Invest on Coronavirus [Best Securities]

Starting to invest on coronavirus means seeking financial opportunities despite the pandemic and making money even in times of crisis.

This guide aims to offer an overview of the investments that can turn this situation into an opportunity for profit.

We will show you which platforms to use to invest in a simple and cheap way, Brokers like eToro that offer online trading without commissions.

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    Is it convenient to invest on coronavirus?

    The Covid-19 pandemic that broke out at the beginning of 2020 has shocked the world from both a health and an economic point of view.

    There are many who, following the advice of the famous Baron Nathan Rothschild, the father of the Rothschild banking empire, believe that:

    The time to buy is when the blood runs in the streets

    But just as many are convinced that in times of crisis, even selling short can be very profitable.

    Regardless of the type of investment you decide to do, it is obvious that such a crisis opens up numerous investment opportunities, as in all past crises.

    The difficult thing is to take this opportunity profitably and in this guide we will try to give you some advice so as not to let it slip away.

    The most profitable financial investments are those that take into account the timing and economic situations in which you trade.

    Any stock, currency, cryptocurrency, index, etc. it can be very profitable if you enter the market at the right time. Sometimes it is not so important where you invest but when!

    The “when” is now!

    Investing in the coronavirus means riding the wave of this terrible pandemic rather than being overwhelmed, but how do you do it?

    How to invest in coronavirus

    First you have to be ready. You need to have an intermediary and a series of tools that, at the right time, allow you to invest quickly and safely.

    The best way is to use CFD brokers, they are cheap, they allow you to speculate even downwards and if chosen carefully they are extremely safe and reliable.

    How do you know if an online broker is reliable?

    Check if the broker meets these minimum requirements:

    • It must offer CFDs, contracts that allow you to invest both upwards and downwards (short selling).
    • It doesn’t have to charge commissions
    • It must have the authorization of at least one supervisory body such as CONSOB or CySEC.

    Now that we know what type of intermediary to use to invest in the coronavirus, we must choose the most suitable for this specific historical / economic moment, what are the best online trading platforms?

    Which broker to use to invest on coronavirus?

    Brokers for online trading are the intermediaries that offer trading platforms, and to choose the most suitable for a given investment you need to do some tests.

    Here’s how you can do it:

    • Sign up for the Brokers listed at the beginning of the guide (it’s free)
    • Test the free Demo accounts they make available
    • Deposit money on the platform that suits you the most

    We understand that testing the various platforms is not a walk in the park, it takes time and a lot of evaluations., has carried out numerous analyzes on the CFD brokers available on the market and on their platforms.

    We evaluated the software, services and assistance of the various brokers on the market. From these comparisons it emerged that the best trading platforms are those offered by eToro, ForexTB and

    Below you will find the reasons that led us to each choice, together with the most interesting features of each of these brokers.


    The first broker in this short list is the market leader, the most widely used trading broker in the world, with over 7 million active users.

    eToro is a reliable broker, with a CONSOB license and offers one of the most intuitive platforms on the market.

    But what makes it suitable for investing in the coronavirus and profiting from the opportunities generated by this pandemic is the automatic investment system that made it popular: Copy Trading.

    Given that with eToro you could invest up and down on any stock or asset, without paying commissions, we believe that Copy Trading offers a truly unique opportunity.

    In fact, thanks to this tool you can copy the market operations of the best investors in the world (among eToro traders), all free of charge and totally automatically.

    Let’s briefly explain how to use Copy Trading:

    • Register on eToro, it's free
    • In the People section you can choose the traders to copy, based on numerous parameters.
    • With a click, Copy Trading will copy the operations carried out by the chosen traders on your account.
    • Here you will get the same returns as these experienced traders, at no additional cost.

    But how much can you earn using Copy Trading?

    Your returns depend on those of the traders you decide to copy. In the screenshot below we see some traders you might copy, with their annual profits:

    etoro copy trading

    Click here and choose which trader to copy

    First, sign up on eToro, it costs nothing and you can evaluate the Copy Trading (and the trading platform) on the Demo account,without running any risk. If you feel comfortable, you can later switch to real trading.

