Buy Pharma Mar shares: Forecast and Target Price

It is probably not among the most famous pharmaceutical companies but this small Spanish company is making great steps forward in the stock exchange. Right now, buying Pharma Mar shares is a bit like jumping on a running train. So, is it convenient or not?

We will try to make it clear in our complete guide, which analyzes the progress made by the company and the stock forecast.

Our analysis starts from the intermediaries, who in an investment are more important than it might seem; in fact, they can transform a winning trade into a loss just because of the commissions.

The best way to invest in Pharma Mar stocks is to use online brokers without commissions.

Here is a short list of the best online brokers (all with CySEC or CONSOB license) proper for buying Pharma Mar shares without paying commissions. By choosing eToro, you can also make automatic investments.

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    Pharma Mar: The Company

    This small Spanish pharmaceutical company is based in Colmenar Viejo, Spain and its business is based on medicines derived from marine resources.

    Pharma Mar is mainly involved in research against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease but has recently risen to the fore for its fight against Coronavirus, which in 2020 has spread into a global pandemic.

    Genomica, a subsidiary of Pharma Mar, develops molecular procedures and tests and is famous for gene analysis and paternity tests. Recently, its research has focused on some infectious diseases, among these the – sadly – famous Covid-19.

    To understand the origins of Pharma Mar we must go back to 1939, when Zeltia separated from the Miguel Servet laboratories.

    In 1949, Zeltia joined other Spanish laboratories to create Antibioticos SA, founded mainly for the procution of penicillin.

    Zeltia was listed on the Madrid stock exchange in 1963 and grouped Antibioticos SA and ICI Farma under one large group until 1986, when Pharma Mar separated from the company to focus on drugs derived from marine resources.

    In 2015, Pharma Mar absorbed the entire Zeltia group through a reverse merger. In early 2020, before the start of the spread of Covid-19, the PharmaMar group developed a special diagnostic kit for this coronavirus.

    This test allows a rapid diagnosis of the coronavirus, even before the patient shows the symptoms of the disease.

    How to buy Pharma Mar shares

    To buy Pharma Mar shares without paying commissions, it is necessary to rely on online brokers who offer CFDs (contract for differences)

    These are contracts that have the same price as the stock they represent and allow you to invest upwards or downwards and earn (if the forecast is correct) in any market scenario.

    Not all online brokers are safe and we will only refer to intermediaries regularly authorized by international control bodies.

    Buy Pharma Mar Shares

    Buy Pharma Mar shares with the best brokers

    Control bodies, such as CONSOB or CySEC, verify that intermediaries comply with the laws and offer a safe trading experience, although online trading always involves intrinsic risks.

    The best brokers to buy Pharma Mar shares must have these characteristics:

    • FCA license or equivalent
    • Possibility to invest both upwards and downwards (short selling)
    • No commissions charged
    • Minimum deposit not exceeding 250 euros.

    Here are the services offered by the best brokers on the market: eToro, ForexTB and

    eToro: Simplicity and Automatic Trading

    eToro is a broker that has achieved incredible popularity, thanks especially to its automatic investment system.

    It has over 7 million active users worldwide and its reliability is not in question. Its license for our country is issued by CONSOB.

    The trading software offered by eToro is considered among the most intuitive on the market and the screenshot below demonstrates it:


    To buy Pharma Mar shares, simply click on the “Invest” button, decide how much to invest in the operation and whether to buy or sell the asset.

    The trading platform is complete with graphics, statistics and technical analysis indicators, in order to meet the needs of the most demanding traders.

    As mentioned, eToro’s fame derives from its patented automatic investment system: Copy Trading.

    Copy Trading allows you to copy the market transactions of the best traders in the world (on eToro) in a totally automatic and free way.

    To use Copy Trading just follow these simple steps:

    • Register on eToro with the link at the end of the review
    • In the section “people”, choose the traders you want to copy, based on their returns
    • With a click, Copy Trading will do exactly the same operations of the chosen traders in your account.
    • At this point, you will get the same returns as these trading experts (of course, in relation to your investment), without doing anything else.

    Here are some of the best eToro Traders (that can be copied), with their last year returns:


    Click here and choose which traders to copy

    Both Copy Trading and “manual” trading can also be tested on a free Demo account, without risks thanks to the use of virtual money.

    Click here and sign up for free

    For more details you can read our full eToro review.

    ForexTB: Trading Course and Free Signals

    ForexTB is a broker that offers a series of free services and is currently among the most popular on the market.

    It operates in Europe thanks to a CySEC license and, in order to satisfy every need, offers two trading platforms:

    • The Web platform, very simple and available for any browser and device without downloading any software
    • Metatrader 4, the most used trading software in the world, very technical and full of customizable tools and indicators

    ForexTB cares about the knowledge of its investors and for this reason it has created a trading course (an ebook) which can be downloaded for free from the link below.

