How to Buy Basic Attention Token (BAT) Guide

The purpose of this guide is to understand how and where to buy Basic Attention Token, a very original and innovative cryptocurrency, which you will often find indicated with the acronym BAT.

We will also see what it is and how it works, so that you can evaluate for yourself whether it can be a good investment or not.

If you have ever downloaded or used the Brave internet browser, know that the Basic Attention Token is connected with this software to browse the internet, and more precisely with its advertising display system.

In practice, Brave blocks advertisements and allows you to browse in a much more relaxed and safe way. But if you want, you can agree to see targeted ads, managed by the blockchain and get rewards in exchange.

These rewards, which you will receive in exchange for your “attention” to advertisements, will be paid out in BAT.

If you want to buy Basic Attention Token or speculate on its price changes of this cryptocurrency, here is what you need to do:

  1. Register on eToro
  2. Deposit the amount you want to invest (or open a Demo account)
  3. Select the Basic Attention Token (BAT) CFD and click Buy (as soon as possible)

Now let’s see what are the main features of BAT:

⚙️ Asset
📊 Amount of token 1,49 billions available
📋 Website
💸 Market Cap
$ 923 milions
📌 Coin/Token
🖥️ Recommended Trading platforms
eToro/ ForexTB 


We have proposed a CFD Broker to buy Basic Attention Token because, being regulated and commission-free, it is a safe and convenient choice.

Below is a list of the best cryptocurrency platforms available on the market:

Platform: etoro
Min. Deposit: 50€
License: Cysec
  • Social Trading (Copy the best)
  • Simple and intuitive
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    Platform: xtb
    Min. Deposit: 100€
    License: Cysec
  • Free demo
  • Free Course
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    Platform: iqoption
    Min. Deposit: 50€
    License: Cysec
  • Free demo without limitations
  • Minimum deposit low
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    Platform: ubrokers
    Min. Deposit: 250€
    License: Cysec
  • Free Training
  • Zero Commissions
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    Platform: trade
    Min. Deposit: 100€
    License: Cysec
  • Free demo
  • Free course trading
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    72.30% of retail CFD accounts lose money
    Platform: forextb
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    Basic Attention Token (BAT): what is it?

    The Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency that is distributed as a reward to users who voluntarily choose to watch advertisements.

    It is a new way of direct advertising, relevant to the personal tastes of the person watching it and moreover with a fee for the attention you are dedicating to it.

    We know how annoying the banners and advertisements that we are often forced to watch on the internet are. Many users do their utmost to eliminate them, they use plug-ins that block ads or other software that limits their invasiveness.

    But BAT goes above and beyond and makes ads (almost) tolerable. His philosophy is Win Win and he tries to make everyone happy.

    Companies that want to advertise know which target and how long they watch each ad and can select a very specific range. In addition, the user is rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens, so his time is given a value.

    At the base of the system is the Ethereum blockchain, which allows you to make everything automatic and foolproof.

    It all works on the Brave browser, one of the best for privacy, and BAT is used to pay both users and publishers. For this reason, the cryptocurrency is gaining value over time.

    How to buy Basic Attention Token

    The growth in BAT’s value has attracted many investors who have realized the potential of this new technology. The token will become increasingly traded and as a result its market price is set to rise.

    If you want to buy Basic Attention Token you don’t need the Brave browser and you don’t even have to put up with the advertisements. You have two much simpler ways:

    • Cryptocurrency exchanges, which are insecure and have a commission on every transaction performed
    • CFD Brokers that are safer and have no trading fees

    The shaky security of exchanges and the frequent thefts they suffer don’t make them a great choice. What’s more, CFD brokers do not charge commissions, which is a nice saving when making frequent trades.

    These brokers also have other advantages, here are the most important:

    • They have a regular license
    • They do not charge trading fees
    • You can also aim for the downside
    • There is no risk of cyber attacks
    • They offer a Demo account

    Keep in mind that brokers do not offer cryptocurrencies directly but the corresponding CFDs, which allow you to speculate on the price changes of the underlying token.

    Where to Buy Basic Attention Token

    Considering the advantages of CFD brokers over exchanges, we have found that the former are a much more advantageous option for trading online, but which ones to choose?

    First you have to select regulated intermediaries, avoiding potential scams. It is not difficult, just use brokers with CONSOB or CySEC licenses, just like those listed in this guide.

    Then look for the platform that best suits your needs. We advise you to start with the market leaders, which we have described in the following paragraphs.


    eToro is the online broker par excellence, an intermediary that has convinced over 20 million users worldwide and that has obtained various licenses issued by entities in numerous countries.

    Among these authorizations there is also that of the CONSOB, which protects European investors.

    The trading platform made available by eToro is very intuitive. Despite the simplicity with which it presents itself, it offers the main tools and indicators needed to trade online.

    There are thousands of assets available, in addition to the main cryptocurrencies, you will find stocks, indices, commodities and currencies, all negotiable without paying commissions.

    Below you can see the Basic Attention Token CFD in a screenshot of the eToro platform:

    basic attention token etoro

    How do you buy Basic Attention Token on eToro? Here are the 3 steps to follow:

    1. Register on eToro
    2. Access your real account by paying at least € 50
    3. Select the Basic Attention Token CFD and click on “Trade”
    Register for free on eToro by clicking here

    Not everyone loves “manual” trading. If you are also looking for an automatic tool, eToro offers you a truly innovative patented system.

