Trading Online Books [List 2021]

This article is dedicated to the best Books for Online Trading, especially for beginners. Starting to trade online can be a very rewarding job, provided you use the right tools and study a lot.

Thousands of Europeans manage to get good results with trading, while others fail. The difference? Often the answer is: the knowledge.

For this reason we always suggest that you read a good book before starting to operate. You don’t even have to spend any money as there are excellent trading books that are completely free (like this one for example).

Why read Online Trading Books

Online Trading is not a game, those who want to get the most out of it must know some basic principles, especially operational ones. It is also very important to assume a winning mental attitude.

Trading is often thought of as a technical matter, but it is only partly so. The great traders are not those who know the best strategies (those you learn quickly) but those who act with a winning mentality.

Some traders also like to delve into the theoretical aspects of online trading. Books dealing with these aspects are not strictly necessary but can help increase the trader’s awareness and make him understand more deeply what he is doing.

In any case, there are many successful beginner traders who know almost nothing about theory and practice a few basic principles.

In our list we have therefore included three types of books:

  • Practical online trading books that explain how to trade online, perfect for starting right away
  • Books that help develop a winning mentality
  • Books that explain the theory behind trading that can be useful for those who want to learn more or who, after starting to make money with online trading, want to improve their abilities.

Some of the beginner online trading books on our list are free, others can be bought for an accessible amount of money.

A tip: don’t spend too much money to learn online trading, you can do it very well for free or spending very little.

To give an example, the best online trading book on our list is free (it is an ebook, an electronic book that can be downloaded for free) while the second can be purchased on Amazon for 7 euros.

ForexTB free online trading eBook

There are many experts who have written trading books, often complex, but at the top of our list we want to include the free ebook distributed by the ForexTB broker.

Our choice is dictated by several considerations: first of all, this ebook is the best way to start trading online. It is written in a really simple language, it is accessible to everyone (even those who have never traded).

In addition, beginners particularly appreciate it because it is completely practice-oriented: it explains in detail how you make money with trading. It does not waste time with theory even if it provides the indispensable basis for getting started.

The success of this ebook has been truly amazing: in a few months after its launch, it already has several hundred thousand downloads. The book is the result of the collective work of dozens of experts and financial analysts who have worked especially taking into account the training needs of beginner traders and those who would like to start trading online but do not have the basics.

You can download the ForexTB ebook for free by clicking here.

Warning: the fact that it is completely free may make you unconsciously decrease the value of the contents of this book. Unfortunately, our brains work this way. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this book because it could really shake up your fledgling trading business!

Napoleon Hill: Think and grow rich

think and grow rich book

This masterpiece doesn’t even contain the words “online trading” in the book and was written many years before the internet was invented. Yet it provides important help to anyone who wants to start trading online.

Think and grow rich, in fact, clearly explains how to change your mind to get the best possible results when undertaking an economic activity.

It is not strictly essential to start trading online, it is true, but it is advisable to read it. Furthermore, the philosophical value of this book is very high: anyone who reads it with a minimum changes his life forever.

Right now it can be purchased on Amazon with a price of just 7 euros: learning online trading is not as expensive as some would have you believe (obviously to sell expensive paid courses).

Robert G. Hangstrom: The Warren Buffet Way

the warren buffet way trading book

Few books manage to be as educational as biographies, The Warrenn Buffett Way is indeed a book that contains many biographical elements, along with technical details regarding the investor mentality of the greatest trader of all time: Mr. Warren Buffett himself.

It is no coincidence that this man was nicknamed the Oracle, he was able to make the best predictions ever seen in the financial field and to arrive in interpretation even where not even the best analysts have ever gone.

In this book, the secret of its success is illustrated a little, namely its ability to select among the myriad of listed companies the most promising and with the greatest growth potential.

Thanks to this activity, over the years, Warrenn Buffett has managed to accumulate a total turnover of 100 billion dollars. It will therefore be understood why it is so important to know this man and character for anyone trading online.

Our advice is to take his figure as that of a mentor, a bit like a father for those who intend to enter the online trading business.

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets – John Murphy

technical analysis online trading

Milestone book of online trading, considered by many to be a kind of gospel is the text Technical Analysis of Financial Markets, written by John Murphy. Although it is an outdated book, it never faded and still continues to be a text that every trader should have in their library.

Technical analysis is the basis for making any type of online financial operation and both the most experienced and less experienced traders cannot really do without it, so it is essential to read a text like this and draw all the possible lessons from it, they are really numerous.

With Murphy’s masterpiece, the trader can catapult into the world of analysis where technical indicators reign and the most valuable data is only the one that can be extrapolated directly from the price chart, home to every trading signal for technical analysts.

