Bitcoin Era Review: Scam? Opinions and Alternatives

Have you ever heard of Bitcoin Era?

We do … unfortunately!

Many readers have reported Bitcoin Era to us calling it a real scam that has trapped many investors, deluding them of the opportunity to make large profits in exchange for a simple deposit with the “inicato” broker.

But is this really the case? Can Bitcoin Era guarantee 99.4% accuracy in its forecast?

In this review of ours, we will try to know everything – absolutely everything! – of Bitcoin Era. And, in particular, we will focus on understanding if Bitcoin Era is a scam or if it can be trusted.

We will then see how to trade in Bitcoin in a regular and authorized way, using a top broker like eToro (official website).

In short, take a few minutes of your time and read our guide: in the end, you will discover why Bitcoin Era cannot be trusted, and what are the steps you can take to be able to trade in a safe and peaceful way.

How to trade Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Let’s start… from the end.

The only way to safely trade with cryptocurrencies is to use a regulated and authorized broker such as eToro (link to the official website), avoiding all shortcuts and, above all, avoid traders who want to convince you that:

  • Trading Bitcoin is simple and risk-free;
  • There is some algorithm that allows you to earn with 100% security;
  • After all, it is not important to invest with a regulated broker.

Actually… it is the opposite of all of that!

When investing in cryptocurrencies you must expect that:

  • The broker you work with is regulated and authorized by a regulatory body (Like Consob or CySec)
  • The broker correctly informs you that trading with Bitcoin is risky and there are no easy gains


We, for our cryptocurrency investment activities, have been using eToro for years precisely because we believe it to be the most transparent broker to trade with.

eToro in fact constantly informs its users about the risks of CFD trading operations on Bitcoin & co., and provides all the useful tools to manage or mitigate the risk, such as with stop losses, take profits and all the features that you can easily try to set when opening the position, and more.

If you too want to take advantage of eToro’s quality service, all you have to do is:

We also remind you that if you want to safely experience eToro’s services before opening a real trading account, you can do so by opening a demo account here, for FREE.

That’s all?


eToro allows you to make investments in cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments even without having any previous knowledge or experience in this matter.

The “secret” in this case is represented by eToro’s copytrading, a service that will allow you to copy what the most well-known and famous traders do.

In other words, with eToro’s copytrading you will not be asked to choose the financial instruments and assets in which to invest, but simply the traders you think can best suit you!

Of course, this is not a 100% profit guarantee, as maybe some non-serious operator like Bitcoin Era would make you guess.

However, it is a service:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Which will allow you to aim for profit thanks to the expertise of other traders;
  • Which you can also use to improve your financial knowledge and gain a better experience.

If you are interested in learning more about eToro’s copytrading service, we remind you that here you can experience it for free with a demo account, while if you intend to exploit it with real funds, all you have to do is click on the link below:

Click here to sign up for free on eToro

Era Bitcoin Review

So far we have talked about everything a good broker should offer you. So we just have to talk about what it should NOT do and, therefore, start our review of Bitcoin Era!

Let’s start with the first impact we had.

By logging into the official Bitcoin Era website we are greeted by a promotional video claiming how Bitcoin is making many people millionaires.

The website has a timer on top, with a countdown timer. Why?

This is one of the signs we don’t like: according to the site, aspiring investors have a limited time to sign up. This creates a sense of urgency, with the reward of having a lifetime proposal that will make investors who agree to invest with this operator millionaires.

Unfortunately, there is a risk that many traders will fall for it! The fake promotional video, accompanied by the aforementioned sense of urgency, could in fact lead many newbies to believe this broker.

But not only.

This broker claims to guarantee 99.4% accuracy in their forecasts. And this is another serious sign of concern: there is no platform, algorithm or trading system that can produce such high levels of accuracy!

Try asking any trading expert: they will tell you that guaranteeing over 90% positive trading operations is an impossible task.

The bad signs we can get from the service’s home page continue. According to the homepage, for example, it is a platform reserved exclusively for some people who … want to trade with an operator at the top of their sector, so much so that the automatic trading algorithm – the site still claims – would have been positively reviewed by well-known journalists such as those from CNN, TIME, Forbes and others. Of course, the use of the logos of these companies, for the sole purpose of trying to legitimize their platform, is not authorized at all.

Bitcoin Era

Is Bitcoin Era regulated and authorised?

But is Bitcoin Era licensed and regulated? Of course not.

Indeed, there is no detailed information on its homepage to suggest that this platform is registered anywhere else, and another wake-up call that should prompt us with great caution in dealing with these services, is the lack of adequate documentation to demonstrate its legitimacy.

In short, not only is there no information on the registration of the operator and the company that manages the platform, but there is also no information relating to the people behind this project!

What does this all mean?

Unfortunately, it’s simple: we are dealing with a completely anonymous platform.

