How to Buy Neuralink Shares without commission

Neuralink is the most recent idea to come from the genius of Elon Musk and, despite being extremely futuristic and almost science fiction, has garnered enormous attention from experts and technology investors. But how to buy Neuralink shares?

The question is legitimate and if many ask, this company represents the future of artificial intelligence and attracts investors like a magnet with iron.

The answer is more complicated than it might seem and to try to provide you with all the information you need we will analyze:

  • The story of Neuralink
  • The growth power
  • The investment options

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    Buy Neuralink Shares: the Company

    Neuralink is a medical technology company that aims to build a fully integrated brain-machine interface (BMI), also known as the brain-computer interface (BCI).

    The company was founded in 2016 by visionary Elon Musk, already famous for helping to start PayPal, creating Tesla and SpaceX and devising many other projects destined to make their mark in the near future of humanity.

    Neuralink’s technology has the potential to treat people with brain and spine disabilities, including paralysis, blindness, deafness, memory loss, stroke, and more.

    The development of treatments for these disorders could greatly improve the lives of millions of people and lead to significant profits for the company.

    The founder’s most vocal supporters believe he is a genius who will revolutionize our lives and strongly believe in the project.

    Musk has accustomed us to his genius and his ability to capture the attention of investors and the media, and this is a big advantage when launching a company.

    Connecting the brain to a computer may seem like a crazy idea but we must remember that when Elon “gets something in his head” it is difficult for him not to complete it.

    But before succeeding in this venture, the founder must create a profitable company.

    To date, Neuralink is in startup mode, having assembled a team of neuroscientists and medical experts to pursue this superhuman effort.

    At the time of writing, Neuralink has raised $ 158 million, invested mostly directly by Elon Musk.

    How to buy Neuralink shares

    Investing in unlisted stocks is a big challenge. In fact, Neuralink is not yet listed on the stock exchange and the founder of the company holds almost all the shares of this company for himself because, let’s face it, he doesn’t need money, at least at this stage of development.

    Elon Musk is one of the richest men on the planet and at the moment Neuralink can proceed fast with his direct investments.

    So how do you go about buying Neuralink shares?

    There are 3 ways to invest in this company at the moment:

    1. Open a securities account and wait for the IPO to buy Neuralink shares
    2. Get ready with a CFD Broker and invest as soon as the stock goes public
    3. Look for Neuralink shares in secondary markets even before the IPO

    The third point is for insiders, investors who have large capital and know how to look for unlisted shares, but in the case of Neuralink the challenge is almost impossible, because Musk does not seem willing to sell them.

    The first two points require patience and are currently the most realistic, we have to wait for the initial public offering (IPO).

    Where to buy Neuralink shares

    Returning to the first two points seen in the previous paragraph, there are some differences.

    The securities account that you could open at your bank includes fixed costs, stamp duty and account keeping and variable costs: commissions for each operation on the markets.

    If you want to save, it is preferable to focus on CFD Brokers, intermediaries who have no fixed costs and do not provide commissions.

    You will trade the Neuralink stock through derivatives (Contracts for Difference) that track the stock price on the stock exchange. In addition, these CFDs also allow you to aim for the downside, the short selling

    In this guide, even if it is not yet possible to buy Neuralink shares, we want to move forward, advising you to use only regulated brokers, with at least a CONSOB or CySEC license.

    The best CFD brokers for this type of investment are: eToro, ForexTB and

    At the end of this article you will find links to access the respective Demo accounts, use them to practice and get ready for the Neuralink IPO.


    With over 10 million members, this Broker is the most widespread financial intermediary in the world and its reliability is confirmed by the CySec and CONSOB license.

    eToro offers one of the most intuitive trading platforms on the market and allows you to access a large number of stocks.

    How do you buy Neuralink shares on eToro? It’s easy, you just have to follow these 4 steps:

    • Register for free on eToro
    • Log into your Demo or real account (by depositing at least € 200)
    • Select the Neuralink CFD (when it becomes available) and click on “Invest”
    • Decide whether to buy or sell the shares and how much to bet in the operation
    Try the eToro platform for free

    While waiting for Neuralink’s IPO you can take advantage of the automatic trading system invented by this Broker: Copy Trading.

    This system allows you to copy the market operations of the best traders in the world (among eToro users) and you will be the one to select them. After that Copy Trading will do everything automatically, copying their operations on your account.

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    Training has always been an obsession for this Broker, who in fact has created a Trading Course, one of the most downloaded in the world.

    ForexTB has created an ebook that summarizes the basics of online trading in a very clear way and collects the main operational strategies. The pdf is free and to download it please use the link below:

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    This online broker can boast a prestigious CySEC license and in addition to the course, he wanted to make two trading platforms available to his members:

    • The Web Platform is simple, intuitive, fast and accessible from any device, without installing anything.
    • Metatrader, on the other hand, is much more professional, complete and full of indicators of all kinds.
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    But how do you buy Neuralink shares on ForexTB? To do this, just follow these 4 steps:

    • Register on ForexTB
    • Choose the trading platform
    • Select the Neuralink CFD (as soon as available) and click on Buy (or on Sell to sell short)
    • Decide the amount to invest
    Click here and register for free on ForexTB

    In addition to the ForexTB Trading Course, to improve your trading results we recommend that you also download that of this Broker. has created a pdf that lays the foundations for technical analysis and makes it understandable. It is free, download it now from the link below:

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    One of’s most popular features is its very low minimum deposit threshold of 100 euros.

