Is Bitcoin System a Scam? Review [2021]

Is Bitcoin System a scam? There are many doubts and we decided to do a really thorough investigation.

In fact, in recent times our readers have begun to ask us if the Bitcoin System really works or is it all a rip off.

If it worked it would be truly exceptional: on the official website it promises exceptional gains for everyone, without doing anything. You don’t even need specific preparation, just put some money into it.

And all this thanks to Bitcoin. Now everyone knows that investing in Bitcoin is very profitable, but you cannot think of investing in Bitcoin as a sort of lottery where everyone wins (this is what it seems when reading the description of the Bitcoin System or the advertising videos).

It is true, therefore, that there are people who made a lot of money thanks to Bitcoin, but they have done so because they are committed, have studied and used the safest and most reliable tools.

In this Bitcoin System review we reveal what happened to those who tried to invest with this system. We also explain how to invest (seriously) in Bitcoin and introduce one of the best safe platforms for cryptocurrencies, eToro.

Fortunately, today there are various reliable and safe platforms, why did we choose eToro? Because it is probably the most intuitive platform to use for a beginner and then because it allows you to automatically copy what the best investors in the world do.

In practice, thanks to eToro, a beginner gets the same results from day one as an expert and can also learn well to invest in Bitcoin, observing live what the best experts in the world do.

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Bitcoin System Scam?

As soon as we started receiving requests about Bitcoin System, we immediately became suspicious. As we said, we know that Bitcoin is a great investment but it is not a way to make easy money.

Bitcoin System, on the other hand, presents itself as a kind of money machine. We therefore decided to investigate thoroughly to verify our suspicions.

In our analysis we therefore started from the reviews and opinions of those who had actually tried to invest.

The results of our analysis far exceeded our worst suspicions: no one made money with Bitcoin System and, even worse, no one was even able to recover the capital initially invested.

Reading reviews and opinions it turns out that all those who have tried it consider Bitcoin System as a real scam.

Many also claim to have filed a regular complaint but the probability of getting the money back is really nil: whoever organized the scam immediately transfers the loot to tax havens where the judiciary cannot reach.

How to invest (seriously) in Bitcoin

How do you seriously invest in Bitcoin? First you need to know some basic elements. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, i.e. a currency whose value is not guaranteed by a central bank, but works through cryptographic algorithms.

The technical details, in this article, do not interest us, we are interested in understanding how to make money with Bitcoin.

In fact, Bitcoin behaves exactly like any other financial security (for example, as a stock listed on the stock exchange): it can be bought or sold, and the price varies continuously according to the law of supply and demand.

Usually, if there is some positive news there is a lot of demand for Bitcoin and therefore the price goes up, if there is some negative news the price goes down.

An example of positive news is the fact that a large company decides to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment (this raises the price); an example of bad news is some big scam involving Bitcoin.

As you can see, there is nothing magical or strange, everything is simpler than what you think.

What can be done with Bitcoin? Thanks to the best investment platforms, it is possible to make two distinct investment operations:

  • Buy Bitcoin: You make a profit when the price of Bitcoin rises
  • Selling Bitcoin Short: Profits are made when the Bitcoin price falls. It is a speculative operation, you don’t have to buy before selling.

In practice, thanks to the best platforms it is possible to always make money, no matter what the price of Bitcoin does.

Warning: it is not true that the price of Bitcoin always rises as the Bitcoin System scammers say, there are periods in which it collapses. For those who invest intelligently this is not a problem.


To give an example of a recommended investment platform, let’s talk about eToro. First of all we note that, unlike the Bitcoin System, eToro does not promise easy money, indeed it even warns of the risks of investments (any investment, with any platform and in any title, has a potential risk).

eToro is very simple and intuitive, particularly suitable for beginners. The main strength of this platform, which clearly distinguishes it from all the others, is the ability to copy, in a completely automatic way, what the best investors in the world do.

How is it possible? eToro developed innovative software that allows you to find the investors who have made the maximum profit with the minimum risk. The user of eToro has the possibility to use this software to select the investors he wants to copy.

It will be the software that will take care, in real time, of replicating all the investment operations of these great experts.

The user who wants to learn has the opportunity to observe these large investors live and can even interact with them thanks to a social network platform.

You can sign up for free on eToro by clicking here

We repeat: eToro is not a way to make easy money, on the contrary it takes commitment and time to achieve results. For example, you have to work hard to select the best investors to copy and you have to check every day that they are generating the expected profits (otherwise change them).

