Buy Biontech Shares: Forecast [BNTX]

The global pandemic that hit humanity in 2020 has made the fortune of a German biotechnology company, Biontech, which has created one of the most effective vaccines against Covid-19. Is this enough to buy Biontech shares or is there more that we should check?

The vaccine produced by Pfizer / Biontech is undoubtedly a great source of income for the German company and its American colleague, but to evaluate a stock we must be more careful and also analyze other factors, such as:

  • Future projects
  • The financial situation
  • Growth prospects

Let’s start with the most relevant data of this company:

Quotation 👜 New York stock exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange
ISIN 📌 US09075V1026
Index 📃 NASDAQ
Foundation 📅 2008
Sector 🧪 Biotechnology
Ticker 🏷️ BNTX
Revenue 💰 797,65 milions €
Best Platforms  📈 eToro /  ForexTB /


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    Biontech shares: live quotation



    The company: Biontech

    Biontech SE is a German company based in Mainz, Germany, which has been involved in biotechnology since its foundation in 2008.

    Specifically, the company has focused on the development of active immunotherapies to treat cancer and other serious diseases.

    Biontech is a pioneer of research on mRNA-based drugs for the realization of treatments and vaccines. It was the first in the world to develop a therapeutic agent based on messenger RNA, which could be administered by intramuscular injection.

    In early 2020 Biontech developed the BNT162b2 vaccine (called Tozinameran) against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Given the huge demand, the German company has agreed with the multinational Pfizer to produce the vaccine on a large scale.

    Biontech has another 20 drugs under development for various diseases, all based on mRNA.

    The Biontech stock has been listed on the NASDAQ in New York since 2019 and is also present on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

    How to Buy Biontech Shares

    Biontech shares are listed in both Germany and the United States but the benchmark index of the stock is undoubtedly the NASDAQ.

    To buy Biontech shares you simply need a PC, an internet connection and an online broker that allows you to access that market.

    To save on trading fees, we recommend using CFD Brokers, which have a number of advantages over traditional intermediaries, including:

    • Possibility to make money if the price drops
    • Demo account to practice
    • No trading fees
    • Very intuitive trading platforms
    • Possibility of making even small investments

    This type of Broker offers derivatives called CFDs (Contracts for Difference), so you will not buy the shares directly but you will only speculate on price changes.

    For short term online trading, these brokers are found to be very affordable.

    Where to buy Biontech Shares

    Brokers, as you know, are not all the same. To decide where to buy Biontech shares, you must first check that the broker chosen is in possession of a regular license.

    Security must always be first when it comes to speculative investments.

    The most prestigious entities that issue authorizations to brokers in Europe are CONSOB, CySEC and FCA.

    For this reason we have selected 3 brokers that in our opinion offer the best features for this type of investment and in the next paragraphs you can evaluate them in more detail.


    eToro is one of the most popular online brokers in the world, it is present in numerous countries and has obtained many international licenses including that of our CONSOB.

    The 20 million registered users are further confirmation of its reliability and the trading platform is certainly the flagship of this financial intermediary.

    The software is intuitive, fast, essential, but at the same time full of very sophisticated and customizable indicators and tools.

    Here’s what the Biontech stock looks like on eToro:

    buy biotech shares

    How to buy Biontech Shares with eToro?

    • Register for free on eToro
    • Log into your Demo or real account (by depositing at least € 200)
    • Select the Biontech stock and click on “Trade”
    • Decide whether to buy or sell the shares and how much to put in the operation
    Try the eToro platform for free

    Since many traders do not have the time to study technical analysis, eToro has seen fit to propose an automatic investment tool: Copy Trading.

    This system allows you to copy the market operations of the best eToro traders, chosen by you on the platform.

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    etoro copytrading

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    ForexTB is now one of the most popular brokers in Europe, it has grown rapidly gaining the trust of its users.

    This trust also finds the support of a CySEC license, which allows it to offer its services throughout the European Union.

    The popularity comes mainly from a Trading Course that ForexTB has created and made available for free. It is an ebook that shows the basics of online trading and explains the main operating strategies using clear terms and practical examples.

    The pdf is totally free, here is the link to download it for free:

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    ForexTB offers two trading platforms, very different but both free and professional:

    • Metatrader is a complete platform full of indicators of all kinds.
    • Web Platform is simple, intuitive, fast and accessible from any device, without installing anything.

    To buy Biontech shares on ForexTB you have to follow these 4 steps:

    1. Register on ForexTB
    2. Choose the trading platform
    3. Select the Biontech stock and click on Buy (or on Sell to sell short)
    4. Decide the amount to invest.
    Click here and register for free on ForexTB is one of the brokers that is currently enjoying more and more success.

    With a WebTrader platform that gives it a lean and efficient aspect, allows you to invest in over 2100 different assets, coming from the main financial markets around the world.

