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InvestLite is aiming to light up new horizons and pathways for trading. To the central core, it believes in carving a route that supports beginners to the heavyweight traders from all walks of life. The broker is ready to meet all expectations of investors through its sought-after mechanism.

It wants to become the lodestar that provides every necessity toolkit for navigation backed by ground-breaking technologies and plenty of instruments and assets for selecting. The company takes pride in evolving the service seeker with time. It believes in pioneering transparency in the financial market.


  • More than 30 analytical tools are available for buying and selling
  • Cross platform trading for traders
  • Execution of different trades can be done.
  • Deposit commission is none here.
  • Equipped with secure sockets layers
  • Data servers are encrypted and for transactions


Bayline Global World Limited operates InvestLite from its office in the United Kingdom and Belize. Bayline has been operating for quite a few years and has established a reputation among a flock of investors and traders worldwide.

The company made a bold statement with its onslaught and brought about changes in the world of trading.

Account types

InvestLite provides personalised account services that deem fit with customers’ ideologies and patterns to trade and invest in the market. The company has come up with three types of trading accounts for lighting up the perspective of market players. Living up to the ambitions of people, each account sports and corresponds distinguish ed scopes, volumes of trading, unparalleled services, unique tools for expanding the magnitude of benefits.

The accounts are named after the most opulent commodities; Silver, Gold and Platinum. Their services are as magnifying and magnificent in deliverables as their preciousness and demand in the financial market.

Silver Account

The account is primarily customised for those traders who are beginning their career in the financial market and wants to swim the unknown waters of finances.

The tools and features that it inherits prepare people for trading in more significant markets with huge leverages and risks compounding. Silver Account may offer little to a few options to its users, but they are suitable enough to earn good profits.

Even with the limited alternatives, traders do not have to cease experimenting with their funds through investments in greater prospects. It is the right time of the transaction that is essential and makes for income worthy opportunities.

Here are some options:

  • Leverage for foreign exchange currency is 1:200, which is relatively high and gives chances to learner traders for yielding a better and higher return on investment.
  • However, one must remain cautious while taking the route.
  • Hedging is available here for traders with different types of funds in the pockets. When they suffer losses, it is the technique that keeps them afloat and allows them chances to invest further when the market is down and in a dilapidated state. It is a trick best suitable for small investors. They can recover their funds.
  • There is no swap discount allowed to the users of Silver Account.
  • Fifth decimal can be used by market players for their comfort while trading.
  • Investors can seek full dedicated support when stuck in bidding, or a transaction goes kaput.
  • There is no dedicated manager because none is required, as there are not many options for selection available to the user of the account.
  • Traders do not have access to webinars and videos. They only require and get it when the involvement of money is higher, and to comprehend them, they are offered to users.
  • They do not get news alerts.
  • No facility of free VPS is provided to people.
  • For providing all faiths equal opportunities, the broker has set different guidelines for the follower of Islam. Changes have been made for them so that financial tradings do not interfere with their religion, and Muslims can focus on their investments without getting too cautioned or worried.
  • The available currencies here are: NZD/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP, and more.

Spreads for Silver Account

The spreads on the account for various assets are reasonable considering the constraints of funds that generally the account user spends on them. These are manageable by bidders and by using them wisely, the newbie traders can elevate their trades and inflate bank accounts. A little help from trade analysts can act as a catalyst.

Gold : 0.59

Crude Oil : 0.07

EUR/USD : 2.2

DAX : 2

GBP/USD : 2.8

EUR/GBP : 2.6

NZD/USD : 3.1

USD/JPY : 2.3

USD/CAD : 2.9

USD/CHF : 2.6

AUD/USD : 2.8

Leverage offered to professional clients on Silver Account.

Equities/Stocks 1:20

Commodities 1:50

Foreign Exchange currency 1:200

Metals (Gold, silver) 1:50

Indices 1:50

Professional traders who salvage and carve their career in investment, and visit the broker regularly, make investments on multiple instruments and assets have an advantage of better leverage prospects compared to normal or amateur traders.

