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Is it possible to do Forex trading with Low Minimum Deposit? What is the Minimum Deposit that online brokers accept? One of the most dangerous beliefs, for those who want to start a trader’s career, is to believe that really big capital is needed to start and succeed.

In the past, this could be true, today it is no true: it is actually possible to start operating in Forex trading with very low minimum deposit, even with just 10 euros if you use the Iq Option platform. Most of the best platform, however, require an initial investment of just 100 euros.

In any case, these are really small sums, practically within everyone’s reach: everyone can make money with online trading. That’s how

Invest in Forex Trading with Minimum Deposit

Why is it possible to start with such small investment? This is the miracle of the leverage effect and the absence of commissions.

Let’s go in order. First of all, remember that it is possible to trade online with small amounts because there are safe and reliable platforms that allow you to trade without paying commissions.

Let’s take a concrete example: a trading platform such as Fineco applies a fixed commission of 7 euros per transaction (at least at the beginning, it is possible to gradually decrease to 3 but only professional trader volumes).

What does this mean? That if you start with an initial capital of 10 euros, in two operations you have completely burned your capital. For this reason, the first fundamental point to be able to trade online with small sums is to use platforms that do not charge commissions.

In this article we will often mention some of the best online trading platforms that have no commissions (and have no costs in general):

There are also many other platforms that allow you to invest small amounts safely, but we have chosen these 3 for a specific reason: they are the easiest platforms to use for those starting from scratch.


eToro is the great opportunity for those who want to do forex trading with low minimum deposit. Not only is it a very simple to use platform that requires an initial capital of just 250 euros: eToro is also the only automatic online trading system that really works.

In fact, with eToro it is possible to select the best traders on the platform and copy them automatically: eToro’s patented system is called Copytrading. In this way a beginner can achieve exactly the same results as a true professional and can also learn by observing what great traders do.

eToro also offers a free demo which, in this case, is also useful to verify that Copytrading really works before investing real money.

You can sign up for free on eToro by clicking here

Iq Option

Many consider Iq Option to be the ideal platform for forex trading with low minimum deposit. The big advantage of Iq Option is that it is possible to start with an initial capital of just 10 euros.

No other platform requires so little money to get started. Iq Option is also particularly simple and intuitive: even a beginner is able to start using the platform immediately. Hundreds of video courses are available on the platform that explain all aspects of online trading, from basic concepts to more complex strategies.

Iq Option also offers a completely free, unlimited and unconstrained demo: thanks to this demo it is possible to make online trading tests without using even one euro, in order to accumulate experience without taking risks.

You can sign up for free on Iq Option by clicking here


ForexTB is one of the preferred options for those who start to do forex trading with low minimum deposit. What is so special about ForexTB?

Let’s start by saying that it is really easy and intuitive to use, even for beginners. In addition, all members have the right to be followed for free on the phone by a real trading expert.

This expert provides valuable information and therefore enables anyone to trade online with small amounts. Even those who have never traded can start without errors.

For those who want to learn online trading, 24option offers an excellent ebook that can be downloaded for free.

This ebook is truly appreciated by the community of European traders and already has hundreds of thousands of downloads.

It is one of the few guides to online trading that really work, that is, that clearly explain how you make profit. The ebook is written in an extremely simple to understand language and is all practice oriented: zero waste of time with useless theory. You can download the ForexTB ebook for free by clicking here.

The minimum capital to start a trader is 250 euros but it is always possible to get a demo account, completely free, without restrictions and without limits. 

You can sign up for free on ForexTB by clicking here

Forex Trading and Leverage with minimum deposit

All the trading platforms we talked about provide the leverage mechanism. Thanks to this mechanism it is possible to invest a capital that is greater than the available one. In practice, it is possible to multiply the profits with the same initial investment.

Without leverage, trading online with small sums would be useless, given that the profits would be small.

ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) has imposed rules that limit the maximum leverage that can be used on individual markets. This decision is all in all positive for beginners who start from scratch and who need to accumulate experience.

However, for traders who already have some experience, it can be an annoying obstacle. It is not, however, an insurmountable problem: the lobby of professional traders, in fact, has managed to exempt itself from these regulations and can therefore operate with much more convenient levels of leverage.

How to make yourself recognized as a professional trader? It’s not difficult, there are only a few requirements to be met. If you want, contact your online trading platform and ask to be assisted in the process.

How much to invest in Forex trading, is a low Minimum Deposit sufficient?

We have just seen that it is possible to do forex trading with low minimum deposit, even with 10 euros. But what is the ideal amount to invest? After all, what a trader earns may also depend on how much he initially invests.

There is no clear answer, it all depends on the trader’s level of preparation. At the beginning you can also invest 0 euros because it is advisable to do a little experience with a demo before investing real money.

It is important to underline how the demos are perfect for learning techniques and strategies and therefore are a great opportunity for those who start from scratch. At the same time, they do not allow you to experience the psychological aspect of online trading which is also very important.

Those who trade online with real money, even if it is small amounts, can be heavily conditioned by fear or greed. Those who work in demo, on the other hand, are much more serene because they can’t lose or win anything.

For this reason, the demos of online trading, while being very good for learning the technique, do not allow you to refine the control of the psychological aspects of trading.

Beginner traders can take advantage of platforms such as Iq Option, ForexTB and eToro to start trading online with small amounts, for example with the minimum deposit. Once accumulated experience they can increase the invested capital. This is the trick of the traders who quickly become good.

In many cases, novice traders, who work intelligently, can limit themselves to the first minimum deposit and then simply reinvest the profits obtained, without making further deposits.

Unfortunately, there are platforms that theoretically appeal to beginners but that ask for very high deposits. An example? Moneyfarm requires a good 5,000 euro minimum deposit (in this case there are also commissions to pay).

About Forex trading with Low Minimum Deposit

Often those who start trading online with small sums confuse the minimum deposit and the actual investment on individual trading operations. When you make a deposit on a platform, you are not making any investments.

If the platform is as safe and reliable as the ones we have indicated to you (Iq Option, eToro, ForexTB) the money on the platform’s account are always yours, you can withdraw it whenever you want without problems.

When you make a single operation on the market then you make an investment and you have to be careful of the consequences: but the simple deposit does not involve any type of trading risk.

Online trading with small amounts is now available to everyone, thanks to secure and reliable platforms such as Iq Option, ForexTB or eToro. The Iq Option platform allows you to start with just 10 euros, the others with 250 euros (which is still a small sum).

In any case, to invest small amounts it is essential to operate exclusively with platforms that do not charge commissions, otherwise the entire capital is burned in a few operations.

Is it possible to trade online with small investments?

Of course, some regulated platforms such as Iq Option allow you to negotiate even starting from only € 10.

How high is the average deposit for trading online?

Most of the best trading platforms require a deposit of between € 100 and € 200. in short, a very low figure to start.

Is the money, deposited to start, always available to me?

Of course, the Trader can withdraw the entire amount paid at any time.

With what amount is it advisable to start trading?

There is no exact figure, much depends on the type of operation used. However, a € 200 investment as requested by eToro is an excellent starting point.

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