    This is a wide choice that will certainly not disappoint even the most demanding investors.

    At the same time, thanks to the TradingCube, a large number of stocks can be viewed simultaneously, making investment sessions even more interesting.

    Like most of the platforms that aim for the top, also offers a wide range of trading indicators and advanced charts, making it much easier to carry out technical analysis and allowing for much better results.

    With 5 different types of accounts, adapts to the users’ wallet, allowing you to start investing with just 100 euros, while making available, instead, for the most demanding and wealthy users, even accounts of 1,000, 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000 euros.

    As for the other brokers that we have presented to you, here too you can take advantage of a totally free demo account, without risks and constraints.

    Find out by registering on the official website!

    Biontech Business Model

    Biontech is a company that deals with the research and development of messenger RNA-based therapies.

    We are talking about world excellence in its field, one of the most interesting pharmaceutical stocks in recent years.

    Biontech studies cancer therapies and many other diseases but is also specialized in infectious diseases, as demonstrated with the vaccine against Covid-19.

    Let’s see the most important data from Biontech:

    • Headquarters: Mainz, Germany
    • Founders: Uğur Şahin, Özlem Türeci, Christoph Huber
    • CEO: Uğur Şahin
    • Subsidiaries: BioNTech Innovative Manufacturing Services GmbH
    • Number of employees: 1,323 (2019)

    Pfizer-Biontech Covid Vaccine

    Biontech has risen to prominence thanks to the creation of one of the most effective vaccines against the human coronavirus.

    This vaccine, produced together with Pfizer, is more expensive and complex than the others, it must be kept at -150 degrees centigrade and its production process is very laborious.

    But its effectiveness has proved to be excellent and opens the door to a new way of making vaccines, for which Biontech is the leading company.

    Is it worth buying Biontech shares?

    If we look only at the success of the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine and the enormous demand that companies are required to satisfy, it seems obvious that buying Biontech shares is an excellent investment.

    The economic forecasts of the German biotech company are on the upside. Biontech has estimated a revenue increase for 2021 of up to € 12.4 billion.

    Obviously a large part of this increase has already been discounted by the share price, which as you can see in the graph below, are up sharply:

    buy biotech shares chart

    Biontech already has contracts for 1.8 billion vaccine doses in 2021 and we must remember that this type of vaccine had never been used before before Covid-19.

    Biontech competitors

    Biontech is growing rapidly and its major competitors are some of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies, including:

    Buy Biontech Shares: Forecast

    Biontech’s future is very bright, not only has it closed contracts with many countries around the world for the doses of its vaccine made in partnership with Pfizer, but we do not know how long the threat of the pandemic will be present.

    We may have to vaccinate the population with periodic boosters and this only affects the SARS COV-2 vaccine.

    This vaccine opened the doors to Biontech’s main discovery, which concerns the use of mRNA for treatments and vaccines of various kinds.

    The share price has already gone up a lot and not all analysts are convinced that it will go up further, but everyone believes it is a great stock to trade:

    • JPMorgan Chase & Co. has set a target price of $ 104.00 on Biontech’s stock and assigned the stock a “neutral” rating.
    • Goldman Sachs has issued a “neutral” rating and a target price of $ 173.00 on the stock.
    • Bryan, Garnier & Co reissued a “neutral” rating and set a price target of $ 206.00 (from $ 135.00) on Biontech’s stock.
    • Canaccord Genuity raised its Biontech stock price target from $ 130.00 to $ 240.00 and gave the company a “buy” rating.
    • SVB Leerink raised its BioNTech share price target from $ 118.00 to $ 159.00 and awarded the company a “market performance” rating.

    Biontech Shares Target Price

    To estimate an average price target, we examined the forecasts of 9 international analysts who recently expressed their opinion on Biontech.

    The 12-month average target price is $ 146.67, forecasting a possible downside of 39.27% for the stock.

    The high price target for BNTX is $ 240.00 and the low price target is $ 63.00.


    Buying Biontech shares may seem risky given that the share price has already largely discounted the success of the German company in terms of turnover and profits.

    But CFD brokers allow both to aim upwards and downwards, without paying commissions and the volatility of Biontech shares is very high, perfect for speculating in the short term following the daily fluctuations.

    buy Biontech shares

    Initially it is preferable to do some tests in the Demo and study a precise strategy. Once you have practiced with your chosen platform, simply switch to the real account, make a deposit and seriously invest in this NASDAQ-listed stock.

    Here are the links to register for free to the Demo accounts offered by the main CFD Brokers:

    Where is Biontech based?

    Biontech’s headquarters are in Mainz in Germany.

    Where is Biontech stock listed?

    Biontech shares are listed on the Nasdaq of the New York Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

    What is the Biontech target price?

    The 12-month average target price for Biontech stock is $ 146.67

    Where to buy Bintech shares?

    Better to use CFD brokers like eToro, they are safe, reliable and commission free.

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