Buy Chiliz: how to invest in CHZ [Guide]

Thanks to the advent of the Blockchain, many networks have exploited the intrinsic potential of algorithms and cryptography and this has also benefited the entertainment sector. Chiliz, by combining the principles of decentralized finance and the Blockchain, offers users all these advantages. Consequently, to buy Chiliz seems to all intents and purposes a good investment in the future, but is it really so?

Today, internet is based on the exchange of data and the exchange of information between servers installed all over the world. But if the origin of this data were not reliable or if the data were not stored correctly, the technological world would suffer an abrupt halt.

Chiliz tried to support the sports and games industry with an elaborate cryptographic system. But before analyzing if this cryptocurrency is really a profitable investment we need to understand how to buy Chiliz.

Here is one of the simpler methods:

  • Register on eToro
  • Deposit the amount you want to invest or activate the Demo account
  • Select Chiliz and click on “Trade”

The table below lists the main features of Chiliz:

⚙️ Asset
📊 Supply ca 6 billion tokens
📋 Website
💸 Market Cap
$ 1,6 billions ca.
📌 Coin/Token
🖥️ Trading platforms
eToro and ForexTB


We have proposed CFD Brokers to buy Chiliz because, being regulated, they are a safe and convenient choice.

Below is a list of the best cryptocurrency platforms available on the market:

Platform: etoro
Min. Deposit: 50€
License: Cysec
  • Social Trading (Copy the best)
  • Simple and intuitive
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    Platform: xtb
    Min. Deposit: 100€
    License: Cysec
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    Platform: iqoption
    Min. Deposit: 50€
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    Platform: ubrokers
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    Platform: trade
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    Platform: forextb
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    What is Chiliz?

    Chiliz was officially launched in 2019 even if the idea behind the project derives from a platform developed in 2016. Sports fans, through Chiliz tokens, can express all their support for their favorite sport teams.

    The project insinuates itself into one of the most identifying sectors of the human species, that of fans, followers and supporters of the various sport teams.

    Chiliz, thanks to its native token CHZ allows fans to buy tokenized voting rights. The Juventus football club was the first to launch a team token through the website. Since then, a wave of thousands of sports teams have followed in his footsteps beyond football to all sports.

    Alexandre Dreyfus founded the Chiliz network in 2016 via the site. But he wasn’t alone, Emma Diskin has also lent her brainpower to the Chiliz Network as Chief Operating Officer since 2018 and has played a pivotal role in corporate communications. Thanks to her extensive experience in the media industry, she has allowed this network to grow rapidly involving sports supporters from around the world.

    How to Buy Chiliz?

    The spread of the Chiliz network has led to an increase in the price of the token, which is attracting more and more investors.

    To buy Chiliz you can use some intermediaries and these are the two most common types:

    • Cryptocurrency exchanges, which are quite risky and have a lot of limits if you want to buy Chiliz
    • Online brokers, which are safer and offer a series of advantages that make online trading convenient

    The decision is up to you, but usually those who want to make long-term investments are more oriented to using exchanges, and then transfer the purchased cryptocurrencies to an external wallet, for security.

    Traders who instead prefer to trade Chiliz with rather frequent operations, prefer online brokers, which are much safer and more reliable. Here are the main advantages of these intermediaries:

    • They have a regular license
    • You can Short Sell
    • There is no risk of cyber attacks
    • They offer a Demo account to practice

    Where to Buy Chiliz

    The number of financial intermediaries that allow you to buy Chiliz is huge, but how do you choose?

    We must start with the security factor, always fundamental in investments, but even more important to buy cryptocurrencies.

    For this reason, it is preferable to rely exclusively on regulated intermediaries, preferably in possession of a CONSOB or CySEC license.

    Exchanges are not regulated, so they are to be excluded a priori, while among online brokers, there are authorized and illegal ones.

    In this guide, all proposed brokers are authorized, so you can choose freely. Here are the descriptions of the best online brokers to buy cryptocurrencies: eToro and ForexTB.


    eToro is one of the most popular online brokers in the world, with over 20 million users registered on its trading platform, confirming the high level of reliability achieved over the years.

    It is precisely the operating platform that differentiates itself from the competition, because the software developed by eToro has been able to combine ease of use, speed of execution and precision indicators.

    eToro allows you to buy Chiliz directly, as on exchanges, or to trade through CFDs, with leverage and the ability to aim both up and down.

    Here is a screenshot of Chiliz on the eToro platform:

    buy chiliz etoro

    How do you buy Chiliz on eToro? Here are the 3 steps to follow:

    1. Register on eToro
    2. Access your real account by depositing at least € 50
    3. Select “Chiliz” and click on “Trade”
    Register on eToro by clicking here

    If you prefer to have the support and guidance of more experienced traders, Copy Trading offers you a truly unique investment opportunity. This tool patented by eToro in fact allows you to choose the best traders in the community and with one click, copy all their market operations to your account.

    This way you will get the same returns as the investors you decide to copy (based on how much you have invested). Here are some examples:

    etoro traders copytrading

    Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

    Click here and choose which trader to copy


    ForexTB is one of the longest-running financial intermediaries in the world and certainly one of the most trusted and appreciated by investors.

    The quality of the services offered and the perceived security are confirmed by a regular CySEC license, which this Broker deservedly obtained.

    This authorization allows ForexTB to offer its financial services throughout the European Union.