    Click here to sign up for free on eToro

    To learn more, you can read our full eToro review.


    We selected this Broker because it offers a series of tools to support traders, both beginners and more experienced ones, let’s see them together.

    ForexTB is first of all a reliable broker who can count on the authorization of the CySEC, valid at European level.

    The first tool to support traders is very useful for newbies, it is in fact a Trading Course in ebook format. Thanks to this pdf you will be able to learn the basics of online trading and technical analysis, in depth and totally free.

    Click here and download the Trading Course for free

    The more experienced traders, on the other hand, particularly appreciate the operational indications that ForexTB sends for free to its investors. These are the famous Trading Signals studied by Trading Central analysts and made available to Broker users, totally free of charge. To receive these signals for free you can use the link below:

    Click here to receive free trading signals

    If you want to invest on coronavirus, speculating on stocks that can offer greater profit opportunities, you will need an adequate trading platform, with the best technical analysis indicators.

    ForexTB offers 2 to choose from, and they are both free:

    • Metatrader 4 is a very technical platform, with a series of very customizable tools and indicators.
    • The web platform is very versatile and allows access from any browser, without downloading or installing anything.
    Register for free on ForexTB by clicking here

    If you want to know more about this broker, you can read our full ForexTB review.

    The choice of the most suitable Broker to invest in the coronavirus continues with an intermediary who is very attentive to the investors’ budget.

    One of the problems that often arise when approaching investments is the capital needed to trade on the markets. has tried to limit this problem by offering the possibility to open a real trading account with only 100 Euros, a figure lower than the average of the brokers on the market.

    This too is a totally reliable intermediary, with a CONSOB license, which allows it to operate legally in Europe.

    The trading platform that this Broker provides is very advanced, with complete and fast order execution software, ideal for any type of trader.

    Try the platform for free, to meet less experienced users, has created a Trading Course in ebook format, to be downloaded for free. This is a pdf that explains in detail what online trading is but tries to avoid those incomprehensible terms that often crowd these manuals.

    Download the trading course for free by clicking here

    To learn more, you can read our full review.

    Invest Short on coronavirus

    We have shown you how to invest on coronavirus even before giving you some indication on which stocks to trade because otherwise it would have been difficult to explain the short sale.

    The CFD Brokers that we have indicated in the previous paragraphs all have a characteristic, they allow both to aim upwards and to invest downwards on a stock.

    This means that thanks to these intermediaries you can also profit from the collapse of certain stocks or markets, a great advantage in a period like this.

    The economic crisis resulting from the spread of Covid-19 has pushed several markets down and this offers numerous opportunities for downward speculation.

    The sectors most affected were travel, cinema and tourism, to name a few.

    Downside investments are different from classic investments where you buy stocks. Short selling is usually a short term trading strategy, suitable for Scalping and Intraday Trading.

    This is because usually all markets tend to recover over time, so it is dangerous to keep a downward speculation open for a long time, it could undergo a rapid reversal.

    In case there are clear signs of a reversal, a bearish strategy can easily become an excellent upside investment, don’t forget it!

    Let’s see what are the best short selling opportunities related to the coronavirus pandemic:

    Sell American Airlines shares

    American Airlines Group inc. is one of the most famous US airlines in the world.

    american airlines

    AAL security, listed on the NASDAQ of the New York Stock Exchange, suffered a terrifying meltdown in early 2020 due to the lockdown and the drastic reduction in air travel. Some analysts believe the share price will continue to drop for several months.

    As mentioned in the introduction, this stock could also quickly turn into an excellent bullish opportunity, you need to pay close attention to the turnaround that could come when the recovery begins.

    Sell Boeing Shares

    Boeing is one of the largest manufacturers of civil and military aircraft and this crisis has drastically reduced orders, especially those of airlines.

