Global.TradeATF Review: Broker with customised services

Global.TradeATF, popularly known as Trade ATF, is a subsidiary of Bayline Global World Limited. The company has a registered office in Edinburgh, England. It also has a registration with the name Bayline Capital Limited. 

The brokerage firm has been in the market for a while. It is creating buzz through activities and services in different financial markets. The company aims to offer endless opportunities to its clients by providing them with the widest of choices and instant notifications. Besides, the broker wants to initiate stewardship and keep a track on the needs of clients.


  • There are more than 10000 markets to trade.
  • There are over 700 plus assets and instruments to choose for trading.
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • Minimum execution speed: 0.04 sec
  • Spreads start from 0.3 pips


Bayline Global world limited is the owner of the Global.TradeATF. It has registered offices in Belize and the United Kingdom and is regulated by their respective regulating authorities. The company most lately bagged a few awards for its exceptional performance and services in the financial market. It got the best CFD broker in Latam, 2020, which speaks volumes about its tall stature as a service provider.

Types of accounts on Global.TradeATF

For the personalised experience of market players and its client, the broker has customised three types of account that take care of customer’s requirement of trading. They most likely fit the needs of every investor, from inexperienced to a professional one.

Silver, Gold and Platinum are three legitimate options that a trader can use for buying, selling and bidding of myriad assets and instruments. Additionally, there is an Islamic Account, which breaks the barriers of religion and offers equal opportunities to traders of every faith.

The broker entertains the law-abiding requests by every faith and customises things in the best interest of users.

Silver Account

The account is for people who are in the process of acquiring information from the market. They are assumed to be learning about the specifics of investments, capital and different dimensions of financial services. Also, trading on this account gives a bit of a background check regarding the market specifics and its patterns.

It has appropriate conditions and features that assist newbie traders with their limited funds and help them gain confidence besides reasonable return on investments.

Some specifics are:

  • Maximum leverage is 1:30 considering risk factors and their management. Initially, chances of losing money are high for inexperience often get lured by the glitz and glamour of the financial market. Keeping that in mind, a cap on leverage is a welcome step.
  • Minimum spreads: 0.07. It is reasonably suitable for a beginner
  • Clients can choose from more than seven hundred assets, which is plenty for anyone irrespective of experience.
  • There are no limits for deposits by a trader in this account. In comparison to other brokers, it is a welcome move by the firm that provides a broader scope for understanding the market and earning money.
  • No commission is charged for users, which takes away extra pressures from their shoulders and allows them to make more investments.
  • Available base currencies: EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD and many more.
  • The execution mode is NDD here.
  • Average execution speed is 0.08, which is acceptable considering the account specifics and users’ experience.
  • A margin call is 100 per cent.
  • Stop out is thirty per cent.
  • Alerts are not available.
  • Swap discount can be availed by users.
  • Fifth decimal is applicable for the account users.
  • Free VPS facility is unavailable.
  • A personal manager is not there.
  • Access to videos & webinars not there on this account
  • Hedging is available
  • Customer support is available between 10 AM to 8 PM.

Leverage exclusively for Professional clients

These are strictly for professional traders who are using Silver Account for settling their quest of trading

Stocks: 1:20

Indices: 1:50

Metals: 1:50

Foreign currency exchange: 1:200

Commodities: 1:50

Spreads in Silver

Account The account is exhibiting some of the lowest spreads in this category and for the users.

EUR/USD : 2.2

Dax : 2

Gold : 0.59

AUD/USD : 2.8

Crude oil : 0.07

NZD/USD : 3.1

USD/JPY : 2.3

USD/CHF : 2.6

EUR/GBP : 2.6

USD/CAD : 2.9

GBP/USD : 2.8


Even experienced traders who do not want to explore features and wish to keep things under control without getting lured by the greed of huge profits, the account is a perfect choice.

Gold Account

Gold represents prosperity, and it has been a mark of richness and opulence for aeons. The account states a similar stage for its users, gold standard options and features. It has some exclusively added characteristics compared to the Silver Account, which serves the requirement of distinguishing customers who are looking for bigger margins, leverage and profits.

