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Is a scam? This is a good question that anyone starting to trade with a new broker should ask themselves.

Unfortunately, in recent years, there have been numerous scams associated with online trading. The great popularity of this type of investment has created fertile ground for unscrupulous scammers, who have promoted absolutely incorrect brokers. Thousands of aspiring traders have been scammed.

In the case of we can be sure: it is an authorized and regulated online trading broker, therefore it is able to provide any type of guarantee for its customers. is completely free and does not charge any commissions: you can register by clicking here. to trade forex and bitcoin

The platform belongs to the financial group Lead Capital Markets Ltd. The broker is regulated by CySec, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, with license number 227/14.

This means that not only that is not a scam (it should be clear by now) but that it is a safe and reliable broker.

With the online trading platform it is possible to trade, without commissions, nor any type of costs, on the following financial assets:

  • Forex
  • Raw material
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • ETF
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc..)

It is one of the most complete brokers since it allows you to speculate on more than 2.000 assets, including government bonds from many countries.

The reputation of is truly excellent: customers appreciate its security and reliability, but also its great ease of use, the possibility of free access to educational tools, such as trading courses and video curses, and direct phone assistance from a true trading expert.

This last aspect is really important for those who start trading online from scratch, they are guided (if they want) step by step, with precise indications that help avoid all the mistakes that beginners usually make.

How works is a broker that works with Contracts for Difference (abbreviated  as CFD). The operation of CFDs is very simple. The value of a CFD depends on another financial asset, called the underlying asset.

The platform offers CFDs with more than 2.000 underlying assets, including Forex currency pairs, all major stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, government bonds and ETFs.

With CFDs is is possible to buy a financial asset to obtain a profit in the event that its value grows or sell it in short to obtain a profit in case the price drops.

In practice, with CFDs, it is possible to make money from any financial asset, whatever the movement of the price. The profit is proportional to the difference between the price when the operation starts and that when the operation closes. It is possible to further multiply the profit obtained by applying financial leverage.

CFDs offer numerous advantages to traders:

  • Make money however the market goes (up or down)
  • Operate without commission, no costs are charged (with brokers like
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Financial leverage can be used is one of the best online trading broker platform to operate with CFD on all major financial markets.

Online trading platform offers its clients 2 trading platforms for free: WebTrader, with more than 2000 assets available for online trading, or the classic Metatrader, where 300 assets are available.

The trader can choose, based on his needs and his level of preparation, which platform to use.

While Metatrader is particularly popular with experienced traders, beginners are usually better off with WebTrader, as it is incredibly easy and intuitive. This, combined with phone support from real trading experts, makes a perfect broker for those who just start trading on the markets.

Learn trading online with

Beginner who sign up on have a grate opportunity to learn online trading. As soon as they are registered (registration is completely free) they have access to both the Metatrader platform and WebTrader.

The newly registered receives (if they wants) phone support from a real trading expert. This is a winning opportunity, because it allows you to understand in depth not only how works, but also, more generally, how you make money with online trading.

Thanks to the precise indications, the trader can start immediately without errors. If you need to deepen your knowledge of online trading, you can access to great educational tools in a large training area. offers an impressive series of videos that explain, really well, how to trade and how to make profits. The video courses are available for free for all those who sign up, you can request free access by clicking here.

Why are these video courses so popular with traders? First of all, because are completely free, many trading courses, today, are paid and often they are not even that good.

Secondly, these are very practice-oriented video courses: they explain, in a practical way, how you make money with online trading.

Finally, there is no complex technical terminology and therefore can be understood 100% from those who son’t know anything about online trading. Indeed, they are perfect for those who start from scratch and want to quickly become a trading expert. In short, offers an ideal solution for those who want to start playing with the stock market.

Free Demo account

Another key benefits of is the possibility to open a free demo account. Operating with demo mode is really fundamental for beginners because you can experiment with trading techniques and strategies without any kind of risk.

In any case, trying the trading platform to understand how it works is important for everyone, not just for beginners.

In the case of, the demo mode is unlimited, without any kind of constraint and, of course, completely free. It is truly a valuable tool that helps beginner traders improve more and more.

One of the most profitable methods to use the demo is to combine it with the study of free video courses: in this way you can immediately apply what you learn, always without risk.

You can try the Demo mode here.


Not only is not a scam, but it is an authorized and regulated CFD broker that offers the possibility to trade securely on a large number of financial assets, such as government bonds, forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs. is the perfect solution both for those who start from scratch and for those who already have Trading experience. Among the exclusive benefits that all members can enjoy are: phone support from a real expert, free video courses and access to the Trading Central reports.

You can sign up for free on by clicking here.
Is a scam?

Not at all, it is a CySec certified broker with license number 227/14. Hence, extremely safe to invest.

Does have a demo version?

Yes, it will be possible to request it for free after completing the registration.

How high is the minimum deposit for

The minimum deposit required is € 100.

How many assets are there on

There are over 2,000 Assets on this platform, including stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

Does have CFD contracts?

Yes, all its assets are negotiable with free CFDs and no fixed costs.

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