Iq Option Review [2021]

Is Iq Option a scam? Obviously not, on the contrary, it is one of the safest and most reliable online trading platform that are on the market. Anyway, we certainly do not blame those readers who ask if Iq Option is a scam.

Iq Option: a legit and reliable broker

With online trading, unfortunately, we saw over the years a series of scams and cheats and it is therefore not normal but also very useful to always ask ourselves if a trading platform is safe or not.

In the case of Iq Option, however, we can be very sure: it is an authorized and regulated platform, that offers the maximum possible guaranteed to all traders who decide to operate, in the financial market, with it.

Actually these traders are many, especially among beginners. The platform is considered the best way to start trading online: it is really simple and intuitive, even a beginner can start without any kind of difficulty.

Another of the fundamental strengths of Iq Option is the possibility to start with an initial capital of just 10 euros. No other online trading platform allows you to start with so little. In practice, you can start trading with Iq Option (almost) without investment! Everyone can trade online: there is no need for a high investment.

Iq Option is a completely free platform, without any type of commissions: if you want to start for free you can sign up simply by clicking here.

How Iq Option works

As we have seen, Iq Option is a reliable broker, we chose to write a review of this broker because it has so many advantages to offer users.

For example, one of the indisputable advantages of Iq Option is the minimum deposit of 10 €. This is an opportunity you cannot miss, because it gives you access to 100% of the broker’s services, without a massive economic effort. So you can try out the broker, in all of its features, before making a more substantial deposit.

With such a small capital, we can certainly cannot expect to be able to do many operations, but it is a good basis for understanding the principles of money management.

Let’s see some of the main advantages of Iq Option:

  • Minimum deposit: 10 euro
  • Free Demo account with no restrictions
  • Proprietary trading platform
  • Trading school
  • CySec regulation
  • Instant deposit and withdrawals
  • Android and iOS apps

If you want to take advantage of these features click here and sign up.

Iq Option, trading platform

Iq Option differs form its competitors right from the trading platform, in fact, it doesn’t use external trading platform (such as Mt4) but only the one developed in-house.

The main interesting aspect of the Iq Option platform is its interface, very nice to look at and very user friendly, it is suitable for any kind of technological support.

Iq Option offers a platform that is suitable for:

  • PC and Mac
  • Notebook
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

Trading with this platform is very easy. The trading charts are in real time, to facilitate technical analysis operations, and it has various tools such as: ADX, moving media, RSI, MACD and much more.

Even more important is that you can analyze 9 graphs simultaneously on the platform, an ideal condition for those traders who prefer high levels of operation and multiple assets all together.

Iq Option App

Mobile trading is the new online trading. Practically everyone prefers it as a trading method and this is why Iq Option created a Mobile platform.

You can download it from the App Stores of any provider (Android Play Store and Apple App Store). Mobile trading means always having your trading at hand and never losing sight of the market operations you do, even on the beach!

Iq Option download

For users who want the platform on their PC, it is possible to download Iq Option WebTrader for Windows PC. This is the 4.0 version of the platform which is truly advanced.

However, the platform is continuously updated in order to satisfy the users, in fact, they want that their negotiations are set up within the framework of effective and professional tools.

Here are the functions of the platform you can download to PC:

  • New bar chart function
  • Extended display time for the quotation history
  • Possibility to set expiration date of the candle chart from 1 secondo to 1 month
  • Wide range of indicators for the technical analysis

We can say that using the Desktop platform has its advantages, in this way the market order service is faster and more effective. To download the platform, just register on the website and check your account.

Click here to sign up to Iq Option!

Iq Option Account

Before registering with the broker, it is very important to evaluate the type of account you would like to open. With this broker you have two possibilities:

  • Demo account: we will shortly describe it, however we anticipiate that you can use a demo mode for simulations. The demo account is free.
  • Real account: for traders who want to start trading immediately, the real account is available once you have made a deposit.

To open an account of any type with Iq Option, click here.

Iq Option demo account

Iq Option is probably the reference platform for those who start trading online for the first time, although it must be said that a good number of experts use Iq Option for its convenience and simplicity.