There are better conditions for complex financial derivatives, nuanced flexibility, and improved tools and indicators.

Features of Gold Account:

  • Similar to the Silver Account, market players do not have to pay any commission for trading and transactions, which takes away the burden of shelling extra funds on the periphery and anonymous charges.
  • There are no limits for depositing the money, which opens the door of experimentation for traders, and they can invest in multiple assets, buy different lots and amounts of instruments at a time. However, the investment may vary, but people at least have the option to spend as much their pocket allows.
  • The average execution speed here is 0.05 seconds, that is quick and in no time bids for selling and buying an asset or instrument take place.
  • Execution model here is NDD.
  • Account currency used here is the US dollar.
  • Margin call is hundred per cent
  • Stop-out is thirty per cent
  • Available base currencies:- EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD and many more
  • Traders have an option of more than seven hundred and fifty assets for selection
  • Spreads start from 0.05, which is reasonably good for the Gold Account holders
  • The leverage oscillates around 1:400 to 1:500 (for professional traders)
  • The account does not boast of free VPS
  • It does not have a news alert option.
  • There is a swap discount of twenty-five per cent available for account holders
  • Hedging can be used to average and lessen the burden of losses.
  • Fifth decimal is allowed here.
  • People can access videos and webinars for expanding the parameters of their thoughts in trading.
  • Islamic option is present which maintains secular credentials and include people of every faith in trading.
  • People can get in touch with customer care executives between 10 AM to 8 PM.

Leverage exclusively for Professional clients

The leverage here is twice compared to the Silver Account. Any professional trader who seeks services regularly through this account has the perks of availing better leveraging.

Stocks: 1:40

Indices: 1:100

Metals: 1:100

Foreign currency exchange: 1:400

Commodities: 1:100

Spreads in Gold Account

The account is exhibiting some of the lowest spreads in this category and for the users.

EUR/USD : 1.3

Dax : 1.5

Gold : 0.48

AUD/USD : 1.8

Crude oil : 0.05

NZD/USD : 2.1

USD/JPY : 1.5

USD/CHF : 1.6

EUR/GBP : 1.6

USD/CAD : 1.9



The spreads have gotten better in the Gold Account in comparison to the Silver Account. Users using their services are equipped and have a deeper understanding of the financial market.

Platinum Account

The account belongs to those who want to step out of their comfort zone and rear for more benefits with added advantages using advanced technology and better exposure. It is the best opportunity available to traders for expanding their portfolio with heightened leveraging, swap discount and luxurious outing.

Here the trading conditions are vast and significant than Gold Account; the purview is bigger, and scale is larger, which sets enough scope for investing a huge chunk in myriad instruments and assets. It provides unparalleled services with investment commitments.

Here are some features:

  • It uses three account currency as opposed to one on Silver and Gold Accounts, which extends the horizons for learned market players. GBP and EUR are other currencies apart from the conventional USD.
  • Execution models are also plenty here that include MT4 Cent, MT4NDD, MT4 Fixed and MT4NCC.
  • The average executing speed for trading assets is 0.05 seconds, which is quicker than one can imagine.
  • Spreads here are at its lowest that starts from 0.03. It offers an extra benefit to traders of the Platinum Account.
  • Free VPS is available to users.
  • There are news alerts on regular intervals that provide essential tips and ideas for traders.
  • The margin call here is standard like other accounts, which is a hundred per cent.
  • Likewise, the stop-out is as usual as thirty per cent here.
  • Swap discount here is fifty per cent, which is twice available on the Gold Account.
  • There are no commissions applied on this account as well, which leaves market players with some more funds for investment.
  • No deposit limits are icing on the cake where market players do not have think about the limitations of their investments.
  • Maximum leverage here is 1:400 (it is even more for professional traders).
  • Five days a week and twenty-four hours a day, people can contact the customer care from Monday- Friday through different means of communication when some problem persists.
  • Available base currencies:- EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD and many more
  • Availability of fifth decimal
  • A personal manager is provided to the account holders.

