Buy Novavax Shares: forecast NVAX

The field of biotechnology and pharmacology have never been more topical than in this period. The global pandemic has projected investor attention to these companies in Novavax is one that may still hold some surprises. Does this mean that you have to buy Novavax shares as if there is no tomorrow?

Let’s not exaggerate, however we will see it in this detailed guide to the NVAX stock, but remember that to invest in the markets it is first necessary to analyze both the stock and the fundamentals of the company. In this case we will start from:

  • Economic situation of Novavax
  • Stock trend
  • Forecast

Let’s start by looking at the relevant data from this biotech company:

Quotation 📝 New York Stock Market
ISIN 📌 US6700024010
Foundation 📅 1987
Sector 🧪 Biotech
Ticker 🏷️ NVAX
Income 💰 475,2 millions dollars
Best Platforms 📈 eToro / ForexTB /


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    Novavax: the company

    The birth of this biopharmaceutical company took place in 1987 and over the years Novavax has received numerous loans from private entities and investment companies. But the entity on which the company has always been able to count is the foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates, who have embraced Novavax’s mission, supporting it without reserve.

    The money received contributed to the various experiments that the American company, based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, has carried out over the years, although the results were not the most encouraging.

    Among these trials, Novavax has worked hard for a vaccine against Ebola and one against RSV.

    The company is listed on the NASDAQ of the New York Stock Exchange and the performance of the stock has been a continuous swing of ups and downs, based on the hopes and disappointments for experimental vaccines.

    But now things are changing. Novavax has finally successfully concluded phase 3 of the trial of its NVX-CoV2373 vaccine.

    It is a vaccine against Covid-19 that has received the green light from the US FDA and will soon go into production.

    Given the enormous demand, Novavax will make use of the collaboration of some external companies such as Takeda Pharmaceutical and the Serum Institute of India to produce its vaccines.

    How to buy Novavax Shares

    If you want to buy Novavax shares you have to use a traditional broker or a CFD broker.

    The former are very expensive, require a securities account and you will have to pay commissions on each transaction performed.

    The latter, on the other hand, are simple, cheap and without trading commissions.

    CFD brokers offer derivatives (the Contracts for Difference) instead of actual stocks. This way you can speculate on price changes without paying commissions. Here are the real advantages of these online brokers:

    • Demo account to practice
    • No trading fees
    • Possibility of making even small investments
    • Very intuitive trading platforms
    • Possibility to also earn in the downside

    Where to buy Novavax Shares

    The brokers you need to evaluate are not all safe, so first check that they have at least one license issued by a relevant body, such as CONSOB or CySEC.

    Without licenses you will not be protected and you can fall into some trading scam, do not underestimate this aspect!

    In this guide you will find exclusively regulated online brokers, so you can choose freely. Below we have included some brief descriptions of the CFD Brokers that represent the best choice to buy Novavax shares.


    eToro is one of the market leaders in this segment, its security is guaranteed by numerous licenses, including the authorization of our CONSOB.

    The 20 million subscribers are a further representation of its reliability and the trading platform is among the most intuitive on the market, full of top-level tools and indicators.

    The offer of securities is very wide and below you can see the Novavax CFD ready to be traded:

    buy novavax shares

    How do you buy Novavax shares with eToro?

    • Register for free on eToro
    • Log into your Demo or real account (by depositing at least € 200)
    • Select the Novavax stock and click on “Trade”
    • Decide whether to buy or sell the shares and how much to bet in the operation
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    For traders looking for an automatic investment system, eToro offers a truly revolutionary patent, which allows you to copy the operations performed by the best traders in the community.

    You will choose the traders you prefer and Copy Trading will automatically copy all their trades in real time.

    So you will get the same results (based on how much you have invested) of the copied traders, here is what we are talking about:

    etoro copytrading

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    ForexTB has decided to focus on training, to distinguish itself from other intermediaries on the market.

    Obviously it operates with a regular CySEC authorisation but one of the services that has contributed most to its popularity is the Trading Course it has developed. 

    This course is a free eBook that has immense value in terms of content. It offers a detailed overview of the secrets of online trading, the best operational strategies and the indicators to use.

    Click here and download the Trading Course for free

    ForexTB offers two trading platforms, very different from them but both free and reliable:

    • Metatrader is a complete platform full of indicators of all kinds.
    • Web Platform is simple, intuitive, fast and accessible from any device, without installing anything.

    To buy Novavax shares on ForexTB you have to follow these 4 steps:

    1. Register on ForexTB
    2. Choose the trading platform
    3. Select the Novavax stock and click Buy (or Sell to sell short)
    4. Decide the amount to invest
    Click here and register for free on ForexTB

    From 2017 onwards has started a major re-foundation work, coming to permanently occupy the podium of the most successful platforms currently on the market.

    What we are facing today is a technologically very interesting site, lean and well-finished, with many valuable features.

    First of all, uses two different platforms. The most interesting and used is undoubtedly WebTrader.

    This platform is really easy to use and will be very familiar after just a few minutes. It guides the user to the more than 2100 different assets available, satisfying even the most demanding and sophisticated investors.

    Among the features on the platform, TradingCube allows you to take a look to different securities simultaneously and with related characteristics, making everything much faster and more efficient.