How Bitcoin System works

How eToro works is clear: you can buy or sell Bitcoin (or many other financial stocks) to make a profit. Anyone who wants can copy the best ones for free.

How does Bitcoin System work instead? If we go to the official website or watch the videos it is not clear. It looks like an automatic Bitcoin trading system that always goes without saying but, in fact, no one is able to understand how it really works (at least from the site).

The actual functioning of the Bitcoin System, unfortunately, is very different from what is stated.

The organization behind this scheme has created perfect (albeit deceptive) marketing, based on the promise of very easy and safe earnings, for a small initial investment.

A lot of people, who are not investment or cryptocurrency experts, fall into the trap and leave their data.

At this point, they begin to be obsessively contacted by the people who work for the Bitcoin System and many give up and invest money.

At first, everything seems to be going well and the promised profits are really there, at least they are shown on the Bitcoin System interface.

Consultants call on the phone to entice victims to make new and bigger investments. There are gains after all! And precisely because there are gains, many fall and invest more and more money.

The consultants who call on the phone are kind, positive, encouraging. At least until it is decided to finally withdraw the money earned.

How investments with the Bitcoin System turn out

Then everything really changes. Consultants get grumpy and aggressive. If before they called every day, now it is impossible to contact them. Problems of all kinds arise.

Even some victims are asked for a further transfer of thousands of euros with the excuse that it is a tax to be paid to the bank in order to get the money back.

We could go on at length by listing the most unlikely obstacles that Bitcoin System poses to withdrawing capital but the result is always the same: no one has ever managed to regain possession of the capital (much less the bogus earnings shown by the platform).

Someone, as we have said, is also deceived for the last time and, with the excuse of bank taxes, forced to make a last transfer, often of thousands of euros.

Bitcoin System: Opinions and Reviews

Our analysis started from the reading of the opinions on Bitcoin System by those who have really tried the system.

This is really painful: with the mechanism we illustrated in the previous paragraph, Bitcoin System managed to steal many thousands of euros from many people. There are countless cases of people completely ruined for having believed in a dream of easy wealth.

Indeed, many of the Bitcoin System reviews are full of insults and threats against whoever organized the system and against whoever called on the phone.

Furthermore, most of the reviews and opinions label Bitcoin System as a scam. Many have filed a complaint but the chances of recovering the lost money are nil.

Bitcoin Scam?

Bitcoin scams are quite common and some have come to think that Bitcoin is a scam. This is not the case: we explained that Bitcoin is a serious and safe investment, as long as it is carried out with the right tools and the right mentality.

The scammers, on the other hand, take advantage of people who have heard of the large gains made by investing with Bitcoin but who are not quite sure how they work.

We repeat: those who invest with serious and safe platforms like eToro have no problems. Those who rely on scammers lose everything.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin System is not even the only scam we have had to deal with lately. Here is a short list of other scams, very similar:

  1. Bitcoin Code
  2. Trust Investing
  3. Bitcoin Era
  4. Immediate Edge
  5. Bitcoin Future

And the list could be much longer …

How can you avoid these scams? First, by operating only and only with authorized and regulated platforms (such as eToro) that are safe. And then not believing in fairy tales: it is not possible to make easy money, money is always earned with commitment and intelligence!

bitcoin system


Bitcoin System promises easy money with Bitcoin investments. In reality, not only does it not work at all but also causes you to lose the entire invested capital. All those who have tried to invest with real money consider it a real scam.

Investing in Bitcoin is potentially very profitable but those who want to invest must do so using serious and secure platforms, such as eToro.

We recommend avoiding any kind of easy-to-enrich promise with Bitcoin (or any other system) because they always hide a scam!

Finally, we ask you a small, big favor: share this Bitcoin System review on Facebook or any social network, site or blog you have access to.

With an act that costs you nothing you can save many people from complete financial ruin (many Europeans were completely ruined by the Bitcoin System).

What is Bitcoin System?

A scam that captures its victims with the promise of quick profits with Bitcoin.

Is it possible to recover lost money with the Bitcoin System?

No, they are transferred to tax havens where the investigators cannot reach.

Is Bitcoin all a scam like Bitcoin System?

No, indeed, it is a potentially profitable investment but you have to be careful about the tools you use to invest.

What is the best platform to start investing in Bitcoin?

Probably eToro which allows you to copy, in a completely automatic way, what the best investors do.

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