Facebook Shares: Price and how to Trade

If you are reading this guide, you have probably considered the idea of ​​Trading Facebook Shares: the largest internet telecommunications company currently on the market, with over 2.31 billion monthly active users.

Trading on Facebook shares means interacting with one of the most influential stocks in the sector, a very important vehicle of opinions, reflections and comparisons between people, a means that has long been used for the most varied purposes, from political propaganda to the sale of goods, from entertainment to the connection between physically distant acquaintances.

The revolution promised by the internet, to be able to connect people tens of thousands of kilometers away, by breaking down space-time barriers, has found its faithful champion in Facebook.

Despite the numerous controversies that have arisen in recent years, the growth of the giant now seems unstoppable and in fact Facebook, together with Amazon and Google represents the default channel for the formation, dissemination and characterization of the culture of the new millennium.

During the guide we will explain how to get hold of Facebook shares in a simple, immediate and easy to manage way with high caliber brokers like ForexTB. Read on and find out how.

The birth of Facebook

Facebook Inc. was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckemberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. After the first movements in the financial market and the strong interest that Microsoft began to show for the company in the first years of its life, in 2009 Facebook announced that the balance was positive and the following year the company was ranked third in the world among websites after Google and Amazon.

The company has since begun its rapid rise to the top of the world in messaging and internet communication with the acquisition of Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014 for $ 19 billion.

The debut on the New York Stock Exchange in 2012 set the world record for the highest debut ever recorded by a company on the stock market: the shares went up for sale with an initial price of $ 38, taking the total value of the company beyond 104 billion.

The acquisition of Oculus VR, the manufacturer of the Oculus Rift, concluded an acquisitions strategy that brought Facebook, Inc. in 2017 to a total market value of more than $ 500 billion and profits of over 55.84 billion dollars, proving to be the most powerful and influential company in its sector.

Facebook shares trading

Facebook and the Millennials culture

The importance and value of a company like Facebook, which is fundamentally based on the provision of social media services, lies in the huge number of users it collects daily (over 1 billion) and monthly (approximately 2.31 billion).

In fact, Zuckerberg’s company controls most of the most famous messaging and social connectivity software of global relevance (Facebook, in fact, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram) and is so deeply rooted in the culture of the new millennium that it is the model for all services born later and that they would like to compete with (see Telegram, which is based on an implementation of the WhatsApp model).

The large number of people it connects have made the platform the default channel not only for private citizens or entertainment pages, but also for companies’ online marketing strategies, event advertising and news dissemination.

Thinking of planning a marketing strategy that does not take into consideration all the services offered by Facebook Inc. is pure suicide, and the company’s offers (sponsorships of the ads, market section, etc.) are specially designed to best meet the needs of companies.

The growth in Facebook’s popularity has also led to numerous movie elaborations, from the 2010 movie The Social Network directed by David Fincher, a monographic on the birth of the Zuckerberg giant and the first controversies about its paternity, to the daring dystopia of The Circle , of 2017, written and directed by James Ponsoldt, set in a future where the power of social networks is total and they organize the entire social structure.

Far from being free of controversies, this does not mean that Facebook is less used, indeed, knowing broadly what are the hidden dynamics behind the large amount of data that the servers of the social network manage seem to have partly reassured users that, despite the recent Cambridge Analityca scandal, they continue to interact daily with Facebook, with the other applications it controls, and to use its offers.

The Facebook Share: solidity and reliability

Taking a look at the historical share price of Facebook Inc. (Ticker FB), it can be seen that since the IPO, the prices have seen an overall growth of over 546%.

Coinciding with the latest scandal concerning Cambridge Analityca and the summoning of Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress in the summer of 2018, the Facebook stock experienced its first setback: investor concern about what then appeared to be an uncertain future However, it quickly dissolved and from the autumn of the same year it inexorably resumed grinding positions.