Islamic option is available for people following the path of Islam. The option adheres to their values and provides them with solutions that can come handy while trading.

Leverage exclusively for Professional clients on Gold Account

Compared to other existing accounts, leverage for professional customers is higher on this account, for they are considered sharper, experienced and smarter than other traders. They have the ability to grasp pressure and use it to their advantage.

Stocks: 1:50

Indices: 1:125

Metals: 1:125

Foreign currency exchange: 1:400

Commodities: 1:125

Spreads on Platinum Account

The account is exhibiting some of the lowest spreads in this category and for the users.

EUR/USD : 0.7

Dax : 1

Gold : 0.37

AUD/USD : 1.1

Crude oil : 0.05

NZD/USD : 1.4

USD/JPY : 0.8

USD/CHF : 0.9

EUR/GBP : 0.9

USD/CAD : 1.2

GBP/USD : 1.3


The spreads on this account are remarkably low, which pushes traders to go with their last penny for making bigger profits.

Additional Islamic Account

  • No commission required
  • No time limit for position holding
  • Unique trading condition available
  • There no hidden cost for traders
  • No swap charges or interest applied on overnight positions
  • Spreads are consistent here.
  • Dedicated support manager for 24/5
  • Trading platforms are accessible instantly

Free demo account

The demo account on Global.TradeATF offers all conditions, options, features, tools and environment along with digital currency replicas that is required in trading. It poses similar difficulties and bargains reactions that help in transactions later on to a trader. Also, there are no charges for seeking its services.

Trading platforms on Global.TradeATF

WebTrader is coupled with features of MetaTrader4 here, one of the top platforms used globally and renowned for its exquisite features.

  • Instantly access more than ten thousand markets
  • More than thirty plus analytical tools
  • One-click trading option
  • No need to download extra files
  • Cross-platform trading

Mobile trading platform

It is potentially one of the effective ways to remain connected with the financial market even during commuting constantly moving from one place to the other. The MetaTrader4 mobile platform is quite effective and efficient for users. They can avail every feature of a desktop.
Markets and products for trading on Global.TradeATF There are ten thousand markets available through the broker. Here are the products:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • Metals
  • Commodities
  • Forex

Account opening on Trade ATF

Opening an account on the broker is easiest and hassle-free. It takes accomplishment of four simple steps for initiating trading.

  • Account section: Mention full name, email, password, phone number, and select the two brackets below.
  • Then the trader is redirected to the information section, provide all important details there.
  • After that make a minimum deposit for starting the trade.
  • Provide the documents and complete the registration.

Commissions and fees

There are none from the broker’s side, which is a matter of big relaxation.
Deposit and Withdrawal Here are some options available for funds (deposit and withdrawal)

  • VPay
  • Visa
  • Skrill
  • Maestro
  • Neteller

Leverage on Trade ATF

It is 1:400 for normal traders and 1:500 for professional ones

Is Global.TradeATF safe or scam?

The broker is operated by Bayline Global World Limited with the registration number SC517838 in the UK.

In Belize, they are registered with a number: 136374 and regulated by IFSC. The license number is 000188/91.

Hence, it is completely safe, sound and secure for trading.

Pros and cons of Trade ATF

  • Award-winning broker
  • No fees or commission
  • Registered at multiple places
  • Less spreads


There are none

Research on Global.TradeATF

  • Economic calendar
  • Report season calendar

These two elements are highly used for research purpose and studying the financial market.

Customer Service

  • It has a live chat support
  • Can be contacted on
  • Contact through correspondence


Global.TradeATF packs all the pearls that a trader would require. With no extra or hidden charges and different types of account for selections, it makes the broker investors’ favourite. Plus, it sponsors one of the world’s best soccer teams, Argentina. It sponsors them digitally and takes pride to represent Lionel Messi. The spreads are lower and leverages are higher here. Additionally, with new functionality, the broker is becoming better than before.


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