    We are obviously talking about a regulated broker, with a solid CONSOB license and a cutting-edge trading platform.

    How do you buy Neuralink stock on Follow the 4 steps below, it’s simple:

    • Register for free on
    • Log into your Demo or Real account (by depositing a minimum of € 100)
    • Select the Neuralink CFD (as soon as available) and click on “Buy” to buy or “Sell” to sell short
    • Decide how much to invest in the operation.
    Click here and register for free on

    Business Model of Neuralink

    Neuralink is currently developing a robotic implant device and procedure, which could become a marketable product, generating profitability for the company, which is currently not profitable.

    Neuralink’s business model is still a startup even if with the capital injection that its founder provided it, the company tends to grow rapidly.

    Let’s see the main data of Neuralink:

    • Sector: Brain-computer interface, Neuroprosthesis
    • Founder: Elon Musk
    • Foundation: July 2016
    • Headquarters: San Francisco, California (USA)
    • Employees: about 100
    • Listing: None, private company

    Is Neuralink listed on the stock exchange?

    No, the company is not listed on the stock exchange. It is mainly funded by its founder.

    In this adventure Elon Musk is not alone, there are other small lenders who have helped to start the startup but with decidedly minority stakes.

    Musk’s assets vary based on the value of Tesla, his electric car company, which has been decidedly bullish on the stock market in recent years.

    This immense wealth may allow the eccentric Elon to privately finance Neuralink for a long time to come.

    As we also know from SpaceX, Musk prefers to keep his creations private as long as possible so as not to have to account for the choices made to the shareholders. He will probably also take the time with Neuralink to put the company on the right track and propose an IPO when there is no risk of derailing.

    We must not forget the influence this character has on social media. When he decides the date of Neuralink’s IPO, the news will go around the globe and there will be a race to grab the title.

    Financial trading is not without risks but given how it went for Tesla, there are many investors in feverish trepidation, as they await the listing of another company of this incredible entrepreneur, and it is likely that the next one is Neuralink.

    To keep up to date on the future developments of this title, we advise you to register on eToro, one of the fastest brokers in proposing newly listed companies.

    Buy Neuralink shares: Competitors

    Neuralink’s competitors are small companies that have a dream similar to that of Elon Musk, on the border between medicine and science fiction, here are the main ones:

    • Emotiv
    • CardioMood
    • NeuroSky
    • Biobeats
    • Mindmaze
    • Neurable

    Neuralink IPO: When?

    It is not yet known when Neuralink will go public, so assuming an IPO date is a gamble.

    The company is still in the development phase and before being listed it must have a product that generates turnover and maybe even a profit.

    Probably before arriving at the IPO, Musk will look for other private lenders, who are willing to believe in the project in the long term, without asking too many questions or even imposing commercial decisions.

    If we were to rely on the need for liquidity, however, an IPO would be far off, the founder is able to cover all future costs necessary to advance the company.

    However, if you have registered with one of the brokers we have recommended, when the company applies for a listing with the SEC, the news will reach you first-hand and you can prepare for the event.

    Neuralink Stock Price

    As we have repeated several times, Neuralink is not yet listed on the stock exchange, so it is very difficult to estimate a share price and we prefer not to get out of balance by shooting random figures.

    The price, at the time of the IPO, will be based on the value of the company divided by the number of shares that will be issued.

    buy neuralink shares


    Ordinary investors will find it difficult to acquire shares in Neuralink before the IPOs and even in the first days of listing it will be very difficult to buy shares in this company, given the interest generated.

    But with CFD Brokers it will not be a problem, immediately after the IPO, you can invest in Neuralink’s CFD without problems, directly from your home PC.

    Even if the date for this highly anticipated listing is not yet known, get ready by practicing on the trading platforms that we have reviewed, develop a strategy and in the meantime trade in Demo, without taking risks.

    Among the brokers we have proposed you will certainly find the one that’s right for you, use the links below to access the Demo account for free and practice with virtual money:

    What is the Neuralink share price?

    It is not yet defined why Neuralink shares are not for sale, the company is not listed on the stock exchange.

    When will the Neuralink IPO take place?

    It is not easy to make a forecast, at the moment the listing is not scheduled, but the interest is enormous.

    How to buy Neuralink shares?

    After the IPO it will be possible to invest in the Neuralink stock directly with a securities account or through derivatives such as CFDs

    How to buy Neuralink shares without paying commissions?

    Thanks to CFD brokers such as eToro, after listing on the stock exchange, you can invest in Neuralink without paying commissions.

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