Buy Quant (QNT) Guide and Forecast

Blockchain technologies have not yet been adopted as they should by companies, because they are not integrated with the various distributed databases and ledgers that are springing up quickly, but Quant wants to solve the problem. Investors who have started to buy Quant believe that the solution proposed by this network is functional and very efficient.

At the base there is an operating system called Overledger that works directly on the Blockchain and allows you to have a series of tools geared towards corporate use.

In this guide we will go into an in-depth examination of this system, with all its implications and probable future developments. But now let’s see how to buy Quant:

  1. Register on eToro
  2. Make the deposit or select the Demo account
  3. Select Quant and click on “Buy”

Here the main features of Quant:

⚙️ Asset
📊 Supply More than 12 millions tokens
📋 WebSite
💸 Market Cap
$ 2,18 billions
📌 Token
🖥️ Trading Platform
eToro /


We have proposed CFD Brokers to buy Quant because, being regulated, they are a safe and convenient choice.

Below is a list of the best cryptocurrency platforms available on the market:

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    What is Quant?

    The Quant project is based on a network that connects the various Blockchains through an operating system called Overledger.

    The system was born in 2018 thanks to Gilbert Verdian, Colin Paterson and Paolo Tasca and is financed through the ICO of the QNT token, which allows to raise $ 11 million.

    The functionalities of this operating system allow to bridge the gap between various Blockchains and business software, using a plug-and-play method that does not need particularly expert technicians to make everything work.

    It is based on DLT and API tools that allow the various Blockchains to communicate with each other, taking advantage of Quant’s API Overledger gateway. The system is very efficient and does not slow down the speed of individual block chains.

    Gilbert Verdian, prior to becoming CEO of Quant, held various executive roles in high-tech companies and contributed to the implementation of the ISO Blockchain TC307 standard, which is currently used in over 50 countries.

    How to Buy Quant

    The advantages of Quant’s operating system have prompted many investors to buy Quant, but how do you do it?

    It is not difficult, you have to start by choosing one of these two types of financial intermediaries:

    The choice depends on your trading strategy. Usually, those who make long-term investments and use large capital can also opt for exchanges, despite the high risks. In fact, once the purchase is complete, it is always better to transfer the crypto to an external wallet, to limit the risks of theft and hacker attacks.

    But if you are interested in short-term profits, online brokers are certainly the most suitable intermediaries, here’s why:

    • They have a regular license
    • You can Short Sell
    • There is no risk of cyber attacks
    • They offer a Demo account to practice

    Where to Buy Quant

    To decide where to buy Quant you have to start with the verification of the licenses of the Brokers you are considering. Safety must always be first.

    A license issued by an institution such as CONSOB or CySEC, protects you from the numerous scams that you could easily come across on the web.

    Unfortunately, exchanges are not regulated, so they are to be excluded a priori.

    In this guide you will only find brokers with a regular license, so you can’t go wrong.

    In the next paragraphs you will find descriptions of the best online brokers to buy cryptocurrencies: eToro and


    eToro is one of the most popular online brokers in our country, but also one of the most famous internationally.

    Worldwide, it has over 20 million subscribers, which enhance the quality of the services offered and confirm its safety and extreme reliability.

    It operates through a very intuitive trading platform, considered one of the easiest trading solutions to use but at the same time extremely professional.

    eToro allows you to buy Quant directly, as on exchanges, or to trade through CFDs, with leverage and the ability to aim both up and down.

    Here is a screenshot of Quant on the eToro platform:

    buy quant etoro

    How do you buy Quant on eToro? Here are the 3 steps to follow:

    1. Register on eToro
    2. Access your real account by paying at least € 50
    3. Select “Quant” and click on “Trade”
    Register on eToro by clicking here

    If you want more experienced traders to do the operations for you, you can use the Copy Trading developed and patented by this Broker.

    This system allows you to copy the market operations performed by the traders chosen by you. This way you will get the same returns as the investors you decide to copy (based on how much you have invested). Here are some examples:

    etoro traders copytrading

    Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

    Click here and choose which trader to copy

    The second broker that we describe to you is, another safe and regulated broker.

    With we have the possibility to operate with two trading platforms, depending on our Trading strategy:

    1. Metatrader 4: a complete and professional software, full of indicators and charts that allow us to make the correct market forecasts
    2. Web platform: perfect for those who want to keep an eye on all investments in any place, thanks to the ability to consult it from any mobile device
    Choose the platform that's right for you on

    The advantages of operating with this broker are many, in addition to the two platforms provides all platform subscribers with a complete trading course ranging from the basics of trading to the best strategies.

    Usually these courses are expensive and get lost in too much theory, the course is not only practice oriented but totally free for platform subscribers.

