offer financial trading services to the EEA (European Economic Area) through the MiFID regulations. The clients’ money is secure with the company’s operations with the ICF (Investor Compensation Fund) to all the eligible users. The insurance firm would pay the amount up to 20,000 Euros per user if the 2invest ever goes bankrupt or insolvent.

Financial Instruments: There are several tradable assets available with the 2invest broker. Financial trading assets list include stocks, forex pairs, commodities, indices, metals, crypto, and many. In total, there are almost 350 trading products in which 75 are shares, 47+ are currencies, and 15+ are indices & commodities like metal and oil, and 30+ are crypto.

Note that the trading doesn’t provide the trading assets in real but offers CFDs, i.e. speculation on instrument prices. One notable benefit of CFD trading is an investor can earn gains in both the directions, i.e. on downtrend and uptrend. Whereas, in the real purchase, the option is only one-sided.

Some of the available assets, segregated as per market, are:

  • Metals: gold, silver, copper, platinum, etc.
  • Indices: IBEX, CAC, AEX, FTSE, Dow Jones, etc.
  • Commodities: Corn, oil, sugar, coffee, natural gas, and more.
  • Major, minor, and exotic currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/DKK, and AUD/CHF.
  • Prominent shares like FAANG, BMW, Barclays, etc.

PS: FAANG is an acronym used for major US tech giants, i.e. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

All these assets are accessible with the firm on the commission-free basis and don’t include any hidden/extra charges. The broker solely earns from spreads, which are already described on their site.

Payment Options: 2invest offers several “deposit and withdrawal” options for the ease of its users. The payment methods accessible are simple to understand for everybody, with a lower processing time (less than the industry average). Adding funds rarely take 15 minutes, and money is credited in customers’ account within seven business days, after verifying the customer and transaction.

The best point is there are no fees on 2invest deposit and withdrawals options from the broker, even though there might be some bank charges. Further, the 2invest minimum deposit is $100 and $1000 if depositing through bank transfer. Note that the trading site might charge you a withdrawal penalty of 50 euros if there are insignificant transactions in the account.

The accessible deposit and withdrawal options are credit, debit cards, wire transfer, and E-wallets like Neteller, AstroPay, Skrill, Pay42, Vpay, etc. The supportable card kinds are Mastercard, VISA, and Maestro.

PS: Every client is required to scan and upload the identity card for verification before using the payment option (only for cards).

The number of payment methods accessible with the trading sight might change, based on your country. However, the options, as mentioned earlier, are convenient in almost every place globally.

Customer Service: 2invest offers one robust customer assistance to all its clients. The service is accessible to all for free, from Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 17:00. 2invest customer support executives offered above industry average service as compared to other competitors in the financial industry. The company seems to understand that good consumer support is the key to fulfilling the requirements of every client. The executives were readily accessible and thus, responded fast. Average phone call response time was less than two minutes with the broker.

A trader can connect with the support team through email, telephone, and live chat option. The convenient time for any client is 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM GMT, from Monday to Friday. Furthermore, the company has one dedicated FAQ portal for resolving the ordinary questions of clients. However, if there is still anything left, then you can contact the team through their feedback form too.

The customer support team was rational, patient, intelligent, and polite in resolving all the queries and answering all the questions.

Promotional Offers: 2invest doesn’t believe in the notion of getting customers through any promotional stuff but only through their products and services. Therefore, the trading site doesn’t offer any bonus offers to customers.

The reason behind the action also might be the restrictions implied by EU administration not to offer any bonus and related thing to clients, and 2invest only operates in Europe. Yet, the move can be seen as a good point as the company follows the rules by financial bodies and do not think to trap their users.

Recognitions: 2invest has been offering financial investment products since 2019 only but won a number of awards and recognitions from prominent organisations. Recently, the company won Best Latin America Region Broker 2020 by ADVFN. The action marks the company’s ability to sustain long in the upcoming time.

Research Material: 2invest offers several tools for clients to examine and analyse the orders, signals, and indicators. Earnings and economic calendar are worth considering out of these tools. A trader can use this research material for better decision making related to their entry & exit points, future trades, and many more. An economic calendar aids the investors in determining crucial events related to the trading and financial market.

Likewise, Earnings Calendar offers clients significant dates when the top organisations release their financial statement & reports. The trading site keeps upgrading the calendar every three months and presents the information of top companies in the world. It includes financial reports such as net sales, cash flow, EPS (earning per share), etc.

