Investous Review [2022]

Is Investous a scam or a legit and reliable online trading platform? In recent times, this trading platform has become increasingly popular and thousands of investors are trying it out.

Since that with online trading we saw, in recent years, an impressive amount of scams of all kinds, it is normal to ask whether Investous is also a scam.

Well, we can say that not only Investous is not a scam, but it is also one of the most reliable and safest platforms available today for the trading investors.

If this is not enough, it is also one of the most convenient since it has not costs or commissions of any kind and has particularly advantageous spreads. In addition, it is also very simple to use, even for a beginner.

In this full review of Investous we will see, in detail, what are the strengths if this online trading platform.

You can sign un for free on Investous by clicking here

Investous: how it works

The characteristic of the Broker is its simplicity, the platform is user friendly and it has a perfectly understandable interface. Its strengths are immediately clear and all the main features are listed on the Home Page.

In more detail, the first important thing is its regulation. In fact, Investous is an absolutely safe and certified platform, registered with CySec with license number 267/15.

The registration process is easy and quick, once registered you can choose whether to practice on the Demo mode or to start directly on the Real account. In both cases, we operate on Metatrader 4, a functional platform and much loved by Traders of all types.

Those who wish to train before starting to operate can count on excellent educational tools, like structured Video On Demand, in order to provide a complete and exhaustive picture of the basics of technical and operational analysis.

For any problem or request for assistance, there is an international customer service ready to answer all your questions or issues; in short, the Trader is never left alone.

Already simply from these paragraphs you can understand how Investous is a platform with all the main features that an excellent broker platform for trading online should have. It is therefore a very valid choice for Trading, suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Now, let’s analyze its characteristics more specifically.

Register to Investous and start trading online without commissions

Investous account: how to use

This online trading platform, in order to meet everyone’s needs, offers four types of Accounts:

  • Basic
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • VIP

Basic account

The “Basic” version is certainly widely used. You start with a minimum deposit of 250 $ and you have all the best services offered by Investous.

With this account you have:

  • Daily assistance
  • Competitive Spreads
  • Trading Signals

In short, it is possible to live a complete and profitable investment experience.

Gold and Platinum Accounts

These types of account are essentially reserved for professionals of online trading. With these accounts, in addition to the previous “basic” benefits, you have:

  • Lower Spreads
  • Operational Support

The aim of Operational Support is to improve the operability of the Trader, through Webinars and specific teaching materials.

VIP Account

The last option, the VIP account, is a practical choice by advanced investors defined as “Professional”. There will therefore be the advantage of operating on an extremely professional account, with:

  • Spreads far below the market average
  • 1:400 financial leverage

The exclusive financial leverage is reserved for Professionals.

So, the Investous offer is really well structured and able to meet everyone’s needs! Those who start from scratch will certainly find it convenient to start trading with only 250 $ on a professional Metatrader and with all the trading indicators for technical analysis.

Register here to open the Basic account on Investous

Investous: Trading Signals

One of the common characteristics to all four types of accounts on this broker is undoubtedly the Trading Signals service. From the Basic account to the VIP, these signals are available to Investous customers free of charge and at no extra cost.

What are trading signals? Expert analysts, with years of experience in the markets, work every day from their Desk to study the market and the available Assets. When a good buy or sell opportunity is detected (while operating with CFDs), the signal is sent in real time to the Trader. Consequently, it will be possible to choose whether to enter the market immediately or not.

In other words, thanks to Investous, there are real professionals, in the sector of financial market, who work together  with the trader in order to help him operate in the most profitable way possible. In addition, these signals have a closed profit trade rate of over 70%. It is a very high figure! Being able to rely on a service of this quality, without additional costs, is really a great strength for Investous Traders.

This service is carried out in collaboration with Trading Central, a company active in the field of research and technical analysis on the financial markets.

Request the Trading Signals on this Link for free. 

Investous: learn trading online

When we say that Investous is particularly suitable for first-time Traders, we mean that it gives interesting educational tools. In fact, Investous has an educational section on its Home Page. It is structured in a simple and clear way, it allows Traders to study the markets thanks to a first class teaching material.

In addition to the technical terms Glossary there are technical and fundamental analysis that are studied in greater deep. But, the real strength is represented by VODs, an acronym for Video On Demand. These are courses taught graphically on all the basics topics of trading; a complete vision of the VOD will also allow beginners to be able to operate on the markets with criteria. 

Today, quality brokers differ from others by offering excellent services such as a well-made training section. Investous does not disappoint and, thanks to this service, it continues to earn points.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that all the information contained in the VOD can be applied immediately through the Demo account. The combination of the two aspects (theory + practice on Demo) is truly a winning aspect for the outcome of each trader’s career.

The Demo account on Investous is free and has no limits, so it will be possible to study calmly and deepen the most interesting aspects. All this, accompanied by a practice out on the markets in real time.

Open your free Demo account on Investous here.


What we have reviewed is a high-quality platform with first-rate services in every respect.

Investous has the best platform to operate (the Metatrader), a quality educational section, a free Demo account and a “Basic” option to start investing with only 250 $.

Few brokers can boast these qualities simultaneously. Without forgetting, of course, that we are talking about a platform regulated at European level by CySec, therefore extremely reliable and secure. 

To start testing it first hand, just click on the link below to download the free demo:

Register on Investous and download the Metatrader Demo.
Is Investous a legit trading platform?