Now, know that, in the long years of our experience in the financial market, dealing with an anonymous broker has never produced any results. An anonymous broker is never a good partner.

The lack of licenses clearly indicates a broker conducting business in the financial markets in an illegal way.

Why would someone make you over € 1,000 a day with automated trading and not even be registered?

The answer is immediate: because it is an operator who cannot keep faith with his promises, a pyramid scheme that could be closed at any moment. Precisely for this reason, those who manage this platform make sure to fill up with subscribers (and money!) Before closing their doors, without issuing any warning.

Fake testimonials Bitcoin Era

By checking the testimonials that are reported on this operator’s website, we have noticed that these are the same false opinions that have already been used in other similar projects, such as Bitcoin Billionaire, Quantum AI, Bitcoin System, Bitcoin Up, Trust Investing, Bitcoin Future o Bitcoin Evolution. Of course, that’s not a mistake.

In fact, there are many operators who carry out their promotion by disseminating false testimonies for the sole purpose of convincing their aspiring customers of the fact that other investors before them have followed the same path, with excellent results: in short, they lead one to think that someone more has already been able to make money with Bitcoin thanks to their miraculous system …

It’s just a pity that verifying the credentials of these people is impossible, and that, on the other hand, the names and photos of the authors of the fake reviews, used on the platform’s website, are the same as those already used in other sites – clones.

In short, another element that should make you escape from this trap!

Bitcoin Era eToro
Promises easy money Warn about risks
No authorisations Authorised
Doesn’t work Works
Not recommended Recommended


Bitcoin Era Assistance

The assistance of Bitcoin Era is practically non-existent, given that the entire organizational machine is solely focused on capturing potential users and inducing them to make a deposit at the cashier of an unregulated broker.

To be aware of it, it is sufficient to ask an opinion from all those people who have lost money thanks to Bitcoin Era, and who have tried to contact the reference broker. The attempts, good-natured or not, have never been successful, and this can only be a sign of how this platform was built with a single purpose … which is certainly not the most positive and advantageous for traders who fall into this trap.

As if that were not enough, the Bitcoin Era homepage does not contain any contact page, and this means that the operator absolutely does not intend to be “disturbed” by other channels other than those he has foreseen as default: subscribe to the platform and pay some money.

Only at that point, in fact, will the commercials get in touch with you, asking for other payments.

Bitcoin Era Security

By now you should have guessed that Bitcoin Era cannot be trusted and that Bitcoin Era’s security is certainly not its strong point.

On the other hand, there is no way that funds can be safe with an anonymous platform! How can funds be safe with a broker who cannot be contacted?

Our take on Bitcoin Era is that this is a fake platform that is meant to steal funds from investors. Do you want an evaluation element to support all this?

To get it, it is enough to ask yourself where the money deposited by users is deposited.

The answer is soon traceable: the funds of investors who decide to accept the lure of Bitcoin Era end up in the coffers of a broker based in some tax haven, and which certainly cannot offer all the guarantees that only regulated brokers such as eToro could give you.

Therefore, the risk of losing all your funds and not being able to get them back is very high (indeed, almost certain).

bitcoin era

Is Bitcoin Era a Scam?

The evidence we have summarized clearly indicates that we are dealing with an opaque platform, not very serious and with a very high risk of committing fraud.

Of course, even this cannot authorize us to claim that Bitcoin Era is a scam.

Officially, in fact, in order to define this platform as such, it is necessary to wait for a sentence by the judges.

This, however, does not prevent us from inviting you not to open an account with Bitcoin Era, because the signs that there is something unclear are evident.

If, on the other hand, you want to trade Bitcoin in a safe and reliable way, what you have to do is open an account in a regulated broker like eToro (here on the official website).

And if you want to know more about this serious and authoritative broker, we remind you that here you can read our review!

bitcoin era


In conclusion to our in-depth analysis today, we can only add Bitcoin Era to our merciless list of operators with whom it is better not to deal.

We hope that the reports made to the authorities will allow them to investigate this operator. In the meantime, stay away from this anonymous broker and all anonymous brokers who do not provide information on their credentials, and trash their possible e-mails as spam.

On the sidelines of our in-depth analysis, we can only invite you to share this article with all your contacts. It will cost you only a few seconds of time, but for the recipients of your message it will be very useful to be warned against the risks of this unreliable operator.

What is Bitcoin Era?

A fraud. It actually has nothing to do with Bitcoin, it uses its name to fool people.

How do you really make money with Bitcoin?

With serious and secure platforms, putting effort and time into it.

How do you get back the money lost with Bitcoin Era?

It is impossible, unfortunately those who created it know what they are doing and easily manage to mock the investigators.

Why are there Bitcoin-related scams?

Because people know that Bitcoin makes money, but they don’t know how. Scammers take advantage of this by presenting their solutions.

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