Buy Sky shares: Find out how to do it by reading this guide

Sky is a well-known television giant in Italy and Europe and many investors have thought – at least once – of investing in this company. It is currently not possible to buy Sky shares, but there is a way to invest in this company anyway. Let’s find out which one.

The Sky group has been completely absorbed by a US giant; but about this, we will discuss later in detail. So, to “buy Sky shares”, you need to invest in the company that controls it. In this guide we will explain how to do it.

Before discovering how and on which stock to invest, it is necessary to choose the broker. Not all of them all the same and below we have listed the best where to buy Sky shares safely. Among these, eToro also offers a very innovative automatic investment system.

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    Buy Sky shares: The company

    Sky is a London-based television group; the largest pay media company in Europe.

    In 2018, Sky has been acquired by the US Comcast, which has therefore taken over the entire Sky network spread across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

    With 23 million subscribers and over 31,000 employees, the Sky group mainly deals with satellite transmissions, although in recent years, it has also evolved towards internet connections via streaming.

    The Sky group has always been owned by the famous tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who owned already the famous Fox broadcaster. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, the group has come under the control of Comcast, the US telecommunications giant, which in 2018 bought Sky for £ 17.28 per share.

    Prior to the Comcast acquisition, Sky was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was a constituent of the FTSE 100 index with a market capitalization of approximately £ 18.75 billion (€ 26.76 billion).

    Now, the stock is no longer listed and is fully incorporated into Comcast shares.

    How to buy Sky shares

    Let’s see how this investment can be made, given that to buy Sky shares, you need to buy Comcast shares.

    It is not difficult to invest in Comcast: You will need just a PC, an internet connection, and an online broker without commissions.

    The profits from equity investments are often “eroded” by commissions, so using a broker without commissions offers obvious economic advantages:

    • Equity investments can also be accessed with small capital (250 Euros).
    • Trading without commissions allows you to get profits even from small operations.
    • Online brokers offer contracts called CFDs (Contracts for Difference) that allow you to invest up or down and earn (if the forecast is correct) in any situation.

    Obviously, an online broker without commissions must have a regular license, otherwise it should not even be taken into consideration. In the UK, the body that issues these licenses is the FCA.

    Buy Sky shares with the best brokers

    The best brokers to buy Sky shares (by investing in Comcast stock) have these characteristics in common:

    • They have a FCA, CySEC or equivalent license.
    • They offer the possibility to invest both up and down (short selling).
    • No commissions are charged.
    • They require a minimum deposit not exceeding 250 euros.

    To invest in the Nvidia stock, eToro, ForexTB and are the best brokers.

    eToro: Semplicity and automatic trading

    eToro is the most widespread broker on the planet and its popularity is a consequence of its remarkable reliability and its automatic investment service.

    This intermediary is legitimized by theFCA license and many other international licenses.

    Below, you can see the Comcast stock (the company that owns Sky) in the trading platform offered by eToro:


    To buy Sky (Comcast) shares, just click on the “Invest” button, decide how much to invest in the operation and whether to buy or sell the stock.

    To perform a correct technical analysis, the eToro platform is complete with all the necessary indicators and tools.

    The popularity of this broker also comes from the possibility of making totally automatic investments.

    Copy Trading (the name of this innovativa system) allows you to copy the market operations of the best traders in the world (on eToro) in a totally automatic and free way.

    To use Copy Trading you need to follow these steps:

    • Register on eToro
    • In the section “people”, you can choose the traders to copy based on the performance.
    • With a click, Copy Trading will copy exactly the same operations of the chosen traders in your account.
    • At this point, you will get the same returns as these trading experts (of course, in proportion to your investment), without doing anything else.

    Here are some of the best eToro Traders:


    Click here and choose which trader to follow

    Both Copy Trading as well as traditional trading can also be tested on a free Demo account, without taking real risks.

    Click here and sign up for free

    For more details you can read our full eToro review.

    ForexTB: Trading Course and Free Trading Signals

    ForexTB is a broker that is quickly becoming known to major investors thanks to its services and its excellent trading course.

    This broker offers two trading platforms, that meet the needs of each investor:

    • The web platform is easy to use and can be entered from any browser without downloading any software.
    • Metatrader 4 is more technical and full of professional indicators and meets the needs of the more experienced traders.

    The operating license of this broker was issued by CySEC and is valid throughout Europe.

    This broker wants to increase the education of its investors: As a first step, it offers a free trading course. This is a very detailed ebook that explains the basics of online trading and is considered among the best on the market.

    Click here and download the trading course for free

    In addition to theory, ForexTB also thinks about practice by sending its Trading Signals processed by Trading Central. These are very precise indications, with a success rate of 70%, and are accessible for free.

    Click here to sign up for free on ForexTB Free training and minimum deposit has always offered one of the most intuitive platforms on the market and for this reason, it has reached an important position among the commission-free brokers.