    Download it now, it’s free:

    Click here and download the trading course for free

    ForexTB support continues with free Trading Signals sent directly to the investor – with the contribution of Trading Central.

    These are very precise operational indications, which have a success rate of 70% and are accessible for free by following the link below:

    To receive free ForexTB Trading Signals, click here Free Training and Minimum Deposit is a broker that offers a truly professional assistance service, which makes it stand out from the competition.

    It operates in the UK with a FCA license and offers a very well structured trading platform, with a clear and simple user interface, and all the necessary tools for the technical analysis of an asset.

    For newcomers to the stock exchange, there is a trading course (in pdf) that allows you to learn the basics of online trading in a very simple way. It is for free and with the official link below you can download it immediately:

    Download the free course by clicking here provides a training area divided into 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. In this way, each investor will be able to find free information, corresponding to every level of knowledge.

    The minimum deposit can be a problem for low capitalized traders, for this reason allows you to open a real account with only 100 euros.

    Before depositing, you can practice in the Demo platform, for free. The Demo account is identical to the real one apart from the virtual money.

    Click here to sign up for free

    If you want to know more, you can read our review.

    Pharma Mar and the Coronavirus

    In addition to the Covid-19 diagnostic tests that have made Pharma Mar famous in the global pharmaceutical community, the company is fighting against this coronavirus using the drug Aplidin, which is giving satisfactory results.

    There are many pharmaceutical companies running against time in order to develop cures and vaccines against this virus and Pharma Mar is seeing the finish line… but there are still several obstacles.

    After a difficult period experienced in 2018, Pharma Mar is growing rapidly and now the market is rewarding its efforts.

    While working on the treatment of the coronavirus, Pharma Mar is constantly producing the famous Covid-19 diagnostic tests, which are fundamental in the fight against this pandemic.

    In this same period, Pharma Mar is evaluating agreements for the marketing of Aplidin, even before the testing is completed.

    The evaluation phase for a new drug requires a specific time frame that is difficult to combine with the urgency of the actual situation; therefore, it is a better strategy to have already commercial agreements if the testing gives the desired results.

    Is it worth it to buy Pharma Mar shares?

    There is no simple answer to this question, but it probably pays off in a short term perspective.

    The Spanish company, which mainly produces a drug (developed from marine resources) to treat cancer, is experimenting with many other drugs and its research and contribution on coronavirus makes it very attractive as an investment.

    So, buying Pharma Mar shares is convenient, but you need to understand the trading strategy necessary for an investment of this type.

    As you can see from the chart below, the growth of the stock has been very rapid, but it could be a bubble, if at least one of the company’s researches does not produce a real effective drug.

    So, it is necessary to make small short-term investments – using for example swing trading – without risking too much as the forecats are still uncertain in the long term.


    Competitors of Pharma Mar

    In addition to internal uncertainty, there is another factor that can greatly affect the price of Pharma Mar shares: Competitors. The main competitors of Pharma Mar are some large pharmaceutical companies such as:

    • Pfizer
    • Abbvie
    • Gilead
    • Novartis
    • Moderna

    Buy Pharma Mar shares: Forecast

    Pharma Mar shares have experienced an upward trend in recent months, showing strong price momentum. The question now for investors is whether this trend will continue.

    Knowing exactly what drives relative strength in stock prices can help make more accurate predictions.

    Relative strength (RSI) is a useful tool in technical analysis. It is an instantaneous measure of the performance of an asset.

    Assets with a great relative strength index tend to be valuable for many months (even up to a year) as investors continue to buy.


    Pharma Mar target price

    eToro Trading Desk analysts believe Pharma Mar to be an excellent purchase at the moment and a good investment in the short / medium term, with a 12-month target price of 8 euros per share.


    Right now Pharma Mar is one of the most interesting investments on the entire Spanish stock exchange market. Short and medium term forecasts are on the rise, but the long run stock prices will reflect the results of the research which are now still in the experimental phase.

    Before buying Pharma Mar shares, it is always better to test the trading platforms in Demo, so as to choose the one that best suits your trading style. Here are the official links to access the Demo accounts of the best online brokers:


    Is it worth it to buy Pharma Mar shares?

    Yes, but you need to make small short-term investments because forecasts are uncertain in the long term.

    How to buy Pharma Mar shares?

    CFD brokers are the best way to buy Pharma Mar shares without paying commissions.

    Which is the best broker to invest in Pharma Mar?

    eToro is the most suitable broker to invest in Pharma Mar also because it allows you to make automatic investments.

    Which is the Target price for Pharma Mar?

    The target price for a 12-month Pharma Mar share is 8 euros.

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