Buy Glovo Shares [Waiting for the IPO]

Glovo has become a so-called unicorn, surpassing the $ 1 billion valuation thanks to the various rounds of funding he has backed. At this point, to buy Glovo shares has become a priority for many investors, but how do you do it?

You cannot yet invest in the Glovo stock because the Spanish company is not listed on the stock exchange, but you can invest in the sector, focusing on its competitors already listed. Or prepare for the IPO and plan a strategy for action as soon as the stock becomes available.

For now, large investment funds such as the Abu Dhabi sovereign fund, Venture Capital Lakestar, Idinvest Partners and Drake QSR have invested in Glovo.

Let’s start by taking a look at the most relevant data of this startup:

Quotation 👜 not available
ISIN 📌 not available
Index 📃 not available
Foundation 📅 2015
Sector 🛒 Home delivery
Ticker 🏷️ not available
Income 💰 35,6 millions euro
Best Platforms 📈 eToro /ForexTB


Whether you are planning to buy Glovo stock after the IPO, or you are interested in betting on a competitor, you will need a financial intermediary.

Here is a list of the best online trading platforms available:

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    Glovo listed on the stock exchange

    Before talking about the listing, let’s summarize what Glovo is and how it originated.

    This Spanish company was founded in 2015 in Barcelona even if it was registered the year before by its founders: Óscar Pierre Miquel and Marta Ripoll de Damborenea (who, however, immediately abandoned the project).

    Oscar Pierre at the age of 22 asked for some big funding to start the business. The idea is based on an app that offers a series of products to buy. The Glovo rider, having received the request from the user, goes to purchase the goods and deliver them within an hour.

    In one of the first rounds of funding, Sacha Michaud joins the startup becoming in effect a co-founder.

    Glovo is currently present in 26 countries and offers its services in more than 200 cities around the world.

    Like almost all startups, Glovo is not profitable at the moment, it reinvests everything it earns to grow and expand. CEO Pierre is convinced that the first profits can be seen as early as the end of 2021.

    How to buy Glovo Shares

    As we have said, it is not possible to buy Glovo shares at the moment unless you are a large accredited investor who wants to support the startup with millions of euros.

    Don’t have millions of euros to invest at the moment?

    Don’t worry, you will be able to buy Glovo stock after the IPO and in the meantime plan a strategy and trade some stocks among the main competitors of this company.

    You only need a PC, an internet connection and a CFD Broker, so you won’t pay any trading fees.

    We can summarize the advantages of these brokers in the points listed below:

    • No trading fees
    • Very intuitive trading platforms
    • Possibility to also invest the downside
    • Demo account for practicing
    • Possibility of making even small investments

    This type of Broker offers CFDs, very cheap financial derivatives that allow you to speculate on the price changes of a stock.

    Where to buy Glovo shares

    To choose where to buy Glovo shares after listing, just select intermediaries with regular licenses: Safety first!

    The control bodies that offer greater reliability are CONSOB, CySEC and FCA. In this guide you will only find Brokers with at least one of these licenses.

    Considering the type of investment and the fact that it is a startup, we have chosen 2 of the best CFD brokers on the market and below you will find brief descriptions of their characteristics:


    eToro is the most popular and widespread online broker in the world, with over 20 million registered users and a series of authorizations issued by the most prestigious control bodies.

    Among these authorizations we also mention the license of CONSOB and CySec which makes the Broker very reliable.

    The trading platform manages to combine simplicity and completeness, with a truly intuitive software.

    How do you buy Glovo shares with eToro?

    • Register for free on eToro
    • Log into your real account by depositing at least € 200
    • Wait for the stock to be listed on the stock exchange, select it and click on “Trade”
    • Decide whether to buy or sell the shares and how much to bet in the operation
    Try the eToro platform for free

    While waiting for the Glovo IPO you can test your strategies on a Demo account, without taking risks. Or you can rely on a patented automatic investment system: Copy Trading.

    This system allows you to copy the market operations of the best eToro traders, chosen by you on the platform.

    You select the traders you consider most “profitable” and Copy Trading will copy all their operations on your account. This way you will have the same results as these experienced investors.

    Here are some examples of traders you could copy, with their annual returns:

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    ForexTB represents a very interesting choice among the brokers present on the national market. It is very reliable and offers many truly exclusive services.

    It operates on a European level with a regular CySEC license but its fame derives mainly from the famous Trading Course it has developed.