    What has made real leaps and bounds on in the last two years, becoming one of the leaders in the sector, is the offer of financial indicators and trading signals among the best in circulation, which improve the possible technical analysis to users, helping them to develop increasingly effective strategies.

    Different types of accounts are also offered, meeting the needs of the most diverse traders. The minimum deposit available is just 100 euros, allowing even the less wealthy and inexperienced to start investing.

    For more experienced users, accounts of 1,000, 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000 euros are available.

    Try's WebTrader and open an account with only 100 euros!

    Novavax Business Model

    Novavax is a biotechnology company with a business model based on the research and testing of vaccines against some serious diseases.

    Recently he has entered into some partnerships to move to the production and marketing phase, where the company is a bit lacking.

    Here are some relevant data from Novavax:

    • Industry: Biotechnology
    • Foundation: 1987
    • Quotation: Nasdaq
    • Headquarters: Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
    • CEO: Stanley Erck
    • Number of employees: 791
    • Revenue: $ 475.2 million (2020)

    ISIN Novavax

    ISIN code of Novavax is US6700024010. 

    Novavax shares forums

    On the online trading forums there is a lot of debate about Novavax’s race to get its vaccine against Covid-19 and how much the American company is lagging behind many of its competitors on the market. 

    As you know, we never advise you to trust what you read on the forums, much better the eToro Social trading if you are looking for a comparison with other traders.

    But the debate is still positive and the news of the moment is precisely the green light from the FDA for the NVX-CoV2373 vaccine, which should go into production within the year.

    As we have said, Novavax is a company oriented towards research rather than large-scale production, in fact it will make use of the collaboration of some external partners to be able to satisfy the demand.

    At the time of writing Novavax already has over 310 million doses of its valuable vaccine in pre-order.

    Novavax competitors

    Novavax’s competitors are some of the largest pharmaceutical shares in the world and other companies of a size more similar to those of the American company. Here are the main ones:

    Is it worth to buy Novavax shares?

    To answer this question we have brought back the analysis of one of the most prestigious investment firms in the world: B. Riley.

    Mayank Mamtani, the company’s very high profile analyst, thinks that, with three successful large-scale studies performed in different geographic areas in North America, Europe and Africa, Novavax has amassed a lot of evidence supporting the effectiveness of its NVX-CoV2373.

    Even though the biopharmaceutical company was late in the vaccination rush, Mamtani thinks that:

    The safety profile of your vaccine is particularly interesting.

    Buy Novavax Shares: forecast

    By the beginning of the third quarter, the company expects to have its plants operating at full production capacity. Between September and November, Novavax “conservatively” estimates that it can produce 100 million doses per month.

    The effectiveness of the Novavax vaccine also bodes well for any booster cycles necessary to counteract the variants of the virus that will necessarily continue to spread until global herd immunity is achieved.

    Ultimately, the forecasts on Novavax are quite positive and can offer significant possibilities for speculation, especially in the short term, given the extreme volatility of the stock.

    buy novavax shares chart

    Here are the estimates on the future of NVAX, released by some high-profile investment companies:

    • B. Riley reduced his Novavax share price target from $ 365.00 to $ 286.00 and set a “buy” rating on the stock.
    • Zacks Investment Research downgraded Novavax from a “hold” rating to a “strong sell” rating and set a price target of $ 118.00 for the company.
    • HC Wainwright cut the target price on Novavax from $ 317.00 to $ 294.00 and set a “buy” rating for the company.
    • Cantor Fitzgerald raised Novavax’s target share price from $ 217.00 to $ 272.00 and gave the company an “overweight” rating.
    • JPMorgan Chase & Co. reissued a “neutral” rating and issued a target price of $ 161.00 (previously $ 285.00) on Novavax shares.
    • Jefferies Financial Group reduced its Novavax share price target from $ 310.00 to $ 235.00 and set a “buy” rating on the stock in a report on Tuesday, May 11.

    Novavax Shares: target price

    The 12-month average target price for Novavax is $ 225.50, predicting a possible 17.30% upside for the NVAX stock.

    The high price target for NVAX is $ 294.00 and the low price target is $ 105.00. These predictions were recently released by 6 Wall Street analysts.

    Currently there are: a sell, a hold and a buy forecast for the stock, which confirm B. Riley’s optimistic view.

    buy novavax shares


    Novavax is a biopharmaceutical company with a very promising future. The commercialization of its Covid-19 vaccine is estimated to bring over $ 5.23 billion into the company’s coffers next year.

    The stock is rising sharply but has accustomed us to strong fluctuations so it is advisable to follow them and trade short-term, without leaving trades open for too long. For this kind of trading, the commission-free brokers that we have proposed are certainly ideal.

    Initially you can test your strategy on a Demo account, without running any risk, and then switch the real account as soon as you have found the right setting and have practiced with the trading platform you are using.

    Here are the links to register for free to the Demo accounts offered by the main CFD Brokers:

    What is the target price for Novavax?

    The 12-month average target price for Novavax is $ 225.50.

    What is the Novavax ISIN?

    The Novavax ISIN code is US6700024010.

    What is the Novavax vaccine called?

    The name of the Novavax vaccine is NVX-CoV2373.

    How to invest in Novavax?

    To trade on Novavax stock you can use a commission-free CFD Broker like eToro, which is safe and reliable.

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