Buy Bitcoin with PayPal: how to buy Bitcoin easily

Published: February 17, 2021 by Andrew

In order to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal it is necessary:

  • Have a working PayPal Cash Account
  • Go to the Crypto section of the Menu
  • Select the Bitcoin item
  • Have at least 1 euro available on your PayPal account

Paypal, one of the most popular electronic payment tools in the world, has recently introduced the possibility of buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash in a simple way.

Too good to be true? There is actually a catch (or rather more than one). The first problem is that today only users residing in the USA can actually buy Bitcoin with Paypal.

For those residing in Europe, however, it is not yet possible, probably for legal reasons: Europe has a more complex and cumbersome regulatory system and therefore the news takes longer to arrive.

In any case, we expect that sooner or later it will be possible to buy Bitcoin with Paypal. In any case, even when this happens, Paypal will never be the ideal option to buy Bitcoin for investment purposes for two main reasons:

  1. PayPal charges heavy fees
  2. With Paypal it is possible to buy Bitcoins but there are no tools to invest efficiently

For those who want to invest in Bitcoin using Paypal anyway, there is still a risk-free solution that also allows you to not pay commissions: use cryptocurrency platforms that accept PayPal and use the deposited funds to buy or sell Bitcoin.

In this guide we explain just how to invest in Bitcoin using Paypal without paying commissions and obviously without any risk. We also feature reviews of some of the best platforms to buy Bitcoin, such as eToro.

Why do we mention eToro right away? Because it not only allows you to buy BTC using Paypal but also allows you to invest in all major cryptocurrencies (and also in traditional financial assets) simply by copying the best investors in the world.

In this way, even a beginner can immediately obtain the same results as a professional investor. And, if he wants, he can even learn to invest just by observing live what the best professionals do.

You can sign up for free on eToro by clicking here

How to buy Bitcoin with PayPal as investment

It is good to make a clarification: in this guide we focus on the purchase of investment Bitcoins: the objective of the operation is to obtain a financial profit.

There are platforms for investing in cryptocurrencies using PayPal that have numerous advantages over using PayPal.

First of all, they were born from the beginning as trading platforms for investing in the financial markets. They were initially used to invest in traditional securities (such as stocks) but have long since begun to offer their members the possibility of investing in cryptocurrencies.

To understand the importance of this point, just remember that Paypal also allows you to buy any currency in the world, but those who want to invest in currencies certainly do not use PayPal but specialized forex brokers.

Secondly, these platforms are completely free and do not charge any type of commission while Paypal is particularly expensive in terms of commissions.

Thirdly, with investment platforms it is possible not only to buy Bitcoin but also to sell it short. Short selling is a speculative operation that generates a profit when the price of a financial security falls.

In practice, those who have the intelligence to use real investment platforms that accept PayPal have the ability to always earn, in any way Bitcoin moves.

Finally, it is obvious to remember that PayPal does not yet allow users residing in Europe to buy Bitcoins directly.

The best investment platforms, on the other hand, are not only open to all those residing in Europe but are also regulated and authorized as financial intermediaries and therefore are under the careful supervision of the control bodies. This means that they offer much more guarantees to the user.

We can summarize the advantages of using the best investment platforms to buy Bitcoin using Paypal instead of Paypal directly:

  1. They are made for investing
  2. They do not charge commissions and have no costs
  3. They are also accessible to residents of Europe
  4. They allow you to make a profit even when the value of Bitcoin falls with short selling

Best Platforms to buy Bitcoin

So far we have described, in general terms, the advantages of using the best investment platforms instead of Paypal to buy Bitcoin.

We have selected some of the best platforms to invest, which allow you to buy Bitcoin using Paypal. Obviously, those who want have the option of using bank transfer, credit card or many other electronic payment systems.

To make our selection, we aimed at investing platforms that are easy to use, even for beginners, that don’t charge fees and are safe.

Platform: etoro
Min. Deposit: 50€
License: Cysec
  • Social Trading (Copy the best)
  • Simple and intuitive
  • ➥ Start
    1star 1star 1star 1star 1star
    Platform: xtb
    Min. Deposit: 100€
    License: Cysec
  • Free demo
  • Whatsapp Group
  • ➥ Start
    1star 1star 1star 1star 1star
    Platform: iqoption
    Min. Deposit: 10€
    License: Cysec
  • Free demo without limitations
  • Minimum deposit low
  • ➥ Start
    1star 1star 1star 1star 1star
    Platform: ubrokers
    Min. Deposit: 250€
    License: Cysec
  • Free Training
  • Zero Commissions
  • ➥ Start
    1star 1star 1star 1star 1star
    Platform: trade
    Min. Deposit: 100€
    License: Cysec
  • Free demo
  • Free course trading
  • ➥ Start
    1star 1star 1star 1star 1star
    72.30% of retail CFD accounts lose money
    Platform: forextb
    Min. Deposit: 250€
    License: Cysec
  • Free trading course
  • Free trading signals
  • ➥ Start
    1star 1star 1star 1star 1star


    eToro is regarded as one of the best investment platforms for beginners. It is no coincidence that it has over 16 million satisfied customers.

