A3Trading Review – Opinion on Their CFTs Trading Platform

One of the best sites to trade with your hard-earned money is A3Trading!

This site meets the needs of both experienced and new traders with its sleek and simple design. The brokerage offers CFDs on stocks, forex, indices and commodities, among its more than 200 financial products.

To educate yourself before making any investments in erratic markets or currency trades that might end up losing more money than they would earn, there are a variety of research tools available.

For more experienced traders, A3Trading also offers a thorough trading school that gives customers with in-depth knowledge of the online trading markets. Additionally, you will have access to beginner classes and video tutorials.

But let’s break down all the most important features of this broker – keep reading to have a complete review of A3Trading!

Is A3Trading Safe?

If you’re interested in A3Trading, then you’ve likely already wondered about the safety issue. With many new platforms available and an increasing number of websites and brokers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for traders to spot a safe and reliable platform to invest money on. But you’ve got nothing to worry about, because this section is going to reply to all of your questions.

So, is A3Trading reliable?

The answer is YES: A3Trading is secure because Securcap Securities Limited owns it. The Wanakena Ltd., a European company duly registered in 73 Arch. Makarios III Avenue, Office 301, 1070 Nicosia, Cyprus with registration number 379327, and Securcap Securities Limited, an international company with its operational address at Office 4, Suite C2, Orion Mall, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles with registration number 8416993-1 and a license from the Seychelles Financial Services Authorization.

This is an internationally certified license which makes A3Trading a safe and reliable website that users can use without having to worry about their investments being null.

A3Trading: Platform

The A3Trading platform offers an intuitive user interface that enables you to execute trades straight from the home screen without going through any cumbersome configurations or stages. As soon as you register on this platform, you can begin trading.

It has several trading tools installed that help to automate the trading process. It is a cutting-edge trading platform that helps its customers trade more easily by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. All forms of trade, including bitcoin and forex trading, can use these tools.

No-Loss Guarantee

The most important aspect of online trading for brokers is to give their clients the greatest services possible so they can feel certain that their investments will be profitable.

A3Trading provides a risk-free platform where you may invest your money with assured profits in the market.

This broker is dedicated to giving its customers high-quality services and secure transactions since it believes in openness and honesty.

As a trader, you have the option to join this cryptocurrency trading platform’s affiliate program, where you can profit from every trade performed by other users. For each profitable trade made by a different member utilizing the A3Trading affiliate link, you will get an additional 10% discount.


You won’t need to manage a sizable sum if you want to invest in A3Trading. With A3Trading, you may begin trading with just $50. It relies on your financial capabilities and level of investment desire. Because it is advised to begin a trading profession with a small investment, it is one of A3Trading’s benefits that fits the bill the best.

Using the little investment, traders can gauge the depth of the water before deciding whether or not to increase their stake.

A3Trading is one of the top investment forums and has been operating for a while. It was developed by seasoned traders who are aware of what it takes to succeed at trading and have made investments in a variety of marketplaces.

Trading Alerts

A3Trading is constantly looking for ways to enhance its offerings to customers. This broker has decided to include news alerts, another popular tool. Its news notifications will keep you abreast of the most recent information and analysis on all trading marketplaces, providing you a behind-the-scenes view of how the online market is evolving.

You may keep updated without having to read through a ton of articles thanks to its reports, which are extensive, insightful, and simple to grasp.

This broker is all about making sure the traders choosing it have all the information they require to make an informed decision about whether or not investing in cryptocurrencies is right for them.

A3Trading’s main objective is to get readers to try out one of its educational courses or sign up for a live webinar where they can ask questions of experts directly after reading one of its reports and developing an interest in learning more about investing.

A3 Trading: Tools

Trading Education

The A3Trading platform offers many trading courses to its clients for learning crypto trading. They offer basic-to-standard courses for new and experienced traders.

They conduct webinars for investors where different successful crypto traders come and impart their trading experiences to motivate and guide new traders in this online digital crypto trade. Its trading courses provide the following benefits

  • 1-on-1 training
  • eBooks
  • Video lectures
  • Webinars
  • Introduction to the platform

Reasonable levels of leverage:

Leverage up to 1:200 is available on all account types at A3Trading. This maximum leverage ratio is typical for the forex market and will meet the demands of the majority of traders.

However, keep in mind that many nations implement leverage limitations at notably lower levels to shield small-scale investors from the risks associated with margin trading.

Detailed research instruments

A3Trading makes trading easier for those with little experience in investing. The A3Trading platform, on the other hand, is strong and engaging enough to meet the demands of every professional trader.

By signing up with A3Trading, you not only receive access to all the helpful tools, but you also automatically gain access to the benefit of free training. You may utilize the Economic Calendar, Live rates and charts, Real-time trends,

Daily market review, Autochartist, which analyzes a large amount of data and trading patterns and can save you a lot of time and effort, as well as the Live rates and charts and Real-time trends, with ease.

A3Trading Pros & Cons


  • Friendly design and easy-to-use platform
  • Big variety of assets
  • CFD trading available
  • First protected positions


  • Off-shore regulation
  • High Fixed spread
  • Not a standard trading platform

A3 Trading: Advantages

Variety of Assets

One of the very good things we can say about A3Trading is that its product portfolio covers different asset classes, including forex, indices, commodities, and stocks, though it seems that the hottest new assets, cryptocurrencies, are not yet offered by this broker.

User-Friendly Design

The user-friendly layout of A3Trading helps novice traders through their initial forays into online investing. The cutting-edge, user-friendly platform offers all the necessary financial data that satisfies any trader’s requirements.

Support team

As a trader, you need to trust your support staff. The top trading support team in the business is at A3Trading, and they’re here to make you successful. They can help you through any crisis or issue that may arise and have unparalleled communication abilities. They will make sure you have all you need to be successful in trading and are always available by phone if you have any questions.

A3Trading will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment if you are a novice trader in the market and seeking advice. Even if you’ve been trading for a while, they’ll assist you develop as an investor by offering pointers and tactics to maintain your trade profitable.

A3Trading is a business built on trust; this broker cares more about its clients’ success than just their money. Calls, emails, and a live support facility are all available around-the-clock from their committed support staff. Additionally, they have made sure to be present on Facebook (Meta) and Twitter.

A3 Trading: Disadvantages

Spreads Unannounced

A3Trading has not released its spreads or commission costs, in contrast to the majority of other brokers who do so on their websites. As a result, some traders might be worried about investing on the platform.

MT4 not available

A3Trading offers its services using the PROFit platform, which has web and mobile versions, as opposed to the highly regarded MetaTrader 4 platform. The similar platform is provided by 70Trades, which however, according to many users, cannot be compared to MT4 given its superior charting, excellent statistics, and automated trading methods (Expert Advisors).

Relatively high initial Investment

Compared to other brokers and trading websites, A3Trading doesn’t offer a cheap start-up account. In fact, with the basic start-up account fee ranging at the price of $200, it results as quite pricey compared to most platform which offer a much lower account rate. This is a factor many traders would probably consider before deciding to take on one platform or another.


A3Trading is a cutting-edge, user-friendly CFD trading platform with practical research tools. Given that it has been granted permission by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority under license number SD012 it is secure to use.

The mobile version has all the advantages of its larger brother but has been tailored to suit the palm of your hand perfectly.

Both versions are simple to use and require no installation at all. Other advantages of A3Trading include a safe approach guaranteed by international licences, an incredible support staff which will guide you through every step of your investment, and a great variety of assets. these include CFDs, Forex, indices and commodities, among its more than 200 financial products.

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