Best Traders eToro: here who to copy [Guide]

Knowing who to copy on eToro can make the difference between a constant return over time and a fluctuating return. This is why we have written a guide to help you choose the Best Traders on eToro.

Copy Trading is a revolutionary and free tool, so why not take advantage of it?

For those who do not know what we are talking about, we make a very quick summary.

Copy Trading works like this:

  • After registering on eToro
  • You can access the “Copy People” area
  • Using the filters, select the traders you wish to copy
  • Copy Trading will copy their trades on your account based on how much you have invested in each of them.

But before going on, let’s answer one of the most frequently asked questions: Is it worth copying on eToro?

Best Traders, is it worth to copy on eToro?

The short answer to this question is Yes, it’s worth it, but under certain conditions. For example, if you copy random traders, you could lose money, so choosing well who to copy on eToro makes the difference!

Let’s start by saying that eToro is the most used online broker in the world, its fame precedes it and its numerous licenses confirm its absolute reliability.

The popularity of this Broker has grown precisely thanks to its revolutionary services, which started from Social Trading and then arrived at Copy Trading.

This system allows you to copy the market operations of the best traders on the platform, so copying is certainly worthwhile but you must carefully follow our advice to copy the best traders, not only in terms of results but also in terms of reliability, risk, duration, etc.

Let’s not waste any more time then and let’s see immediately who to copy on eToro:

Who to Copy on eToro 2021

In the “Copy People” area of eToro you will be faced with a screen similar to the one below but in yours, if you have not selected any filter, the results will be thousands.

best traders etoro copytrading

The most important filters to activate to choose who to copy on eToro are:

  • Profit: Over 30%
  • Risk score: 5
  • Copiers: at least 500
  • Active weeks: Over 50

Obviously these are only general indications to restrict the number of traders that can be copied.

Depending on your needs, for example the interest in a particular market, the need to make short or long-term profits, risk appetite, etc. You can vary or add other parameters to the filters we have listed.

At this point, let’s see who to copy on eToro based on our filters and choosing the Top 5 of eToro traders:

Jeppe Kirk Bonde (JeppeKirkBonde)

  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Return last year: 82.53%
  • Risk level: 5
  • Copiers: 24,712

This British trader has been among the first on eToro for a long time, since 2013 he has managed to obtain over 30% per annum on a regular basis and is our first choice for those to copy on eToro.

Its strategy is based on the analysis of markets, politics and society. Then it invests in shares of companies that have a high value, higher than their share price.

Risk management is always very careful, the portfolio is very well diversified and allows for global hedging of investments.

It uses very little or no leverage, rarely sells short and avoids financial instruments with very high fees.

Work in team with expert analysts to closely follow market developments.

Heloise Greeff (rubymza)

  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Return last year: 68.00%
  • Risk level: 5
  • Copiers: 20,113

In second place, but with the possibility of undermining Jeppe’s leadership, we find a woman: Heloise Greeff, also from England, who invests mainly in the stock market.

Her strategy focuses mainly on US indices, technology and pharmaceutical stocks, which offer clear growth opportunities in the medium / long term (5-10 years).

You operate by following effective technical analysis strategies, with very complex models that use machine learning to understand market trends.

The portfolio is very well diversified and the risk is always very controlled, so as to obtain a certain consistency of returns.

Ed Butler (eddyb123)

  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Return last year: 67.09%
  • Risk level: 5
  • Copiers: 14,582

Third place is also firmly in the hands of an English trader, they are very good we must admit.

Ed Bulter has been trading on eToro since 2016 and his total return to date has been 1,300%.

His strategy is based on long-term fundamentals, with a penchant for tech stocks.

The approach is always cautious but optimistic and aims at the recovery of the market after the global pandemic that has brought down all our certainties.

It does not use leverage and tries to offset some investments with small short selling.

The portfolio is always based on the long term and not on short term results. The search for qualitative factors, such as corporate culture, management personnel and the change in public sentiment, always guide the choice of securities to focus on for the next 1-3 years.

Can Zhao (CanZhao)

  • Origin: Singapore
  • Return last year: 98.90%
  • Risk level: 5
  • Copiers: 7,399

Here is the first non-English trader that we recommend, he is a citizen of Singapore who has achieved excellent results in recent years.

He is “only” 28 years old but he is a true trading expert, he can boast an engineering degree from the National University of Singapore and a Masters in economics from Singapore Management University.

After a couple of years of market analysis and testing, in 2019 he began to develop a very effective investment strategy, which combines statistical analysis and the study of mass psychology.

From that moment on, his performances have always been very high and constant over time.

Alberto Poli (pino428)

  • Origin: Italy
  • Return last year: 90.75%
  • Risk level: 4
  • Copiers: 4,249

Finally, in fifth position in our Top 5, a representative of our country: Alberto Poli.

We are talking about a trader who mainly invests in stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies and does not use leverage.