    Why so successful? First of all because it is very intuitive and commission-free. The main advantage of eToro is another: it allows you to copy, in a completely automatic way, what the best investors in the world do.

    How is it possible? Thanks to an innovative software it is possible to find the investors who in the past have obtained the greatest profits with the least risk.

    Indeed, the user has the ability to control many other parameters, from preferred markets to risk appetite, but usually the profits obtained in the past are more than enough.

    The user of eToro therefore has the possibility to indicate to the software which professional investors he wants to copy. The software will take care of replicating all the operations done in real time.

    You can sign up for free at eToro by clicking here

    How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal using eToro

    eToro is one of the best investment platforms in the world. After free registration, you can use it with a demo account or with a real account.

    Those who use the demo account do not have to make any deposits: they can immediately start investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or shares using virtual money. It is an excellent opportunity to gain investment experience.

    Those who want to get serious can make a deposit using Paypal, credit cards, bank transfer and many other payment systems. The money deposited in the eToro account remains the property of the investor who can do whatever he wants with it (even request it immediately back if he wants).

    With the money deposited in the account, the eToro user can buy Bitcoin or thousands of other financial securities of all kinds.

    The user can also decide to automatically copy other investors, obviously chosen from among the best in the world.

    You can sign up for free on eToro by clicking here


    ForexTB is the other great option for those who want to buy Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, stocks and many other financial stocks for investment purposes without making a mistake, even if they are really starting from scratch.

    ForexTB is very simple to use, even for a beginner, it is safe and does not charge commissions (zero costs).

    All ForexTB members are assisted on the phone by a true cryptocurrency and investment expert who provides precise information. Whoever follows the advice is not wrong.

    Those who want to learn more have the opportunity to download one of the best financial investment guides available today for free (it has had hundreds of thousands of downloads).

    This guide explains in detail how to invest in Bitcoin or any other stock. The great success of the guide is due to the fact that it is free and explains everything in a practical and simple way.

    You can download the ForexTB guide for free by clicking here

    Among the other advantages of ForexTB there is the possibility of using an unlimited and free demo, particularly appreciated by those who want to gain experience without risking anything.

    You can sign up for free on ForexTB by clicking here

    How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal using ForexTB

    The ForexTB platform is one of the simplest to use. Once registered, there is the possibility of using a demo account (free and unlimited) or a real account.

    Those who decide to use the real account must make a deposit and can use Paypal, other electronic payment systems, bank transfer, credit or debit card.

    Once the account is funded, the money can be used to buy Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, stocks or other financial securities.

    Those who do not know how to do it are guided on the phone, literally step by step, by a real expert.

    You can sign up for free on ForexTB by clicking here

    How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal anonymously

    It is important to underline that those who use Paypal to buy Bitcoin (both directly and with the best platforms that we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs) do not do so anonymously.

    Both Paypal and investment platforms, in fact, must comply with the strict rules that are used to contrast tax evasion and money laundering.

    In short, if you want to buy Bitcoin anonymously, you can’t do it with Paypal.

    Buy Bitcoin on exchanges with PayPal

    Cryptocurrency Exchanges are sites where it is possible to buy Bitcoin by exchanging it with other subscribers. Euros, dollars or other cryptocurrencies can be used.

    Although this is an option not to be discarded a priori, exchanges are not the ideal system for buying BTC.

    Unfortunately, they still do not guarantee a truly adequate level of safety and reliability. Furthermore, they are often slow and inefficient. Finally, transactions made on exchanges are subject to heavy fees.

    For completeness, here are the exchanges that allow you to buy Bitcoin with Paypal:

    • LocalBitcoins
    • Exmo
    buy bitcoin with PayPal


    In this article we have explained how to buy Bitcoin with Paypal: the best solution is to use the best investment platforms that allow you to use Paypal to fund your account.

    We have reviewed some of these best platforms, including the famous eToro which allows you to automatically copy what the best investors in the world do.

    Where to buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

    The recommended solution is eToro which, among other advantages, allows you to automatically copy the best investors in the world.

    Why buy Bitcoin with Paypal?

    Paypal is simple to use and allows you to manage your money more securely.

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