Filecoin: Quotation and Forecast [2022-2025]

There is a lot of talk about buying Filecoin, one of the most interesting emerging cryptocurrencies on the market, for many reasons, but above all due to the high interest of investors regarding this token and the project linked to it.

The opportunities that come from the crypto sector are many, but not all of them really have the characteristics to “break through”. The high capitalization combined with extreme volatility make Filecoin one of the most promising altcoins of the last year.

If you are planning to buy Filecoin (FIL) we show you a very simple way to invest:

  • Register on eToro
  • Deposit the amount you want to invest
  • Select the Filecoin CFD (FIL) and click Buy

Now let’s see what are the main features of Filecoin:

⚙️ Asset
📊 Supply 119.567.749 token
📋 Website
💸 Market Cap
$ 7,8 billions ca.
📌 Coin/Token
🖥️ Trading Platforms
eToro /


We have proposed CFD Brokers to buy Filecoin because, being regulated, they are a safe and convenient choice.

Below is a list of the best cryptocurrency platforms available on the market:

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    What is Filecoin?

    Filecoin was created with the aim of solving the security and scalability problems of storage and data transfer networks.

    In 2017 Protocol Labs together with Juan Benet launched the Filecoin network on the market, with a very successful ICO.

    At the time of launch, the project was still nearing completion but in a few months the network structure became more solid and allowed this cryptocurrency to show its full potential.

    This ecosystem leverages the blockchain to facilitate the transfer and storage of large amounts of data, with the security of cryptography and mathematical algorithms.

    Filecoin is based on an open source protocol, which allows completely decentralized file management. Basically, spaces are “rented” on the servers and PCs of anyone who wants to participate in the project and the Filecoin network connects them together in an efficient and safe way.

    The protocol is based on the InterPlanetary File System and the cryptocurrency FIL is used to manage transactions, finance storage spaces and support the entire ecosystem.

    How to Buy Filecoin

    Filecoin manages to show a direct link between a real need, that of storing data, and the apparently virtual world of cryptocurrencies.

    This is one of the reasons for its success on the markets and for the interest of pure investors and speculators.

    Two types of financial intermediaries can be used to buy Filecoin:

    • Cryptocurrency exchanges, which are quite risky and have a commission on every transaction performed
    • Online brokers that are safer and offer a series of advantages mainly oriented to online trading

    If you want to buy Filecoin to keep the tokens in a long-term wallet, doing few financial transactions over a year, exchanges can be fine too. However, you must keep in mind that they are not regulated and risk frequent cyber attacks.

    Online brokers, on the other hand, are regulated and much safer intermediaries, and are also designed to offer the best online trading platforms to speculators. You will be able to carry out numerous operations every day efficiently and economically.

    If you want to buy Filecoin by trading this token in the short term, CFD brokers are the ideal choice, here’s why:

    • They have a regular license
    • You can do short selling
    • There is no risk of cyber attacks
    • They offer a Demo account to practice

    Where to Buy Filecoin

    As you may have noticed, the choice of where to buy Filecoin depends on your trading style. If you are interested in investing in long-term cryptocurrencies and want to use an exchange such as Coinbase or Kraken, as soon as the operation is performed, immediately transfer your FIL to an external wallet, for greater security.

    Most investors do not have enough capital to make a long-term investment profitable and prefer online trading. Doing numerous trades every day offers the possibility of obtaining small profits with a certain consistency, that’s why choosing CFD Brokers.

    Deciding where to buy Filecoin is not difficult: Select only regulated intermediaries such as those proposed in this guide and then put them to the test in Demo, to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

    Here are some brief descriptions of the best online brokers to buy Filecoin, start here:


    eToro is one of the most popular financial intermediaries in the world, with over 20 million registered users who confirm its great reliability and security.

    On eToro you can buy Filecoin directly or trade it with leverage through CFDs. In any case, unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, you are using a regulated and safe broker.

    Here is a screenshot of the Filecoin (FIL) token in the eToro platform:

    buy filecoin etoro

    How do you buy Filecoin on eToro? Here are the 3 steps to follow:

    1. Register on eToro
    2. Access your real account by paying at least € 50
    3. Select the Filecoin CFD click on “Trade”
    Register on eToro by clicking here

    Novice traders or those who want to improve their trading results can take advantage of the skills of more experienced traders who use this platform. Thanks to Copy Trading, in fact, you can select the best eToro traders and with one click, copy their operations on the market.

    In this way, even a novice can get the same results as an experienced trader, without additional costs. Here are some examples of traders you could copy:

    etoro copytrading

    Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

    Click here and choose which trader to copy is very attentive to the training of its members, in fact it has invested in a very complete Trading Course, which explains technical analysis and the best trading strategies.

    It is a free ebook, to download it just use the link below:

    Download the Trading Course for free by clicking here

    In addition to training, this broker is very keen to keep trading costs down. There are no commissions, the spreads are competitive and the deposit required to open a trading account is only 100 euros.

    With such a low entry threshold, anyone can start investing in stocks, indices, commodities, etc.