Yes of course, it is a reliable company certified by CySec with license number 267/15

Which platform does Investous have?

This broker allows you to operate with Metatrader, the most loved and used platform by traders all over the world.

How many assets are on Investous?

On Investous there are hundreds od tradable Assets, above all: stocks, indices, forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Does Investous charge fixed commissions?

No, since it operates with CFD contracts, there are no fixed commissions for any of the Assets presents on the platform.

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  1. Yeray Marcos says

    There are several parameters that my trust is based on:
    – CySEC regulation. It guarantees my funds are segregated and insured if I choose to keep trading with this broker.
    – the quotes have shown to come from a reliable source. They don’t differ from the sections that we can see in other open sources. No spikes, no significant discrepancies with other quotes sources.
    – excellent executions. No slippages, no delays.
    – withdrawals are flawless. Bank wire withdrawal takes 2-3 days.
    My personal experience with the Investous shows that this is a reliable, regulated company. I can also point out that managers here are delightful to deal with it 🙂

  2. Rodrigo Bernabe says

    I know Investous has a mobile trading app which is available for iPhone and Android.
    I also know that this platform provides most of the capabilities that are used in the computer version, including mobile charting, account administration. I am very interested if the mobile version has a live chat and the ability to trade in one click?

  3. Adelbert Graf says

    I chose this broker because its web platform suits me as a scalper. In my opinion, it outperforms Metatrader in terms of convenience. To be exact, it allows to quickly shift from one asset to another. Unlike Metatrader, where I need to open an asset’s chart with one more click, here I can do with a single click and I change assets as fast as I can click my mouse. So, I can scalp fast on this platform.

  4. Carlos Monteiro says

    Investous is one of the best brokers for me. For all the time that I trade in forex, I have worked with two companies – one of them was Investous, and accounts were opened in parallel. The latter suits me much more, there are no such problems as with the other broker. Currently, the account is open only with Investous. The platform works without jambs, and even in a highly volatile market, I have not seen any nightmarish requotes. Therefore Investous is the best choice for me!

  5. Nicolas Sattler says

    Forex trading is very difficult. That’s true. Perhaps someone thinks differently and I’m happy for you if that’s your case. I like Investous because it’s easier to trade. There is a lot of useful information on the site, and the MT4 trading platform has all the necessary tools for analysis. The main thing is to constantly learn and improve your skill. I have traded an Investous demo account and now I want to open a real account. Tell me, what is the withdrawal of money? What methods are there?

  6. Support-Investous says

    Dear Yeray,
    We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with our Brand. Thank you for keeping us posted and for choosing us as your trusted Broker and hope that you continue enjoying trading with Investous.

  7. Support-Investous says

    Dear Rodrigo,
    Thank you for your review. If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to send us an email to

    Thank you.

  8. Support-Investous says

    Dear Adelbert,
    We are very happy with your positive comment regarding our Platform.

    Thank you very much!

  9. Support-Investous says

    Dear Carlos,
    Thank you for taking the time to leave us this positive review. We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and hope that you continue enjoying trading with Investous. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted broker!

  10. Support-Investous says

    Dear Nicolas,
    Thank you for your review. If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to send us an email to

    Thank you.

  11. Léo Pesquet says

    I opened a Basic account here and I’m quite satisfied with the execution. I heard that it’s fast enough and I saw that it’s true. Good execution is crucial for my intensive trading because nothing should prevent me from opening as many trades as I plan.

  12. Kelton Jenkins says

    A very interesting company and provides great opportunities. I liked cryptocurrency and decided that I would make money like that. Investous provides this opportunity. Nowadays there are many ways to make money and you don’t need to invent or create something for this. There is a financial market and you can just learn to trade.
    I opened an Investous demo account. This is a great chance to learn the MT4 trading platform and all trading assets:
    – currency pairs;
    – cryptos:
    – stocks;
    – indices;
    – metals, etc. ..
    I realized that this is a great opportunity and I need to use it!
    I’m wondering what is the minimum deposit I need to start trading with ??

  13. Emil Fuchs says

    Practice shows that the deposit and withdrawal methods provided by the developers of the trading platform Investous are fully satisfied both beginners and experienced traders.
    Methods for deposit/withdrawal of funds at Investous broker are such as Visa, Master card, Bank wire, Skrill, Neteller and some other e-wallets.
    Regarding the withdrawal fees, I can say that the credit card fee is 5%, electronic payment fees of 2 percent, wire transfer fees of 35 USD/EUR/GBP.

  14. Renars Jansons says

    I also want to say about the ease of use and registration of an Investous trading account. I think that this broker is made for people who do not understand anything about CFD trading and therefore everything is done simply. I liked that there is an MT4 trading platform. This is a very popular software for professional traders. This shows the high level of this broker, so if you decide to open an Investous demo account, you can trade here for longer.
    By the way, it’s great that the minimum deposit here is only $ 250.

  15. Support -Investous says

    Dear Kelton,
    We are glad that you are satisfied with our services. Thank you for keeping us posted and for the wonderful review!

  16. Support -Investous says

    Dear Emil,
    Thanks for taking the time to provide your positive feedback. We are really happy to hear that a long time valued client like you have been satisfied with our products and services.

  17. Support -Investous says

    Dear Leo,
    Thank you for your positive feedback and for choosing Investous as your trusted broker.

  18. Support -Investous says

    Dear Renars,
    Thank you for your positive feedback and for keeping us posted!

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