    Let’s talk about an eBook that explains how to move in trading, which indicators to use and which strategies to adopt. All with simple and clear language.

    The pdf is totally free, here is the link to download it for free:

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    To please everyone, ForexTB offers two trading platforms, which are very different from them:

    1. Register on ForexTB
    2. Choose the trading platform and wait for Glovo to be listed
    3. Select the Glovo stock and click Buy (or Sell to sell short)
    4. Decide the amount to invest
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    Glovo business model

    Glovo has a business model based on an app that allows you to shop. The company allows you to register both as a user and as a partner who wants to offer products for sale.

    The network is operational in 26 countries around the world and is constantly expanding.

    Deliveries are made by the riders, who make the required purchases and then bring the goods to the end user. The company earns a percentage of the sale price and usually charges a flat rate for delivery.

    Glovo competitors

    Glovo has numerous competitors globally, many are still startups while other companies have already been listed on the stock exchange. Here are some of the major competitors of the Spanish company:

    Buy Glovo shares after IPO

    Glovo is continuing a fundraiser that the company needs to expand further and reach a level of distribution throughout the territory that will allow it to become profitable.

    In 2020, the Spanish company hired many engineers and technicians to make the app faster, reduce waiting times and facilitate purchases and payments.

    We do not yet know if Glovo will go public with an IPO, it is likely but it could also opt for a SPAC or a direct listing.

    At the moment the classic IPO is much more likely and if the company waits to be profitable, the success of the listing will be assured.

    One of Glovo’s main competitors, Deliveroo, did not have a positive listing as expected and Glovo’s CEO is taking this very seriously and doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake made by his competitor.

    Glovo investments and acquisitions

    Glovo in addition to raising large funds is also making investments in turn, improving its network with the acquisition of companies already structured in the area, to accelerate expansion.

    This is the case of Pizza Portal in Poland, recently acquired by Glovo. In addition, the Spanish company does not only deliver food to home but tends to differentiate itself from the fiercest competitors by also delivering other products, such as medicines and flowers.

    Among the most interesting investments of Glovo is the construction of small warehouses located in the area, which allow to accelerate deliveries. The company plans to open 100 by 2021.

    Glovo and Delivery Hero

    Among the Glovo acquisitions we must also mention the agreement with Delivery Hero to acquire the Balkan branch of the German company.

    Glovo paid 170 million for this already organized distribution network, again with a view to faster expansion.

    This operation includes Foodpanda in Romania and Bulgaria, Donesi in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Pauza in Croatia.

    Later Glovo also acquired Ehrana in Slovenia.

    Delivery Hero increased its stake in Glovo to 37% after investing € 229 million in the Spanish company.

    At the end of 2020, Glovo sold its Latin American operations to Delivery Hero to better focus on Europe.

    Quotation and Glovo Shares

    Glovo’s CEO recently said:

    It has always been central to our long-term strategy to focus on markets where we see clear leadership opportunities and where we can build a sustainable business.

    The global pandemic has increased Glovo’s numbers, as well as the rest of the “home delivery” sector, but now it will be necessary to understand whether the growth will continue even in the post-pandemic.

    Before going public, Glovo also wants to solve the problems concerning the employment contracts of riders which are very complicated, especially in some countries, including Spain.

    The Spanish government is forcing home delivery companies to hire riders as employees and this can become a problem, especially if this obligation were to expand to other countries as well.

    All things considered, Glovo will not go public until next year, so prepare your strategy and get ready!


    Glovo employs 1,500 people and has a network of around 50,000 delivery workers, who travel by bicycle or motorbike.

    It is a very popular startup, especially in Europe and expects to become profitable by 2021.

    buy Glovo shares

    It will not go public until next year, but in the meantime there are many other stocks in this sector that you can trade. You can also do some tests in the Demo and develop a strategy to be put in place after the IPO.

    Here are the links to register for free to the Demo accounts offered by the main CFD Brokers:

    What is the value of Glovo?

    The company is a unicorn, so it has exceeded one billion dollars in value.

    Is Glovo listed on the stock exchange?

    Not yet, Glovo is expected to be listed, not before 2022.

    How many countries does Glovo operate in?

    Glovo operates in 26 countries and over 280 cities.

    Where to buy Glovo shares?

    As soon as the company is listed you will be able to buy Glovo shares with CFD brokers like eToro, safe, reliable and without commissions.

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