Some time has passed since then and the signals coming from the most recent decisions of Facebook Inc. bode well for the future of the title: the launch of a dedicated cryptocurrency, Lyra, in fact, could bring the efficiency of Facebook services towards new frontiers.

In fact, all of us have known for some time the advantages in terms of speed, cost reduction and security that cryptocurrencies, especially second generation ones, can guarantee.

Pending the launch of the Lyra, investors are literally jumping on the Facebook shares, aware that nothing like the announcement and launch of new products can cause the prices of all stocks in the technology and information sectors to skyrocket.

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Trading Facebook Shares: who to trust

To trade on Facebook shares, the channels available to traders until just over a decade ago were bank brokers or other financial intermediaries. Since the emergence of stock exchanges, banks have been the default tool for investing: the account holders of a bank, in fact, rather than leave their capital to rot in deposit, often decided to reinvest it on the stock exchange.

The advantages of trading through banks lie in their high security: these are financial institutions universally approved as reliable and therefore capable of securing the investment from scams and fraud. The investor who relies on a bank does not have to worry about anything other than the study of the stock on which he wishes to open a position.

On the other hand, however, banks require more or less large commissions from the trader for each operation, whether it be for the purchase or sale of a security. In this way, a trader has to pay twice for his investment, at the time of buying the shares and at the time of their sale.

These are sometimes very heavy commissions, which vary according to the type of asset on which you invest, whether of the state stock exchange of which you are a citizen of foreign stock exchange. All this requires further reflection on the part of the investor and often the commissions can equal or even exceed the profits obtainable from trading operations.

Commissions obviously benefit large capital, and this is one of the main reasons why playing the stock market (or on stock market indices) has been an operation that has been forbidden to most for a long time.

We therefore recommend that you rely on commission-free trading not only on Facebook shares, but it is also possible to trade on Amazon shares, thanks to modern brokers. Let’s go find out more.

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Non-Bank Brokers: risks and benefits

With the appearance of modern brokers, more or less a decade ago, online trading has definitively opened up to anyone: modern platforms, in fact, do not require commissions on operations but hide their profit in pips, or in infinitesimal fluctuations in the value of the assets on which you invest.

Their profit does not derive from the quality of the stock but from the quantity of operations that a trader opens in each trading session, and they are still paltry figures even for very large capital.

For this reason, especially for novice traders, we recommend turning to modern brokers to trade Facebook shares: a great way to not risk too much money and still gain experience in the world of financial markets.

Among the advantages of modern brokers, in addition to the absence of commissions, there is also the huge range of ancillary tools made available to the trader, often free of charge. Based on the quality of these ancillary instruments it is possible to determine which broker is better than the others and why.

The risks, on the other hand, are connected to the fact that, since they do not perform any other functions apart from those of online trading, modern brokers do not rely on any other real operation that ensures their reliability.

It is up to the user to have the right information to distinguish a reliable broker from a fraudulent one. For this reason, the competent authorities have done their utmost to create a special certification: brokers who wish to obtain a certification that certifies their reliability must register with these authorities and obey the periodic regulations that they enact for the protection of users.

Among the authorities active in Europe are the ESMA (European Security and Markets Authority), the Cypriot CySec and the Italian Consob: if a broker is certified by even just one of these, then you can be sure that you will not be ripped off if you decide to trade Facebook shares through them.

Best Brokers for Facebook Shares Trading

Our analyzes on brokers on the world scene have led to two surprising results: they are two of the most reliable brokers and with the best free services available to users. Start your adventure in the financial markets with these, especially if you intend to open a position on the Facebook stock.

Relying on one of these two brokers has proved to be the winning choice for many investors not only to start off on the right foot, but also to build a future on their investment business, learning new strategies and forecasting techniques as it accumulates experience. Becoming a trader is easy, trading without losing all your investment is less so: dedication and quality information are required.

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    ForexTB: training materials without equal

    Many of you have probably heard of ForexTB in previous years, following the signing of a sponsorship contract with Juventus FC, one of the major Italian Serie A football clubs.