    The FCA license guarantees absolute reliability and safety.

    The software of is highly appreciated by traders and, thanks to it, you will master the platform in short time. tries to “educate” its investors by offering a free trading course. This is an ebook that explains the basics of technical analysis in a simple way and can be downloaded for free from the link below:

    Download the free course by clicking here

    The trader’s learning process continues in an educational area divided into three sectors: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each trader will be able to access information related to his level of preparation at no cost.

    In general, the minimum deposit required by brokers can be an obstacle for low capitalized traders: allows you to open a real account by depositing only 100 Euros.

    Click here to sign up for free

    Comcast buys Sky

    In 2016, 21st Century Fox attempted to acquire the rest of Sky PLC (it already owned a part of it), in order to take full control of the group. However, the following year, it was 21st Century Fox that underwent a “takeover” from Disney which, however, did not want to continue the acquisition.

    This fight was not with a single contender: Disney wanted Fox and a few “pieces” of Murdoch’s group, while Comcast, another US media giant, wanted Sky.

    At the end of the dispute, Comcast managed to acquire Sky in 2018, which was completely incorporated into the US group.

    On October 12th, 2018, Comcast bought the rest of Sky after its offer got the green light from 95.3% of the issuer’s shareholders. Sky PLC stock was canceled on November 7, 2018 after Comcast acquired all remaining shares.

    Now, to buy Sky shares, you have to buy Comcast stock.

    Is buying Sky shares worth it?

    To assess whether buying Sky shares is worthwhile, we need to analyze the shares of Comcast.

    The global coronavirus epidemic could not have been more devastating for Comcast, a NASDAQ-listed company on the New York Stock Exchange.

    The US group has blocked film studios, Universal theme parks, and many other businesses. Not to mention the crisis in advertising revenue that helped depreciate the stock on the market.

    But despite these downsides, a low share price is always highly regarded by investors, especially if the business structure is solid.

    The graph below shows the historical trend of Comcast (which since 2018 includes Sky) with the surge in prices over the last 10 years.


    Analysts believe buying Sky shares (= buying Comcast stock) is a profitable long-term investment. Indeed, the sector will recover even if it takes some time, so stock prices are also expected to gradually return to early 2020 levels.

    Sky Competitors

    The companies in the “pay TV services” sector are considered alternatives and competitors of Comcast; therefore Sky competitors. Among these, the main ones are:

    • Amazon
    • Disney
    • Netflix
    • Hulu
    • Google
    • Mediaset

    Sky shares forecasts

    Sky’s forecasts are equivalent to those on the Comcast stock. In order to evaluate the future prospects of this stock, let’s analyze the forecasts of the main investment banks:

    • Nomura lowered its price target on Comcast from $ 44.00 to $ 40.00 and set a “neutral” rating on the stock.
    • Morgan Stanley raised its Comcast price target from $ 45.00 to $ 47.00 and gave the stock a “buy” rating.
    • Deutsche Bank lowered its price target on Comcast from $ 52.00 to $ 47.00 and set a “buy” rating on the stock.
    • Finally, Wells Fargo & Co raised its Comcast price target from $ 42.00 to $ 47.00 and gave the stock a “buy” rating.

    Comcast currently has an average “buy” rating even though the price is not yet showing a definite trend.


    The best trading strategy for the Comcast stock (which includes Sky) is to invest upwards by focusing on the medium / long term. Prices will still fluctuate a lot before taking a precise direction, but according to the main analysts, the bullish trend is the most likely for the coming months.

    Sky shares: Target price

    Analysts at the eToro Trading Desk have issued purchase valuations for Comcast (the current company that owns Sky) in the past 12 months. Their twelve-month average target price is $ 48.08, suggesting that the stock could grow by 22.50%.

    Buy Sky Shares


    Sky shares are no longer available on the stock exchange, since the company was totally acquired by the US group Comcast.

    Obviously, this US telecommunications holding does not only include Sky, but to invest in the former Rupert Murdoch broadcaster, it is necessary to focus on its current parent company.

    Comcast is a solid company and despite the critical moment in the entire media and advertising industry, analysts expect a slow recovery in share prices.

    To practice with the trading platforms offered by online brokers, it is advisable to start with the Demo accounts, which are totally risk-free.

    Here are the official links to access the Demo accounts of the best online brokers:

    Is it possible to buy Sky shares?

    Not directly, Sky was acquired, so to invest in Sky you need to read our guide that explains how to do it.

    How to invest on Sky?

    To invest on Sky (in the guide we explain how to do it), you need to use online brokers without commissions. They are safe and reliable, but must have an operating license.

    What is the best broker to buy Sky shares?

    eToro is the most suitable broker to buy Sky shares (indirectly). To find out how to do it, read our guide.

    What target price does the Sky share have?

    The target price for Comcast stock (which acquired Sky) is $ 48.08 per share.

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