    The assets offered by this CFD Broker are numerous; in addition to a large number of cryptocurrencies, you can also trade in stocks, indices, forex and commodities.

    ForexTB allows you to buy Chiliz and many other altcoins through 2 trading platforms: The WebTrader and the MetaTrader, very different from each other but both effective and safe.

    How do you buy Chiliz with ForexTB? Follow these 4 steps:

    1. Register on ForexTB
    2. Access your real account by depositing at least 100 euros
    3. Choose the platform you prefer
    4. Select “Chiliz” and click on Buy or Sell
    Register for free on ForexTB with this link

    How does Chiliz work?

    Over the years, scientists and mathematicians have integrated Blockchain into various segments of society. Some of the more successful emerging cryptocurrencies are Axie Infinity, Quant, Filecoin, and 1inch. But Chiliz managed to integrate into a still “virgin” sector, that of sports fans.

    It would not be an exaggeration to say that only Chiliz has been able to change the world of sport through the Blockchain.

    Not only has the Chiliz network connected the essential elements of the Blockchain to the world of games, but it has also ensured that investors around the world can bet on their favorite sports via a token.

    This unique feature has further enhanced the decentralization capabilities offered by the Chiliz Blockchain.

    The consensus of the Chiliz network is determined by the Power of Authority (PoA) function and is governed by a “Byzantine” fault tolerant algorithm, which makes it extremely secure. Much more efficient than the Proof of Stake and Proof of Work mechanisms, which only have validators to rely on and a large power consumption for computational purposes.

    The Chiliz network has the task of archiving and retrieving Blockchain-based data with a particular focus on sports and the gaming sector. The project is based on the CHZ token, which allows you to trade on the network, but also to speculate on the price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency itself.

    This project monetizes user information and the unique feature of Chiliz is that it is completely decentralized, with no regulatory body to manage its operation.

    CHZ Crypto

    To understand the value of CHZ as a cryptocurrency, we need to analyze its historical trend and the graph below helps us in this assessment:

    buy chiliz chart all

    The price of Chiliz remained below $ 0.05 until March 2021, when there was a real explosion in the value of this altcoin, which in just a few weeks reached its all-time high of nearly $ 0.80. achieved in April 2021.

    This growth represents the success of the Chiliz network, now very popular in the world of games and sports, but also the attention paid to it by investors and speculators, who are trying to exploit this project to earn money.

    The native token of the Chiliz network has become very popular and its price shows a very high volatility, perfect for those who want to trade online following its rapid price swings.

    Chili Predictions CHZ

    Over the past 3 months, the price of the Chiliz (CHZ) token has risen to nearly $ 0.6 and then dropped sharply below $ 0.3. But it is precisely this volatility that makes it so interesting.

    buy chiliz chart 3months

    So let’s see what are the forecasts on Chiliz, recently released by some very renowned cryptocurrency experts:

    • Trading Beasts believes Chiliz’s price will hit $ 0.73 by the end of 2022, with a trend that could even make it hit the $ 1 mark.
    • GOV Capital is on the same line as previous analysts. In fact, he believes that by 2022 the token should be between $ 0.81 and $ 1.
    • CoinMonks has released very controversial forecasts on Chiliz (CHZ): According to these analysts, the price will continue to move sideways for the next 12 months, showing extreme volatility, without however taking a precise direction, either up or down.
    • Market Heaven sees an ambitious uptrend for 2022, which should lead the cryptocurrency to surpass its all-time high, hitting $ 1.02 within the next 12 months.
    • Digital Coin Price estimates that Chiliz (CHZ) is entering a highly competitive and ruthless space. Given the current price, one can certainly expect a price hike in CHZ. According to these industry experts, Chiliz prices are expected to easily exceed $ 1.50 by the end of 2025.
    • Coinliker has released an optimistic forecast for CHZ. The token could easily exceed $ 0.84 within the next year, continuing its ups and downs in the markets.
    • Oracle Times based its predictions on the bullish momentum shown by Chiliz in 2021. This could repeat itself in 2022 and drag the CHZ token to easily surpass the previous all-time high.
    • Long Forecast is one of the most optimistic analysts about Chiliz’s future. Although he believes that the token will face resistances that are difficult to overcome in the early months of 2022, the bullish trend should prevail over the course of the year. In the following years the trend is expected to continue, leading the token to exceed $ 2.5 by 2024.
    • Wallet Investor expects a long-term hike for Chiliz. The price prediction for 2025 is $ 4,412.
    buy chiliz


    This cryptocurrency has created a booming ecosystem, which has been able to link the world of Blockchain with that of games and sports.

    The long-term forecasts are almost all positive but it is volatility that offers the best trading opportunities for speculators.

    Through the online brokers that we have proposed in this guide, you will have the opportunity to point upwards or downwards from time to time, following the fluctuations of this token.

    Before buying Chiliz by investing money, however, it is advisable to do some tests in Demo to fine-tune your operational strategy. Here is the link to access for free:

    What is Chiliz?

    Chiliz is a platform that allows sports teams to engage and monetize their audience thanks to the Blockchain.

    Who created Chiliz?

    Chiliz was founded by Alexandre Dreyfus.

    What are the predictions for Chiliz?

    The long-term forecast is bullish, some analysts believe it could exceed $ 4 by 2025.

    How to buy Chiliz?

    With eToro, a reliable Broker that allows both to buy cryptocurrencies directly and to trade them with CFDs.

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