His strategy is long-term and relies on technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

He has created a well-diversified portfolio, spanning many countries and many sectors. The risk is always very low, below level 4, trying to aim for consistency rather than performance, which are still exceptional.

Best Traders on eToro: what the copied earns

Many of you will wonder why so many traders on eToro let themselves be copied, what do the best traders on eToro gain from it?

Well they make money and eToro pays!

The Broker in fact pays the traders who are part of the “Popular Investors” based on the number of copiers (Followers) they have.

This is why Top Traders are so available with those who follow them, providing information and answering the questions they are asked, each Follower is an economic resource for the Top Trader.

So know that the best traders on eToro are not only good at trading, but also in providing support and assistance to their “Copiers”.

The “Popular Investor” program includes various levels: Cadet, Champion, Elite, Elite Pro which depend on how much is the amount invested by the copiers on a single trader.

It starts with a monthly sum ranging from $ 400 to $ 800 and then reaches several thousand euros, based on the sums invested by the “Copiers”.

best traders etoro popular

In addition to what they earn from trading, eToro Top Traders put a lot of money in their pockets if they are good and manage to increase the number of Followers who follow them.

Best Traders eToro: how to find them

We have already mentioned the filters that are used to choose who to copy on eToro but now we want to show you how to find the best traders.

Filters are fundamental and allow you to restrict the number of traders to copy, which must not be too low.

To distribute the risk it is better to diversify also in the choice of traders to copy, possibly by copying at least 5/6 Top Trader, better if divided by investment sector.

When, once all the filters have been set, the resulting number of traders is too low, we recommend that you exclude one filter at a time to see what happens.

To decide who to copy on eToro the fundamental filters are:

  • Minimum profit: Better to keep it above 30%
  • Daily Drawdown: Not more than 5%
  • Verified Trader
  • Weekly Drawdown: Not more than 15%
  • Risk: Less than 5/6
  • Copiers: Over 500

Does copying traders on eToro work?

The answer is: It depends.

Yes, because Copy Trading undoubtedly works as a system, it is formidable, a truly revolutionary invention, but will it work for you too?

This is the real question and to clarify what we mean, we have decided to list the strengths and weaknesses of Copy Trading.

Pros of Copy Trading:
  • You have the ability to achieve consistent returns even without trading experience
  • The choices and strategies of copied traders can be analyzed
  • You can compare yourself with a large community of investors
  • Popular Investors also have the advantage of getting paid
Cons od Copy Trading:
  • Copy Trading is not a guarantee of steady gains and can even lead to losses
  • It is not easy to find reliable and consistent traders among Popular Investors
  • The short-term results can deceive a novice trader

A very underestimated factor that must be carefully examined is the experience of the trader you are going to copy, which can offer you long-term returns.

Even if you use Copy Trading you must continue to study and commit yourself to understanding the strategies used by Top Traders, only in this way will you become a successful investor.

How to be copied on eToro

If you are a good trader and want to earn more, you too could become a Popular Investor and get copied, let’s see how:

  • Create an eToro account
  • Make a deposit
  • You must have assets of at least $ 1000
  • Start trading
  • You must have at least two full months of statistics on the platform
  • Keep a low risk score, preferably below 6
  • Update your profile with some news about you, such as your strategy and experience
  • Post a professional profile photo
  • Observe leverage restrictions

After two months of complying with these rules, you will be admitted to the Popular Investors program, and can be copied.

Try Demo first

If Copy Trading fascinates you and you want to better understand how it works but you are a little fearful, do some tests in the Demo, so you will not run any risks.

Do not underestimate the usefulness of trying Copy Trading in Demo, it will be the same as the real system, the only difference will be the money invested, which is virtual and unlimited, nice isn’t it?

You can do some tests on the Demo account even while making investments on the real account, perhaps to evaluate who to copy on eToro for a few weeks before choosing.

To start investing in Demo or experimenting with Copy Trading, you can register with the free link below:

Try the eToro Demo account for free by clicking here


This guide was intended to explain how to choose who to copy on eToro and we believe we have provided you with all the information you need to make a careful choice.

The choice of traders to copy is personal, we have said it, at the base you must try to diversify, you do not focus only on one sector, in this way you can obtain a constant return thanks to Copy Trading.

eToro is a very reliable broker, authorized by CONSOB and this is an additional advantage, because it enables you to make your choices safely.

best traders on etoro

We advise you to test Copy Trading in Demo if you don’t know how it works yet. The demonstration platform is also perfect for choosing who to copy on eToro and make evaluations based on real data but without taking risks.

Register for free on eToro and immediately start copying the best traders in the world!

Who to copy on eToro in 2021?

The choice must be based on the filters present on eToro, in our guide we explain how to do it.

Is it worth copying on eToro?

Of course, but you need to diversify and know how to choose the best traders on the platform.

Does copying to eToro work?

Yes, but it is necessary to copy at least 5/6 traders and possibly diversify the investment sectors.

How to get copied on eToro?

Register on eToro, make a deposit and trade for at least two months respecting the rules explained in our guide.

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