Very often beginners need a long training period before they can really start making money from online trading. The only way to experience risk-free trading is through demos.

The Demo version of an online trading platform is the same as the real one, with the only difference that with demo mode you operate with virtual money. Just because you are using virtual money, you can experiment without any kind of risk. Many beginners manage to get the necessary experience just by using the demos and then go without fail when they start investing real money.

Iq Option offers one of the best demos for learning online trading. First of all, it’s a really good demo because it offers real market prices and works exactly like the real platform (unfortunately there are many demos that are useless toys that work badly and don’t even offer real prices).

Another strong point of the Iq Option demo is that it is absolutely free, unlimited and without constraints. Not all platforms are so correct: there are broker platforms hat guarantee access to the demo only to those who make cash deposit, or place limits and restrictions.

In the case of Iq Option, however, the demo is absolutely open and there are no restrictions: you can register for free by clicking here.

With Iq Option you can trade in demo for as long as you want. What is the ideal time? It doesn’t exist: there are traders who need manage to start with a few hours of demo exercise.

Iq Option deposit

Many novice traders choose Iq Option because they can start trading online by investing only a very small capital: just 10 euros.

There is no other platform that allows you to start with so little: all require at least 100 euros (and others also 250€).

With Iq Option you can start (almost) without investment and you can also get good results from a small capital. This is possible because the broker does not charge commissions.

Just to give an example, Fineco, which is one of the international trading platform that most invest in marketing, applies trading commissions for 7 euros on each operation for its clients. Even if it were possible to open an account with only 10 euros, almost all the capital would be burned in the first operation, only for commissions, regardless of whether the operation is good or bad.

In the case od Iq Option, however, you can start profitably with just 10 euros, because there are no commissions and no costs of any kind.

It is important to note that the money deposited in the account should not be considered invested money. The money is kept in segregated accounts at the most solid banking institutions and can be withdrawn at any time.

This money can be used to make transactions on the market: the capital employed on a single transaction (usually a small portion of the total capital) can be considered an investment.

For the account, you can make a deposit by using credit card, electronic payment systems such as Paypal or Skrill or bank transfer.

Iq Option withdraw

Since we have mentioned it, we want to emphasize that the withdrawal of Iq Option is one of the fastest and safest. There is usually no waste of time and online support respond to withdrawal request in real time.

This testifies, assuming that there was a need, thai Iq Option is safe and reliable platform.

How to use Iq Option

Iq Option is one of the best online trading platforms. It provides several financial instruments to extract profits from the financial markets. For traders based in Europe, the most convenient and easiest to use tool is the CFD (Contract for Difference).

The operation of CFD is very easy to understand: a CFD always has the value of another financial security, called the underlying. For example, the CFD on Amazon shares always has the value of the Amazon shares.

With CFD you can operate on the market in two directions:

  • Buy: in this case a profit is obtained in the event that the value of the underlying security increases
  • Sell Short: in this case a profit is obtained in the event that the value of the underlying security falls. To sell short you don’t have to buy before: it is a purely speculative operation!

Going back to our example of Amazon shares, if we think that the company will go even better and therefore the share price will go up then we must buy the CFD. If instead we think the results will get worse then we have to sell the CFD.

It is very important to remember that no financial security is destined to go up forever. There are always days when the price goes down and it’s really a shame not to take advantage of every price move to make money.

The advantages of using CFDs are considerable: first of all, it is possible to obtain a profit in any market condition, therefore both when the price rises and when it falls.

In addition, CFDs are a financial product that can be used without costs and without paying commissions, as long as you use an honest platform like Iq Option.

A further advantage of CFDs is the possibility of using financial leverage. In short, CFDs are a good investment, especially for those who intend to invest a very small initial capital.

Iq Option guarantees the possibility of using CFDs to trade online on many financial markets:

  • Stocks
  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Raw Material

It also provides additional, very convenient tools such as forex options.