    You will be able to copy the market operations of the most experienced traders on the platform and you will be the one to choose them. It’s called Copy Trading and it’s automatic and free.

    With one click you will replicate the results of the best eToro traders, here are some that you could copy:

    etoro copytrading

    Click here and choose which trader to copy


    ForexTB is a very popular CFD Broker in our country and with considerable popularity also internationally.

    The CySEC license confirms its high level of security and makes it extremely reliable.

    Among the services that have contributed most to making it so famous is a Trading Course that was developed with extreme care by the ForexTB team.

    It is an ebook that explains the rules behind online trading, the most profitable strategies and the indispensable tools for effective trading.

    The course is totally free, here is the official link to download it:

    Click here and download the trading course for free

    ForexTB offers two trading platforms to meet everyone’s needs:

    • Metatrader 4 is a platform with numerous tools available, which meets the needs of the most experienced traders.
    • The Web Platform is simple and accessible from any browser, without downloading any software.

    How do you buy Basic Attention Token with ForexTB? Follow these 4 steps:

    1. Register on ForexTB
    2. Choose the trading platform
    3. Log into your real account by depositing at least € 250
    4. Select the Basic Attention Token CFD and click on Buy or Sell
    Register for free on ForexTB with this link

    Basic Attention Token: how does it work?

    Unlike Spark which is distributed with an airdrop, BAT is used to pay the attention of Brave browser users who want to watch targeted ads.

    Everything is managed via blockchain and allows complete control of the ecosystem.

    The Brave browser is free, very fast and with an unmatched level of privacy. The developers have focused precisely on security and to avoid the annoying “tracking” of the sites that are opened.

    The Brave Rewards program allows browser users to sign up and receive rewards for viewing specific ads.

    As we have said, these payments are made in BAT through the Brave Micropayments Ledger, which monitors all operations.

    Who founded BAT?

    BAT was born from an idea of Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and top-notch JavaScript programmer.

    Eich worked with a team of programmers and blockchain experts to develop the project. One of them is Ian Brian Bondy, a talented engineer who worked on Firefox development.

    Also collaborating on the project was Yan Zhu, an engineer who took care of the security of the system, aiming at privacy beyond all things.

    The other team members are:

    • Scott Locklin, Blockchain Engineer responsible for Smart Contracts
    • Bradley Richter, Chief Designer, Head of Brand Brave
    • Jonathan Sampson, engineer responsible for developer relations and the Brave browser
    • Marshall Rose, chief engineer, responsible for Ledger and BAT management
    • Ankur Nandwani (formerly Coinbase)
    • Ook Zooko Wilcox, founder of Zcash
    • Greg Badros (formerly Facebook)
    • Jon Bond (formerly The Shipyard)

    BAT is a worthwhile project because everyone on the development team has focused on the goal: to improve browsing privacy and offer a reward for watching advertisements. They did not think in the slightest about the value that the token would have taken on the market, that was a consequence.

    Basic Attention Token chart

    The official launch of the Basic Attention Token was in 2017, with a very successful ICO, which attracted the attention of the crypto world, showing everyone an innovative idea that finally aimed to reward users and not just investors.

    The graph below shows the trend of BAT from its launch until today. As you can see, there is a sharp surge already in 2018, which follows the bullish wave of Bitcoin and the entire crypto market. Subsequently there was a period of laterality that lasted a couple of years, until the beginning of 2021, when the Basic Attention Token reached an all-time high of $ 1.63.

    Basic Attention Token BAT chart

    Basic Attention Token BAT Forecast

    The trend of the Basic Attention Token followed that of the crypto market, losing value in the second quarter of 2021 and then starting to grow again during the summer and constantly fluctuating, without indicating a precise direction.

    This trend shows a certain nervousness among investors, who are waiting for an explosive trend, which according to analysts will not be long in manifesting itself.

    Basic Attention Token BAT Forecast

    The attention regarding the Basic Attention Token is enormous. It is not just the token but the whole ecosystem, which, being unique, has gigantic potential and only grows and attracts new investors.

    Here are the predictions of the world’s leading cryptocurrency experts:

    • Crypto Ground predicts that the price of the Basic Attention Token could reach $ 2.68 by the end of 2025.
    • Wallet Investor made a long-term forecast for BAT, with a target price of $ 3,587 within the next 5 years.
    • Trading Beasts expects BAT to rise in value and can trade at $ 1.76 by the first quarter of 2022.
    • CoinSwich is aiming for the long term and believes that Basic Attention Token could reach $ 2.00 by 2025.
    • Digital Coin Price is very optimistic about the future of the Basic Attention Token. It expects a target of $ 2.14 by the end of 2021.

    basic attention token info


    The ecosystem on which the BAT token rotates is truly unique. Rewards users who choose to voluntarily watch advertisements through the Brave browser. In exchange for their attention, they receive tokens, which are growing in value.

    The attention around the project is constantly growing and many investors have decided to buy Basic Attention Token before its price becomes too high.

    If you are also evaluating this investment and want to follow the analysts’ forecasts, it is better that you start with a Demo account, so you can practice without taking risks. Here are the links to access for free:

    How much is a BAT token worth?

    BAT’s price fluctuates between $ 0.5 and $ 1.5 on average.

    How to get Basic Attention Token?

    You must register for Brave Rewards and watch advertisements using the internet browser of the same name.

    How to buy BAT?

    With CFD Brokers, which allow you to invest safely and without paying commissions.

    Where to buy BAT tokens?

    On eToro, a secure broker that allows you to trade without paying commissions.

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