Gold Account

It is comparatively and comfortably ahead of Silver Account, and various features are open for users to use. It is considered that whoever utilises the account has garnered better wisdom and is capable of handling options offered by the account. Plus it is advanced in several modes, leverages, hedging, charts, indicators and other options get better here. The platform floored by the account is unbelievably big and surrounds all necessities. Here are the options:

  • The foreign exchange currency leverage is whooping 1:400, which is twice what the Silver Account offers to its users. Here, users can benefit from fewer funds. The advantage is higher, and it is assumed that with the gained experience and wisdom, the odds of losses go down subsequently too.
  • It provides a fifth decimal option to traders.
  • There is a facility of dedicated account managers who sees all important tasks from transactions to the usage of different types of features which come packed with the account. It also guides them through difficult times and when the market turns volatile, bearish, hawkish or bullish. It bestows acumen when trading seems to get into oblivion.
  • There is a swap discount available, which goes as high as twenty-five per cent for every market player seeking services of the account.
  • Hedging feature gets fruitful here yet again, which helps in retrieving losses by the act of averaging, where a trader buys selected assets every time the market goes down and sells when it recovers. It is for maintaining the interest and profitability factor.
  • The available currencies here are: NZD/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP, and more.
  • Traders do not get regular updates through news alert through the account.
  • Similar to the Silver Account, there is no Free VPS either on Gold Account. However, the impact is not felt and managed and compensated by other plenty of options.
  • Webinars and videos facility is here that can help traders in elevating their level of trading by learning from information offered by experts and trade pundits. Besides, videos and webinars set up a plan for investors that invite clarity in the minds of investors.
  • Islamic account is there for Muslims who want to trade under the purview of limitations. The broker’s account helps them levitate to a position where they can enjoy similar perks that other traders do in almost the same capacity.

Spreads for Gold Account

Spreads here are lower in comparison to Silver Account. An experienced trader can benefit from the difference in the price of assets. A little application of acumen can leverage gains in moments. It is another way of making profits for investors. For this, they need to monitor the movement of a market and check the best time to enter and exit.

Gold : 0.48

Crude Oil : 0.05

EUR/USD : 1.3

DAX : 1.5


EUR/GBP : 1.6

NZD/USD : 2.1

USD/JPY : 1.5

USD/CAD : 1.9

USD/CHF : 1.6

AUD/USD : 1.8

Leverage offered to professional clients on GoldAccount.

Given the potential of Gold Account users, InvestLite offers better leverage proposition to professional customers using the account. There are doubled from the Silver Account and so, does the chances of making money for traders.

Equities/Stocks 1:40

Commodities 1:100

Foreign Exchange currency 1:400

Metals (Gold, silver) 1:100

Indices 1:100

Platinum Account: On Invest Lite, superiority thy name Platinum Account, it is a perfect blend of experience, coupled with exquisite features and customer service. There is no dearth of options for traders here for they are available in plenty. The dimension and stage become better and vast with the usage of the account. Traders with a stature trading in all waters and risk-taking ability take the route here and draw vivid advantages.

Expert traders seek the advantage of such abundant features and information laid by the account. Features offered by Platinum Account:

  • The swap discount is fifty per cent which means double the opportunity and greater chances. One can bargain the highest benefits through lesser investment.
  • A dedicated account manager is there to fulfil the needs of the account users by managing multiple tasks pertaining to trading assets and instruments in the market.
  • Service of customised news for investment resolves problems like rumours in the market that shadow the wisdom of people. It helps in marking market situations and time for buying and selling assets.
  • Hedging advantage is bigger and better here compared to other accounts as investments are higher, and so are opportunities for inviting profits.
  • The available currencies here are: NZD/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP, and more.
  • It facilitates with the free VPS as a part of trading strategy and boosting prospects of a return of investments.
  • Fifth decimal is there for users.
  • The foreign exchange leverage is 1:500. Since the market is the most liquid globally and has the highest number of trade volumes, leveraging so high can work as a syndicate for drawing maximum profits in limited time.
  • Information coming from webinars and videos add to the bank of knowledge for the learned clients using services of the account through Invest Lite.
  • Full dedicated support of the customer care department
  • Islamic account is there allowing people of all faith to practice financial trading.

Leverage offered to professional clients on Platinum Account.

Barring stocks and equities, leverage for professional traders on the account is exceptionally higher. Commissioning profits through high numbers of leveraging become enormous for these investors.

Equities/Stocks 1:10

Commodities 1:125

Foreign Exchange currency 1:500

Metals (Gold, silver) 1:125

Indices 1:125

Spreads for Platinum Account

Spreads are lower, but opportunities are diametrically higher here. The risk-taking capability is better defined by veteran traders while trading on Platinum Account. They know the trick to utilise these spreads and crack profits out of them using plenty of indicators and directive tools.