Iq Option to trade Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most traded assets on Iq Option. We can say that it is the regulated online trading platform that provides the largest number of Cryptocurrencies: it is possible to do Crypto-trading safely, without paying commissions and above all without all the rip-offs that usually give exchanges.

Here is the complete list of Cryptocurrencies available:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • EOS
  • Binance Coin
  • Cardano
  • TRON
  • Dash
  • IOTA
  • Neo
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Nem
  • ZCash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • OmiseGo
  • Qtum
  • BitTorrent

No other legal online trading platform offers so many cryptocurrencies. It is no coincidence that many cryptocurrency enthusiasts use Iq Option! 

Take a look here

Educational tools to learn trading online

We have already explained that many novice traders decide to use Iq Option because it is very simple and because you can start trading with an initial capital of just 10 euros (if you want to start trading without investment, you can use the excellent demo platform)

Another good reason to choose Iq Option is the possibility to learn trading online thanks to hundreds of video courses that are available, completely free of charge, for all members. These video courses explain in detail how it is possible to obtain the best results with trading: they start from the basics and go up to the most complex and articulated strategies.

There are also videos dedicated to each financial asset, with a little study and commitment, truly exceptional results can be achieved.

Many neo-traders study these video courses and, at the same time, apply the notions learned in the demo mode. In this way, they are able to significantly speed up the training process and are ready to trade online with real money (without making mistakes).

Iq Option customer support

It is very important to know how to contact the assistance of your broker in case of need. Here are the numbers you can contact:

  • Cyprus: +357 25 262 010
  • Italian: +39 06 94 80 04 70
  • English: +44 20 3318 7173
  • Spanish: +34 91 198 23 55

The numbers are active from 7am to 8pm, from Monday to Friday. Of course, tickets are also available on the platform or on the chat-line.

Iq Option Opinions

According to users and experts, as a final opinion, we can say that surely Iq Option is one of the best broker platform for online trading on the market.

Thanks to a starting investment of just 10 €, the doors of this broker are truly open to anyone who wants to experience the emotions of a true trader.

Just by reading the reviews on internet you will immediately understand what is Iq Option. The reputation of a broker speaks volume about its degree of reliability and the quality of service offered.

Above all, what comes out from reading the reviews is that it is a very simple and user friendly broker to use. The functions are simplified, you can use this platform in a professional way.

In addition, the broker makes it clear that it really cares about the users, it offers an unlimited demo account and many information resources that help understand how financial market work.

Here is a summary of the broker’s reality and services:

  • Foundation year: 2013
  • Regulated by: Cysec
  • Registered office: Cyprus
  • Platform: Proprietary
  • Types of markets: 77
  • Account currency: Dollar, Euro
  • Demo account: Free
  • Minimum deposit: $ 10
  • Minimum trade: 1 $
  • Minimum withdrawal: $ 2
  • Types of deposit or withdrawal: debit or credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, wire transfer
  • Languages: Italian, English and 10 others
  • App: iOS, Android


Iq Option is not a scam, on the contrary, it is one of the safest and most reliable online trading platforms. Over the years, it has always shown a great fairness towards traders, going well beyond what the current legislation requires.

It is also a very simple and user friendly platform to use, even for those who really start from scratch. Finally, you can start with an initial investment of just 10 euros, the minimum of all online trading platforms.

Finally, it is important to remember that it is a 100% free platform, without costs nor commissions. It can be used without limits in demo mode.

You can sign up for free on Iq Option by clicking here.
Is Iq Option a reliable Broker?

Yes, it is a regulated and safe broker, it operates in the EU. Specifically, it has the CySec license License no. 274/14.

Is Iq Option regulated by Consob?

Yes, this platform complies with all safety standards and has the Consob license with registration number 0008204/15.

How high is the minimum deposit of Iq Option?

One of the main features of the Broker is the extremely low minimum deposit: € 10.

Does Iq Option have a Demo version?

Yes, it is possible to download a Demo version of the platforms at no cost.

Is it possible to trade Bitcoin on Iq Option?

Yes, this broker for years has allowed us to speculate on cryptocurrencies in a professional and safe way.

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