    Download the course for free here

    Quant: how does it work?

    The operation of Quant is complex, but we will try to explain it in a simple way: Basically this system is able to connect the various decentralized networks together, regardless of which technology they use: Blockchain, DAG, etc.

    Everything works through an operating system, a platform called Overledger Enterprise, which is the first DLT gateway for companies.

    This platform offers a series of APIs to connect the various networks and the main feature is its ease of use.

    Corporate infrastructures and databases can be extremely complex, but with this operating system they can connect with other networks and communicate.

    For these “communications” real Smart Contracts are used, which operate on any network. Basically, these “Contracts” operate on multiple distributed registers and allow the so-called dApps to function independently of the network on which they are working.

    The operating system made by Quant also supports so-called multi-ledger tokens (MLTs), which are digital assets based on real funds held by a financial institution. These MLTs can be used to represent stablecoins, vouchers, loyalty cards and digital currencies of various kinds.

    The entire system is constantly evolving, as are the systems of other emerging altcoins that have been growing rapidly in recent months. Let’s talk about Curve, 1inch, Enjin, etc.

    What is QNT token?

    Quant is the name of the entire ecosystem, although the token is also called the same way and is represented on exchanges and brokers with the QNT ticker.

    It is a native token, which was designed to implement various features within the project.

    First, to use the operating system you need to purchase a license and this is purchased by exchanging fiat currency with Quant (QNT). These tokens are bound for 12 months within the ecosystem.

    Possession of Quant tokens also allows you to obtain a series of discounts for the use of the various services needed to take advantage of the Overledger operating system.

    Is it worth to buy Quant?

    Let’s begin to evaluate whether buying Quant is worthwhile starting from an analysis of the price chart.

    As you can see below, the price of the Quant token skyrocketed at the end of the summer of 2021, peaking at $ 428.38 on September 11th.

    buy quant all

    After that date, the price fell rapidly, but this does not make the cryptocurrency less interesting, which must stabilize more gradually and grow more sustainably, as companies adopt the Overledger system.

    Keep in mind that some of the solutions used in the crypto world are transitory, but the Blockchains cannot be supplanted and an efficient network is needed that connects them together. Therefore the system developed by Quant could prove to be really indispensable in the near future.

    Quant crypto previsions

    The forecasts of the main cryptocurrency analysts are quite positive for Quant, especially now that the price has retraced towards levels more in line with the real value of the network.

    The graph below highlights what has just been stated and could discourage many investors, but in reality the value of the project is evident and the collapse is due to excessive speculation on prices, when the ecosystem was not yet ripe to grow so rapidly.

    buy quant chart

    Many speculators judge the recent trend positively, because it offers rather interesting entry levels, both in the short and medium / long term.

    The volatility of the Quant crypto is very high and this is also a feature much appreciated by traders, especially those who bet on the short term.

    Furthermore, CFD brokers offer the possibility to aim both upwards and downwards, a considerable advantage for those who are looking to take advantage of the fluctuations of a cryptocurrency like Quant.

    Quant Forecast 2022

    2021 will likely end with a slight recovery in Quant’s price. But it is in 2022 that there will be a gradual recovery, less driven by irrational enthusiasm and more linked to the growth and expansion of the operating system proposed by Quant.

    The most pessimistic analysts estimate a target price of $ 195 for 2022, while the most optimistic ones will push to new all-time highs, which could reach $ 512.69.

    buy quant (qnt)


    Quant’s goal is to support companies by providing them with an operating system and tools that allow them to connect the various registers, distributed databases and Blockchains between them.

    Thanks to the platform developed by Quant, there will no longer be any limits to interoperability between different systems, which can integrate easily, quickly and at low cost.

    The project is undoubtedly valid, but it will take some time to see it become a standard employed by major companies. In the meantime, however, investors can buy Quant and follow its price fluctuations trying to make a profit.

    The online brokers that we have proposed in this guide are the ideal intermediaries for this kind of speculation.

    Below we leave you the links of the Demo accounts offered for free by the online brokers we have proposed, so that you can test your strategy without taking risks:

    Is Quant a good investment?

    Based on the data, analysts find it profitable to invest in Quant as the token has mainly focused on decentralized network developments.

    Where could the price of Quant (QNT) go by 2025?

    According to supporters and cryptocurrency experts, QNT could hit the $ 650- $ 700 mark by the end of 2025.

    How much will it reach $ 500 by the end of 2022?

    If it continues to make updates to its Overledger OS, some analysts believe it could exceed $ 500 in a few months.

    Where to buy Quant?

    On eToro, a very reliable broker that allows both to buy cryptocurrency directly and to trade it through CFDs.

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