    The collapse in production led to a drastic fall in the share price which, for the main international analysts, is not yet over.

    As with the airlines, even in the case of Boeing we must pay attention to the probable trend reversal that will transform this bearish speculation into an excellent upward trend.

    Sell Exxon Mobil Shares

    Exxon Mobil is one of the largest oil companies on the planet.


    XOM shares collapsed on the stock market following the fall in the price of oil. The reduction of transport, travel and many branches of industry has reduced the consumption of oil and its derivatives.

    Exxon is currently bearish and is still considered one of the short-term stocks in the short term.

    This company is gigantic and runs no risk of bankruptcy, so you have to be ready for a turnaround. When that happens, the stock will presumably return to pre-Covid levels.

    Invest bullish on coronavirus

    Investing on coronavirus aiming upwards means betting on those stocks that have not been damaged or have even benefited from the global pandemic.

    The ones we propose are companies that are growing very rapidly but not all of them will be able to maintain this pace for a long time. It is advisable to use a very prudent strategy, with a Stop Loss that avoids losing the accumulated profit or even better a Trailing Stop.

    Buy Zoom Shares

    Zoom Video Communications is a US company that has benefited from the explosion of video conferencing, smart working, remote schooling, and all those activities that use similar platforms.

    zoom shares

    This company has been listed on the stock exchange since April 2019 but its upward trend only took off with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Analysts are predominantly bullish on this stock, both short and long term.

    Buy Microsoft Shares

    Microsoft needs no introduction, the giant founded by Bill Gates has been growing strongly for 5 years and its trend seems unstoppable.

    microsoft shares

    With distance learning and teleworking, this operating system, the most widespread in the world, has further increased its leadership.

    According to the main international analysts, the trend is strong and constant, focusing on this stock is an excellent upward investment choice.

    Invest on coronavirus with pharmaceutical stocks

    Pharmaceutical companies have almost all benefited from the outbreak of the global pandemic. People cannot give up on treatment and even in times of crisis, this sector always manages to outperform the market.

    This is not just an economic crisis but a health crisis and this has given a strong boost to some pharmaceutical companies, which are committed to solving the pandemic problem.

    Some have focused on the research and production of a vaccine, others on the treatment of the symptoms of the disease, but almost all are committed to fighting the pandemic.

    Investing in pharmaceutical companies engaged in the fight against coronavirus is an opportunity not to be missed!

    Buy Moderna Shares

    Moderna is a US pharmaceutical company very involved in the production of a vaccine against the coronavirus.

    moderna shares

    The stock is still underestimated according to the main analysts, this is the right time to aim higher, before the share price splashes away and you can no longer take advantage of it.

    Buy AstraZeneca Shares

    AstraZeneca is a Swedish and British pharmaceutical company and is in a similar situation to Moderna as far as Europe is concerned.

    The company is developing a coronavirus vaccine and is facing a fight against time to make it available as soon as possible.

    The stock is already growing strongly but still offers an attractive entry price. After the spread of the vaccine, the share price could rise significantly, at least according to major market analysts.

    invest on coronavirus


    Starting from the brokers needed to invest, we have made a roundup of the best stocks on which it is worthwhile to bet in this moment of crisis.

    If you have little trading experience, it is preferable to start with the Demo accounts offered by the brokers we have presented. This way you will practice without taking risks. When you feel ready, you can make the minimum deposit required by the broker you have chosen and really invest in the shares we have proposed.

    Here are the official links for free access to the Demo accounts of the best online brokers:

    Is investing in the time of the coronavirus worthwhile?

    Yes, there are many trading opportunities related to the coronavirus, read the guide to discover the most profitable ones.

    Which stocks to bet on with the coronavirus crisis?

    Pharmaceutical stocks are the ones that have benefited most from this crisis.

    Can you invest on the downside due to the coronavirus?

    Of course, in fact, in our guide we propose some stocks to sell short.

    How to invest on coronavirus?

    Using CFD brokers like eToro, which allow you to trade without paying commissions.

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