Not surprisingly, the reviews of this book are all positive, there are many people who have built successful careers based on the principles well explained and enunciated in Murphy’s book. The manual is useful both for a general understanding and when you are operationally trading on the markets with technical indicators.

Market Wizards – Jack Shwager

Market Wizards - Jack Shwager trading book

The text written by Shwager is also very important. It is a real international bestseller that relies heavily on acquiring the winning mentality for online trading. The text contains comprehensive and exclusive interviews with financial ecosystem stars such as Marty Schwartz and Tom Baldwin.

What better way to learn how to trade online than by reading the advice that the best traders in the world have to give? In the text, the stories and opinions of experts of many types of financial investments are deepened. It starts with those who mainly deal with Futures and ends with those who deal with Forex.

The second part of the guide deals with very interesting topics and focuses mainly on the world of commodities, eventually addressing key aspects of an investor’s psychology. This book has been defined by many as “the best ever written on online trading”.

The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

the intelligent investor Benjamin Graham trading

If we mentioned the book on Warrenn Buffett before, now is the time to talk about the book written by Buffett’s mentor: Benjamin Graham, another sacred monster of the financial markets. His philosophy on the financial markets and this book have been able to change the approach of some of the most famous traders forever.

The text here is famous for explaining the numerous techniques used in negotiation for decades by Ben himself, who is known for the numerous successful moves that have been able to make him a millionaire. One of the secrets explained in the book concerns the techniques to be used to establish the market value of a company.

When it comes to market value, Ben explains, it is necessary to find the actual value and not the assumed one, only then can you make realistic estimates of its growth margins. Thus Graham laid the foundation for his success in the financial markets.

Knowing the realistic value of a company, medium and long-term forecasts become much more effective. In 1929, when the American financial crisis broke out, the financial magnate who was already active on the markets at the time suffered terrible losses. But right from that moment his rebirth began.

The Alchemy of Finance – George Soros

alchemy of finance Soros book

Here is a man who in terms of fame and heritage is similar to Buffett, we are talking about George Soros, the author of the book on Financial Alchemy. This is a book that has been hugely successful because it was written by a man who says he “moves the markets on his own”.

In reality, it is a real guide to trading, here we explain all the basics on how to follow the trend and perfect your investment strategy, to make sure that normal returns can reach the stars.

It is a veritable mine of information, a sort of monument on paper where the good George presents ideas and trading strategies that have made him one of the global finance moguls.

One of the pillars of the book is his “theory of reflexivity”, a concept that is mysterious to the most mysterious, but for those who have known it, it has always proved to be very effective. Although Soros has no reputation as a “beloved man”, his achievements should not be underestimated: this book is a real must.

How to day trade for a Living – Andrew Aziz

How to day trade for a Living - Andrew Aziz

If there is a very popular type of trading, this is the so-called day trading. This is the type of negotiation that involves the opening and closing of market positions within 24 hours and never beyond. We are talking about a technique that has made millions of investors around the world happy.

Day trading as a form of livelihood is at the center of the book by Andrew Aziz, a famous author who has also written other important books on trading, all with very practical characteristics with techniques to be learned and applied immediately.

The trading online book contains and explains many trading techniques and focuses on practical trading strategies to be applied day after day, guaranteeing constant profits and a respectable cash flow. For those who love trading online and want to learn effective techniques, Andrew Aziz’s book is not to be missed.

online trading books

Conclusions about online trading books

We have presented a comprehensive list of the best online trading books. There are free electronic books (ebooks) and paid books, theoretical books and practical books. Even books that never mention the words “online trading” but can help improve the trader’s mental attitude.

In any case, it is always important to remember two fundamental truths: those who want to make money with online trading must study because online trading is not a game and must immediately apply what they are studying, because online trading is above all a practical activity.

To learn online trading you don’t have to spend a fortune: the best online trading books are free or very cheap!

Unfortunately, novice traders are often stuck by their limiting beliefs: trading is not as difficult as they imagine and can be learned easily, just study the right books.

Which are the best books to learn online trading?

Generally speaking, they are those that have a practical imprint and are written by professionals in the sector.

How much does a good trading book cost on average?

The average price fluctuates around € 10, however there are also excellent free courses that can be downloaded in Pdf.

What is the best book on trading?

The evaluation is subjective, however the ForexTB Ebook is highly appreciated due to its ease of reading and the numerous practical examples.

Better the paper book or in Pdf?

It always depends on the quality of the text, it might be useful to choose the one offered for free by a Broker in order to practice immediately afterwards with the Demo account.

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