    How to buy Filecoin on Just follow these steps:

    1. Register for free on
    2. Log into your Demo or Real account (by depositing a minimum of € 100)
    3. Select the Filecoin CFD and click on “Buy” to buy or “Sell” to sell short
    4. Decide how much to invest in the operation
    Click here and register for free on

    FIL Token

    Filecoin (FIL) is an emerging cryptocurrency that is getting strongly noticed by investors in the sector. Its strength lies in the direct link with a real need, that of keeping data and transferring them safely and quickly.

    The Filecoin token is necessary for system governance, but also for internal transactions that allow the protocol to work.

    Its scalability, security and huge potential storage network are some of its undoubted advantages. But we must also keep in mind some disadvantages, such as the dependence on individual servers or the speed of the internet, which can act as a bottleneck for the entire system.

    How Filecoin works

    The functioning of Filecoin is that of a sort of decentralized “Google Drive”, which allows the storage and archiving of data through the Blockchain.

    Unlike classic storage systems, Filecoin is extremely safe and very economical. Although it might seem strange to you, the solutions offered by Google or Amazon can be “hacked” while the Filecoin protocol is not attackable.

    Furthermore, the fact of exploiting the unused space of anyone’s disks makes everything much more efficient and with less waste of resources.

    Filecoin value

    Below we clearly see the historical trend of Filecoin since its launch on the market, with the surge in prices in the first 4 months of 2021:

    buy filecoin chart 4 months

    The value of Filecoin is high, as is its growth potential, comparable to the trends of some of the most promising emerging cryptocurrencies, here are some:

    Buying Filecoin is convenient?

    The convenience of buying Filecoin depends on your short, medium and long term goal. The cryptocurrency sector is characterized by volatility, so you need to carefully consider how to invest.

    Long-term investments require a fair amount of capital to be committed, pending a growth in the value of Filecoin (in this case) within a year or more. Usually with the medium term we speak of months, while the short term corresponds to online trading, with operations that open and close within the day or at most in a few days.

    Analysts find the Filecoin project very promising and given that this cryptocurrency has already hit an all-time high of over $ 237, its market price now looks quite attractive.

    If you do not want to commit large sums of money, online trading on Filecoin is considered the least risky method of speculating on the typical price fluctuations of this token.

    Filecoin opinions

    Online it is easy to come across pundits who talk about investing in cryptocurrencies as if it were an easy way to get rich, but beware, it is still trading, there are always risks.

    When you make an evaluation and decide whether or not to buy a certain cryptocurrency you have to study its fundamentals and avoid paying attention to the “guru” on duty. Many of these “improvised experts” tend to propose so-called shitcoins, or highly speculative cryptocurrencies, which then disappear completely in a short time, because there is no valid project behind them.

    This is obviously not the case with Filecoin, which represents a unique project of its kind, useful and very efficient.

    There is also an environmental aspect that is blowing in favor of FIL, because by using existing PCs, it does not increase the consumption of electricity, if not in an almost irrelevant way, thus decreasing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

    The most widespread opinions coincide with those of market analysts, who consider Filecoin one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in.

    Filecoin forecast

    If you want to buy Filecoin you must have a target, a goal, whether it is in the short or medium / long term. To provide you with this goal, we have bothered some of the best crypto analysts who have spoken out about FIL.

    • For the short term, we report Trading Beasts’ forecasts for 2021, with a target price of $ 167.05
    • In the medium term, we reported the estimates of Wallet investor, which foresees a price target of $ 257.12 that Filecoin should reach in 2022
    • In the long term, Digital Coin Price’s optimism is contained, with a 5-year target price set at $ 458.22

    Below you can see the Filecoin 3-month chart, which will help you get a more precise idea of the current situation and the volatility that characterizes this cryptocurrency:

    buy filecoin chart 3 months

    Filecoin Forecast 2025

    The future forecasts for Filecoin are mostly positive, but there are some really optimistic estimates for this cryptocurrency and we want to share them with you.

    Despite some competitors emerging from the market, FIL’s price is constantly rising, but its fluctuations can be quite frightening.

    Analysts who have made forecasts for 2025 regarding the FIL token have expressed themselves with extremely high figures, some even too high in our opinion.

    The average of the estimates for Filecoin in 2025 reaches a target price of $ 1247.

    But it must be said that some analysts have gone as high as $ 1421.39 which FIL is expected to reach by the end of 2025.



    Decentralized storage is growing enormously, not only thanks to Filecoin, but this ecosystem is the one that demonstrates better architecture at the design level and seemingly infinite scalability.

    The Filecoin team will have to expand their horizons and continue to support the growth of the project, which analysts say is one of the most promising and potentially profitable on the crypto market.

    The same analysts advise to do short-term online trading to buy Filecoin without exposing yourself too much and for too long. The online brokers we have proposed are the ideal choice for this type of investment. Among other things, they all offer Demo accounts that allow you to practice without taking risks.

    Here are the links to access the Demo accounts offered by these brokers, so you can test your strategy in total safety:

    When was Filecoin launched?

    The Filecoin project was launched on the market in 2017.

    How does Filecoin work?

    Filecoin is a protocol that allows you to take advantage of the blockchain to store data in a decentralized way.

    What is Filecoin’s all-time high?

    At the moment, the all-time high reached by Filecoin (April 1, 2021) is $ 237.24.

    Where to buy Filecoin?

    On eToro, a safe and very reliable online broker.

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