    It is a broker certified by CySec and which over the years has shown particular attention to users, immediately adapting to all the regulations passed by ESMA: when binary options were banned in 2018, ForexTB was among the first to stop using them. Likewise, when in 2019 the financial leverage was restricted, for beginner traders, up to a maximum of 30: 1, the broker also immediately applied the European Union ruling.

    In addition to its attention to users, ForexTB stands out in particular for the training materials it makes available to novice traders: the Bible for online trading, one of the best guides, can be downloaded for free in PDF once registration and the platform are completed, in addition, it provides video-lessons and texts on marketing psychology and fundamentals of economics.

    Especially if you start with almost zero knowledge, ForexTB is the ideal choice to immediately and quickly fill the cognitive gap that separates you from professional traders. You can also acquire the wealth of experience by experiencing the knowledge learned directly in the field thanks to the free Demo Account.

    It is a real-time simulation of the prices of the main securities of the financial markets on which you can operate thanks to virtual money.

    In this way, at the end of a period that can vary from 4 to 6 months of practice and study, you will be ready to invest your capital aware of your skills, your limits and, above all, your room for improvement.

    Netflix shares can also be purchased on this broker.

    eToro: the revolutionary broker

    If we take into account that online trading has in fact revolutionized the world of financial markets, we fully understand how eToro and its Social Trading service fully represent a revolution in the revolution.

    Although eToro was not the inventor, it is the broker who has been able to best exploit the potential of Social Trading, quickly becoming its absolute leader.

    Thanks to the Social Trading tool you can start in medias res, catapulting yourself directly into the beating heart of the financial markets, without worrying about spending months informing and practicing. Social Trading, in fact, implements the dynamics of online trading with elements taken from the world of social networks, in particular those of data sharing.

    Thanks to the Copy Trading tool, in fact, you can copy in all respects the operations of the finance gurus, investing as much money as you want and recording profits proportional to the amount invested. In this way it will not be necessary to study the dynamics of stock market securities, you just need to follow the best ones to copy their moves.

    Since, moreover, mistakes happen, thanks to the Stop Loss tool, you can determine up to what quota you want to keep the copied positions open, in order to immediately stop the investment before it results in a huge loss of money in the event which the prediction of the copied professional should prove to be incorrect.

    Click here to watch the Copy Trading video.
    Social Trading is eToro’s answer to the problem of automatic trading, or how to make profits from the financial markets without necessarily having a detailed understanding and without spending hours glued to a screen: the only thing you will have to do is deposit the capital from invest and choose the professional trader to copy!

    We remind you that Aramco shares can also be traded on eToro.

    Facebook shares

    In conclusion: why it is worth investing in Facebook shares

    Whether you choose a more avant-garde approach like that of eToro, or if you rely on the classic one proposed by ForexTB, investing in Facebook shares right now is one of the most inviting operations you can do on the financial markets.

    The signals coming from the company are completely positive and the stock has seen unstoppable growth for some time. Furthermore, the absence of direct competitors in the sector, obviously excluding small geo-localized realities such as Facebook surrogates active in the People’s Republic of China (Weichat, Weibo, Renren), which amaze for the large numbers of users but which are active exclusively in China , makes the company a must for your portfolios.

    Facebook’s only real competitor is Twitter, whose numbers, however, are still very far from the mammoth results of Mark Zuckerberg’s company and basically the two companies aim at a social network idea that is sufficiently different to allow users to use both. platforms without the functions of one interfering with those of the other.

    Where is it worth buying Facebook shares?

    The fastest and cheapest method is to choose Stock Broker with CFDs, to operate online and without fixed commissions.

    When was Facebook Inc founded?

    The company was founded in February 2004 in the United States by Mark Zuckerberg.

    What is the turnover of Facebook?

    The latest figures speak of $ 70 billion, a figure dating back to 2019.

    What is the best platform to buy Facebook shares?

    One of the most popular is certainly that of eToro, zero fixed commissions and low spreads.

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