Educational Content: 2invest offers a dedicated educational page to clients. One can browse to the portal easily and learn from their invaluable material. The content contains webinars, seminars, videos, e-books, tutorials, courses, articles, and more. The material is free for everybody, and the movement behind this is spreading knowledge across investors & traders.

Webinars are scheduled two times in a week, and candidates, who want to join, can register for them before the jamboree. The events are helpful for both fundamental and technical investors. Furthermore, write-ups clear the basics of investors on finance-related topics, like crypto, stocks, currency pairs, complex financial derivatives, etc. Overall, there are more than 25 articles.

Besides, the company offers 7+ E-books & 22+ videos available on the page, segregated on the level of trader, i.e. beginner or professional. The videos are simple & straightforward to understand, with specifications – short in length & animated. Some worth looking E-book titles are technical analysis, capital management, strategies, trading psychology, etc.

Also, the broker provides many other tutorials and courses on different titles like how to use MT4 or CFD trading beginner course. Check the full list here.

Types of Accounts: 2invest broker offers three account types to its users, i.e. silver, gold, and platinum. The specifications of all of them vary and are described below.

Silver: The account type is suitable for dealers with lower experience, i.e. beginners. The investors who don’t have many requirements to execute their trading plan, this account caters them the most. The plus point is no commission of any kind on any trade, but the spreads are loose as compared to gold and platinum ones. The leverage provided can go up to 1:200.

Gold: 2INVEST gold account kind offers better services as compared to silver. Every user has an advantage over silver ones in spreads, higher leverage, and increasingly senior swap discounts. The spreads start as low as 0.05, better than 0.07 for silver type users. The maximum margin provided on trading is 1:400. Additionally, a 25% swap discount is offered to the users.

Platinum: 2invest account with one of the best leverage, spreads, and swaps discounts. It urges dealers who need better trade order executions and reasonable cost with smooth navigation. The broker offers the most leverage in this kind with margin going as high as 1:500. However, if leverage is key to higher profits, it is at the same time trap to massive losses.

The swap discount provided is 50%, and the lowest spread is 0.03, better than the industry average. Note that there might be some commission on trades with these types.

Trading Platforms: 2invest broker offers leading technologies on their platforms to cater their consumers with security and ease. Only a few platforms, like Meta Trader4, allow the financial specialists to provide the information continuously. The platforms offered by the broker are as follows.

MetaTrader4 – MT4, or MetaTrader4, is the most recognised platform in the trading & investing industry. One can perform a top-notch quality analysis with additional great UI, making the platform simple to access and understand, even for beginners. Some notable services by the MT4 are:

  1. One-Click trading,
  2. 24+ tools for drawing analysis,
  3. Supports 35+ languages,
  4. 30+ technical signals & indicators (which can further increase with the help of plugins),
  5. Nine timeframe chart, available for 1 minute to 1 month period in real-time,
  6. Tools for risk management,
  7. Notification for prices on the telephone via popups, SMS, and email.
  8. Provides access to the MQL market, where tools like signals, indicators, EAs, etc. are available for download,
  9. Real-time bid and ask price to users,
  10. 20+ analysers for technical examination.

Mobile Application – 2invest also uses the UI of MT4 for phone devices, with available systems iOS and Android. It aids the traders to stay tuned & updated with the markets 24 hours day, round the clock.

Spreads & Charges: 2invest spreads are at par with other trading brokers. As discussed, there is no charges/commission on trades, and the company solely earns from its tight spreads. However, note that the exact spreads might vary, based on the account type. One can go through this page for full details.

In addition to it, there are inactivity and overnight swap charges, if a trader doesn’t trade for continue two months. However, the right part is every fee is clearly mentioned and is reasonably fair when compared with similar competitors in the industry.

Account Open: 2invest account opening procedure is straightforward, fast, and easy to understand. A user is required to go to the firm’s site and click on the button named “Open Account”. After clicking, a 5-page form will pop up. One is needed to fill all the information carefully and accurately, as asked. It includes personal, employment, and other data.

After updating the needed docs, the trader would be given the login credentials, as the organisation’s verification process is completed.

The account is ready to invest. You need to deposit money to purchase any financial asset.

The Bottom Line

Overall, 2invest is a notable broker, worth trying for everyone and most suitable for initial to mid-level investors. However, the broker offers segregated services with platinum holders enjoying the most benefits. The trading site is a new establishment and might need some time to be a pioneer in the field. Yet, the trader looking for a genuine, trustworthy brokerage firm with affordable services are good to go with them.

And if you are still confused, then going for their free demo service would be a good option. Practise with 2invest to experience real trading with 2invest.

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