Gold : 0.37

Crude Oil : 0.03

EUR/USD : 0.7

DAX : 1

GBP/USD : 1.3

EUR/GBP : 0.9

NZD/USD : 1.4

USD/JPY : 1.5

USD/CAD : 0.8

USD/CHF : 0.9

AUD/USD : 1.1

Trading platforms about InvestLite

Primarily, there are two platforms, WebTrader and Mobile App that suffice the requirements of every trader that comes over to the broker. The firm promises to put the reins of trading in the hands of the trader.

Features sported by WebTrader

  • Customise analytical tools through the panel as per needs
  • Seek services of inherent tools
  • Check the history and retract mistakes
  • Receive technical support immediately
  • Application of stop-loss automatically
  • Multilingual support
  • Real-time balance
  • Lenient execution of trades
  • Packed with twenty-four graphic objects
  • Availability of thirty technical indicators
  • Enhanced data protection

Mobile App

One can download the InvestLite trading app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is light and quick in processing. Highlights of the app:

  • Complex financial derivatives on more than 350 assets
  • More than sixty analytical tools for users
  • Balance check option in real-time
  • Availability of trading environment which is customisable
  • Technical support available in multiple languages
  • Start trading with one-tap.
  • Regular updates on the market news
  • Bids can be controlled in seven-time frames.

Markets and products on InvestLite

There are multiple markets and products:Foreign currency exchange:

  • High market liquidity
  • Immense speculating opportunities
  • Advanced trading terminals
  • Great technical support
  • Flexible spreads


  • Volatility and dynamic market, which possesses an exciting route for traders
  • There are more than thirty plus coins available for trading
  • Speculate on the digital money through InvestLite
  • Remarkable technology for transactions and bidding

Stock Market

  • There are more than one hundred and fifty places names one can choose for bidding
  • Book an increased level of profits through stop-losses, leverage and limits
  • People can diversify by choosing from giant companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix and other big conglomerates for trading.
  • Price volatility is higher that can be used in advantage.

Indices Market

  • Comprises baskets of individual companies for investment
  • Induces comprehensive way of trading
  • More than twenty plus indices asset for trading through complex financial derivatives
  • It is quickly accessible to various sectoral and diverse nations
  • It house reputed and benchmark indices

Commodity Market

  • Access to fifty commodity markets
  • Get through places where more than a hundred commodities get traded
  • Twenty plus commodities are available for trading with complex financial derivatives.


  • Access to more than fifty metal markets
  • Higher valuations catapult into greater returns in precious metals like gold, silver and platinum
  • Do not need to buy or own metals by initiating transactions with InvestLite.

Account Opening on InvestLite

Traders can register and open an account by following the four-way step:

  • Fill up common details like name, address, phone number password etc.
  • Tick on the verification
  • Write down all information needed by the broker.
  • Submit the necessary documents
  • Make a deposit and get started with trading

Commission and fee on Invest Lite

There’s zero commission and fee for traders

Deposit and withdrawal

The options for withdrawing and depositing funds are several:

  • Maestro Card
  • Master Card
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • VPay
  • Neteller


The highest leverage is 1:500, especially for the professional trader

Is Invest Lite safe or scam?

Safety is the pre-requisite of the company. They are a registered firm in two places; UK (SC517838) and Belize (136374). IFSC is the regulating authority which monitors its activity.

The license number: 000188/91.


  • Strict firewalls that ensure no one trespasses and transactions are secured
  • Cross trading platform available
  • Zero commission and fee
  • Multilingual support
  • Traders can perform different kinds of trades


There are none

Research on Invest Lite

Report season calendar

Economic calendar

Customer service

  • Through phone number
  • Live chat
  • Email address
  • Correspondence

Education options on Invest Lite

  • Tutorials
  • Ebooks
  • VOD
  • Courses
  • Daily New


Investlite has tremendous potential for profiting people with its exceptional options in different accounts, several markets for trading and diversified assets and instruments to invest.

There is no commission, high leverage up to 1:500, more than 30 technical indicators multiple currency pair options and multilingual support system. Besides, it is verified through registration processes and license number. Also, monitored by a regulating body.

Click here for registration in Investlite

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